Telegram Tracking app

Celltracker - free telegram app
Celltracker - free telegram app

What is the Telegram app?

CellTracker. Telegram is an instant messaging app with Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) features similar to Skype. Telegram app usage of cloud drives further leaves a lot of data unprotected, ripe for the picking by malicious hackers. Cell tracker doubles up as a remote monitoring tool for target devices using Telegram.

How to Track Telegram messages

  • Children often use Telegram to IM incessantly, photos, videos and live recording. The often end up sharing sensitive details such as banking card info, or personal details when they are targeted by scammers and phishers. Telegram can also be used for unsavoury purposes by unsupervised children. So, as a parent, you can use Celltracker to monitor the communications your child has in Telegram, on their phone.
  • Employers also need to worry about the real-time threats possessed by Telegram. As useful as it is, when left unchecked, Telegram can be used to a greater malicious extent than Skype, owing to its cloud-storage features. So, you can restrict the usage of Telegram by your employees on their business phone, using the Celltracker free mobile tracker app. You can track Telegram location, Telegram user ip, Telegram chat messages, and total telegram activity remotley.

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