What is the real cell tracker?

Real mobile tracker

Early in 2019, while we were doing research about cell tracker or mobile tracker. We were checking about the products in the market, what the claim to offer, what they really offer, the technology behind it, and the user interface.
A few days what we understood is there is no real cell tracker in the market and a huge opportunity for cell trackers. If we get a complete package for the person need for a cell tracker, we are sure it’s a big empty playground to play. So we actually put ourselves in customer’s shoes and to know what exactly you need if you want to track someone either for security purposes or to know them better.

People or some developers not understanding the difference between a mobile tracker and a mobile location tracker. Most of the apps, we found out they claim tracking person location or their network, and few actually do it great. So finding someone’s location is just a simple part of the actual part of the job.

So let’s see what we refer to as the actual part of the job. With a mobile phone, an individual can do anything right form contacting someone, watching something, reading something, driving somewhere with the help of it, installing something, social media, dating apps more and more.
All the above-mentioned things have both a positive side and a negative side. So what is the ultimate solution to find what that person is doing in all these things?

It seems impossible, the only way is to take his phone and runaway. Even if you go that extension, you still need login information. So here we submit the solution for all the problems we discussed our free cell tracker service. With our mobile tracker, you can literally take control of any of the services he uses to know the true caller of a person or to judge him before any commitment.

Let’s take an example of Sam having an extramarital affair with a woman. Let that woman be from anywhere like a colleague, neighbour, classmate, or friend of a friend they will be communicating for sure. And, we are sure they are not communicating with papers, letters or dove.

So they need a medium to communicate and speak, no prizes for guessing cell phone is that medium. What the way of communication on mobile? Either they have to
• Do phone calls.
• Do text messages.
• Whatsapp or Telegram or Viber.
• Skype or We chat
• Facebook.
• Instagram or Tinder.
• Gmail
At this moment, I am not getting any more way they will communicate. With our free mobile tracker, you can completely track above mentioned to know whom he is talking and what he is taking and also adding on to live location tracker, and option see their gallery right from your computer using a mobile tracker even if they have password protection.

So this free mobile tracker acts as a point solution for all your mobile tracker needs. With this, you do not need any extra add on or you will miss out on any new features as this mobile tracker is keep updated by the mobile tracker research team.

When you have this all working, all enabled free mobile tracker, you do not have to think of any applications. It does a job of Sherlock Holmes may be more than him that too without offending someone is actually spying on them. The best part about the mobile tracker, you do not have to go anywhere, follow him, or hide yourself to find out the real intention and behaviour. You can simply do anything in the mobile tracker by sitting in your home watching your favourite Television show.
The reason, why we are sure that he will not know some is spying because there is no way to track or remove mobile tracker when it was installed by the guidelines and permission. The mobile tracker will disguise itself smartly in the system, and do its work in the background as a parasite and will wait for our command to activate as a sleeper cell inside the mobile phone.
So in this article, we explained the qualities of applications available which is promoted as a mobile tracker, and why exactly we call ourselves as cell tracker, we tracker everything inside mobile phone there is no way can do anything in the system fooling out the mobile tracker. The best thing you do not have to believe this article go to play store or any app store type mobile tracker and check the description even you can install and check what the programs will do.
After your research download our free mobile tracker and check the features that are all available hands-on. To get the ultimate mobile tracker solution, and to know someone better and real or protect your loved ones from getting into mobile phone dark world, download free mobile tracker right now.

Cell Tracker: How Can You Get The Ultimate Access For Your Kids Mobile?

whatsapp tracker

Cell Tracker can handle you the best control for your child especially when it comes to using the Internet. Your kid is always in front of any threats on the net. No matter what kind of app he is using, it can represent a danger if you do not control it in the right way. This is the main reason why Cell Tracker will handle you the best sharing to control your kid’s behaviour on the net for sure. All that you have to is to watch what your kid is doing in the monitoring screen of the cell tracker. It is one of the revolutionary apps that handle the best parental control for your kids. The spying will handle you great control not just watching what your kid is doing. In other words, you will be able to add, remove and update your kid information. This is, in addition, to block anyone that you feel can harm your kid too. The sky is complete the limit for sure. Cell tracker is among the rare spying app that offers the ability for you to control what happens near your kid easily. This is the main reason why you have to check the monitoring dashboard of the cell tracker so you can keep your kid environment more secure and up to date with healthy inputs.

