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SMS tracking has become a necessity in this day and age. As technology has become more accessible, its cons have come to the forefront. Tracking SMS has become a necessity in both private and professional circumstances. Parents who are worried about who their child is texting all the time need an SMS tracker to anonymously provide vigilant guardianship. Employers who are concerned about their employees texting more than their job requires on company time also need SMS tracking. If you are on the hunt for a free but robustly built SMS tracking app that can help you secretly monitor SMS communication, then look no further beyond Celltracker. The app exists to ensure you have an all-encompassing overview on SMS communication to and from any target number.

Why do you need to track SMS communication?

In this era, children have access to immensely powerful devices such as smartphones and tablets. Communication was restricted to schools and playgrounds in the past. But, children have a broader network of contacts with free instant-messaging via the Internet at their fingertips. SMS texting cuts a lot into the average child’s study time. Plus, addictive texting can be a sign of negative peer pressure and it is more popular than calling these days because of its discreet nature.

Employers must also be wary of the dangers of addictive SMS texting. It may cost you a lot of productivity time if your employees spend prolonged hours on the phone texting, when they should be working. SMS texting when it is not a required part of their role can also indicate that an employee is using it for malpractices- anything from NSFW entertainment, private conversations during business hours, or trading sensitive information. Thus, the necessity for an efficient SMS tracker is imminent.

How can Celltracker help you monitor SMS communication?

If you are a concerned parent wondering whether your child’s peers may be exposing them to vices of any kind, or simply wasting time they could spend studying, then you need Celltracker. Employers who are also concerned about the dangers of addictive SMS texting among employees, need Celltracker to catch the defaulters.

Cell tracker efficient SMS tracking features allow you to easily enter a targeted number and track their SMS communication. You can track both incoming and outgoing messages with ease, in real-time. The SMS tracking app also allows you to inspect multi-media messages. Information is categorically sited for you in context of date, sender and recipient.

Why worry? Let Celltracker meet your SMS tracking needs, for free, nonetheless.

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