Best Tracking apps for android

Cell tracker is one of the best tracking app for android. Just imagine your life without a mobile phone for one day. Our mobile now has everything we need, right from contacts, images, SMS, alerts, everything. To be honest, we are over-dependent on our mobile phones, which is part and parcel of technology. Provided free-of-cost,… Continue reading Best Tracking apps for android

How to get call list

Celltracker- Efficient Incoming and Outgoing Call Tracking, Log Maintenance and Recording. CellTracker : In the smartphone age, tracking calls is not an invasion of privacy but a matter of safety, concern and vigilance. We see children spending uncountable hours with their ears glued to their phone, which worries any responsible parent. In the professional environment,… Continue reading How to get call list

Remotely Photos tracking

With cell tracker you can track all your kids taken photos, downloaded photos, videos with date and time.

Celltracker– Monitor Images Captures and Photo Downloads Remotely and Efficiently CellTracker : Do you have a genuine concern about the photos you may find on your child, family member, or employees phone? Then you can put your worries to rest now. Android users who are in search of a viable app solution to photo and… Continue reading Remotely Photos tracking