Top Control Over Your Kid Behavior

To be clear, we can say that, you are going to be the one who uses the app instead of your kid without any small doubt from your target user. In other words, your kid will never feel that he is tracked by you in any stage of using the cell tracker app. You are going to have the entire access for the user data without any small restriction for sure. All that you have to do is to change what you want to change when it comes to the exterior people that get in touch with your kid. Either using the social media platform or direct cell phone messages too. Accordingly, your kid will be always safe thanks to your interference. The virtual life is full of dangers. This is why try to protect your kid to the limits.

Navigation History: Session and cookies Permanent Access

In addition to that, the cell tracker spying app will handle all the data related to your kid navigation. Like that, you can always track what websites he is visiting daily. Based on such information, you can have the right decision to block such websites or letting him do what he wants if you see that such websites can make your kid’s behavior a good sign too. As we mentioned before, the app will handle you the ultimate control. Technically, the cell tracker will target the sessions and the cookies inside your kid navigator and user agent. Like that, you will find what kind of history navigation you need without any small efforts. You will be always up to date with the cookies since the cell tracker will save anything. Moreover, even the session will never be expired since once again cell tracker has dominance on saving anything pass through the app. On the other hand, the sessions and the cookies will never have vanished if you do not delete them manually from the monitoring interface offered by the cell tracker company. Even more, you can recover them even if you delete them. However, never worry about the security of your kid or target data. They will be protected using the https protocol which handles a high level of cryptography too.

Truth be told, Cell tracker can handle the most valuable shaping for your kid future behavior without any recognized error. All that you have to do is to click in the control monitoring interface and you will get the best shaping for your kid life.

Celltracker: Get Rid of any random danger from Facebook

facebook spy app

Social Media, in general, have a dangerous threat to your kid. Especially when we talk about Facebook. The giant social media is spreading dominance in the entire world. You will be surprised by the huge amount of people affected by social media. In fact, your kid may be directly infected by the harmful disadvantages of such giant social media. The danger of face comes from different approaches that we are going to cite in the next lines. Although, cell tracker can represent a great solution in order from any potential problem you may face with your kid’s anger from Facebook. Of course, Facebook has many benefits but, in this post, we are going to talk about the main cons that you have to protect your kid from them using Cell tracker.

Be aware of what happens in your target Facebook profile

In fact, Facebook is one of the most unique ecosystems in the world. It contains all the categories and the kind of people that may you have in mind. To be clear, we can say that anyone around the whole world can access your kid account easily. Like that, we can say that your kid will be in ultimate danger without your acknowledge. This is where the cell tracker will interfere. It is alike a cop that can help you to pass or deny any kind of request coming and going from an unknown resource for sure. You can even see who are the new people that send a request to your kid. Furthermore, you can block them or even restrict them from seeing your kid profile forever. Like that, you will certainly ensure that your kid is going to be protected from the Facebook harmful audience. Facebook has random groups and many unique and extremist ideologies that can influence your kid’s behaviour. This is the main reason why you have to control the section of the group which your kid applied for in a permanent way.

Interests trackers is one of the steady features in Celltracker

In fact, Facebook works with a system of interests. People can easily find your kid based on the interest of your target phone user. Like that, it has become super easy to find your kid. He can be found easily thanks to the system of targeting used by Facebook nowadays. Truth be told, there are many ways in which your kid profile can be found. There is the organic method and the paid method. People from around the world can easily find your kid b paying some premium campaign and your kid will be easily found. In this case, the danger can start because anyone can target your kid’s interest and find him ultimately. Celltracker will handle you the best surveillance for any strange behaviour on your target phone social media, not just Facebook. Moreover, Cell Tracker is well optimized with Facebook since it has access to all the mechanism which Facebook is found on. Accordingly, the Cell tracker has a superpower on excluding any threat to your kid.

In the end, we can confirm for you that cell tracker is a famous spying app that can eliminate the bad behaviour implantation coming from Facebook. This is why you have to keep yourself always up to date with the last change in the interface offered by the company. Always log in to your website and check the dashboard. It will always inform you of the last changes. Cell tracker is ultimately your ultimate destination to protect your kids.

The Best Social Media Tracker: Cell Tracker

social media chats tracking online apps

Cell Tracker is one of the revolutionary trackers in the entire technology industry. It is your solution to track information related to the target phone. No matter what kind of tasks you want, Cell Tracker is the best way for you. The app has the most advanced technologies when it comes to tracking your target. In this post, we will handle all the features that can track social media platforms easily. From Instagram to the Snapchat, cell tracker is a real guru in location and geographical tracking.

Instagram Tracker

Actually, the cell tracker has the ability to track your target just following the Instagram app. Thanks to the monitoring interface, you can see which followers start watching your kids. Even more, you can watch their behaviour on your target phone too. Like that, you can always have an eagle eye on your kid entourage. Another pillar that we need to mention is that the app can show which interest your kids are liking the more. Accordingly, you can discover what your kid orientation is leading to for sure.  You can see the top persons who like the more your kid profile, or the top persons that tagged your target phone Instagram account too. The cell tracker has many other options when it comes to Instagram too.

Facebook Tracker

Cell Tracker is an efficient Facebook Tracker. It relies on the mechanism of “nearby friends”. This option will find any person nearby your target phone owner. Especially the ones that interacted with your kids most of the time. The algorithms of the Facebook tracker will allow you to get accurate persons surrounding your kids. In addition to that, you can find the location of your kid just using Facebook tracker from the revolutionary app. You can check all the locations which your kid shares on social media. Like that, you will be up to date with all the places which your kids visited in real-time. The interface has a virtual visualization when it comes to the location stimulation of your target kid.

Snapshat Tracker

Cell tracker is famous when it comes to controlling your child’s activities easily. You can control what your child is doing on such popular platforms. The app is free and can make your track your kid’s behaviour and which content he is watching casually. The app does not drain a lot of memory and you do not root your phone or even jailbreak too.

Most of the parents around the world are using cell tracker as a steady Snapchat tracker in order to keep the activities of their child under their control. Like that, they can always protect their kids from the recurrent danger. You can use the app without the aware of your target. In fact, the app is completely invisible. Snapchat can represent a real danger for your kid if you do not control your kid’s behaviour.

Another aspect that we have to pay attention to it is that you can track and monitor any conversation in Snapchat. You will have the option to block any person or any discussion that may seem a real danger for you in the snapshot platform.

You can also get the latest deleted messages from your kid account. In addition to that, you can easily contact the list and decide to block anyone that you want without the acknowledgement of the target phone. In the end, we can confirm for you that the previous social media are not all about cell tracker. The spy app can cover all the kinds of social media that you have in mind. This is in addition to dozens of other features for tracking anything you want in your tracking mobile.

Welcome to the Next Big Thing in Mobile Tracking Technology- Celltracker

Free phone tracker app - celltracker

Welcome to the Next Big Thing in Mobile Tracking Technology- Celltracker


Technology is the most important resource of our times; and, thanks to technology, supervising your children, or employees, has never been easier! With phone tracker apps, one can easily monitor the activities and location of another smartphone in real-time. But, with so many options on the market, which mobile tracking app to choose for your all-around surveillance activities? Why, Celltracker, of course! Celltracker is an advanced mobile tracking app that allows you to track location, social media, monitor live video and calls, filter social media communication and so much more!

But, before the curious parent or business owner in you asks what Celltracker can do for you, let us find out why you need a mobile tracking app like Cellltracker.

Boundless technology- a strict no for young children

Welcome to the digital age, where your entertainment, communication, telephone, and work computer are all combined into one nifty, handheld device. Our smartphones and devices are nothing short of a miracle of technology. A huge benefit of living in the digital age is that technology has also become cheap and accessible.

Hence, parents of this generation have few new worries to add to their list- whether their children are spending too much time on the internet or not, whether their children are indulging in any NSFW content or untoward communication or not- and the list goes on.

What this means is that children have access to immensely powerful devices, which exposes them to a plethora of content and facilities that are otherwise meant for adult consumption. This is a cause of concern for parents which can be rectified, with a simple, free mobile tracker app. Besides making it easier for us to book movie tickets, arrange travel, and even buy grocery sitting at home, apps have also made parental supervision easy.

Yes, indeed, with a mobile tracker app you can track your child’s location in real-time, filter their online activities and conversation and their image and video sharing activities- just to name a few!

Location and activity tracking- a new requirement for modern businesses

Similarly, if you are a business owner who would always like to keep a track of their employee in their reporting time, then a mobile location tracking app is just what you need. A mobile tracking app will track any smartphone you desire and also inform you of its whereabouts.

Not only that; if you are worried about your employees losing crucial productivity time by idling on their phone then you can also monitor how much time they spend on their phone with a mobile tracking app.

If you are worried about your employees not honouring their work policies by indulging in explicit content on their work-phone, or discussing sensitive work information on a call, then you can also use a free mobile tracker app to monitor what they are doing.

Truly, you do not need multiple applications to accomplish these tasks, all you need is Celltracker!


Celltracker is a next generation, user-friendly mobile tracking phone app of robust build. The app has been developed with the requirements of today’s parents and business owners in mind. Be it for the safety and security of your loved ones, or, for the sake of your business productivity- Celltracker exists to provide you a holistic smartphone tracking service. The phone tracker app is free to download and can supports installation on a long list of Android devices.

Tracking the live whereabouts of your loved ones, monitoring your employees and filtering your children’s internet usage may be Celltracker’s primary activities. But, the app also possesses the capability to help you monitor multi-media usage and social media on a target smartphone. There are over twenty different, cutting-edge tracking features packed into this moderately sized app.

Celltracker succeeds where other mobile trackers fail:

  • Extensive app tracking

Celltracker has an extensive app tracking list, which allows you to monitor various app activity on a targeted device than what other tracker apps permit.

  • No trace of surveillance

Celltracker leaves no traces of surveillance on the targeted phone. As long as the target phone has a wireless data connection, you will continuously receive updates.

  • Broader social media filter net

Social media is an active part of the smartphone consumer culture. Celltracker specialises in monitoring a host of social media apps that are commonly installed on majority smartphone devices. Few other free mobile trackers can vet social media activity so extensively.

  • Blanket communication filtering

Celltracker provides a holistic, all-encompassing communications filter. Not many mobile tracking apps can say that they can record calls, filter SMS’s., monitor live video screening, facilitate 3rd party remote controlling, and screen social media specifically, too.

  • Cloud backup

Why worry about old Celltracker records being stored natively on your Android device, when Celltracker can store everything on the cloud. You can retrieve anything you want for cross-checking as all data is backed-up categorically. It includes multimedia files and messages as well.


As mentioned above, Celltracker comes with a large cross-section of features built into it. These features are immensely resourceful in assisting with your mobile tracking and monitoring activities.

Celltracker, the mobile tracker app, can be used to track SMS communication on a target phone. You can access a database of SMS’s sent to and from the targeted device and read its contents as well. You can also track the SMS’s in real-time which comes handy for business users.


  • Parent can use Celltracker to monitor their children’s communication; you can filter who your child speaks to, screen what they are talking about and act on it.
  • Business users can use the SMS tracking feature of Celltracker to monitor what their employees are discussing about on company time. It can be immensely reliable in preventing insider trading, corporate espionage and data theft.
  • Modern cell tracker apps are immensely resourceful in scenarios where the target device owner is missing; the SMS communication can be easily screened for any clues to their whereabouts, who they may have come into contact with, etc.

With the help of Celltracker, you can screen calls coming in and going out from a target device. The app records phone calls and stores them in its database for retrieval at your convenience. You can barge on calls anonymously without the marked device and its user knowing; besides barging on calls in real-time you can also retrieve call recordings and listen to them at your convenience. Nifty feature, isn’t it?


  • Parents can monitor who their children are speaking to, what they are discussing about, etc. If your child is spending too much time speaking on phone calls, then you can regulate that as well.
  • The business users who are worried about their employees spending too much time on the phone can rely on Cellltracker to monitor how long which employee uses their phone. This free mobile tracker can be used for business users is to barge on calls anonymously. If you are worried that your employees maybe misusing company hardware, or disclosing company information, then you can use Celltracker to put your concerns to ease.
  • In the digital age, technology plays a very important role in the dispensing of law. Call recordings made using Celltracker are rendered at an audio quality that can be essentially used as evidence by the law. So, Celltracker’s service might potentially help you find justice and protection.
  • Location tracking

With Celltracker’s brilliant location tracking features you can find out where the owner of the target device located. The app uses the satellite tracking features of the smartphone to pinpoint where the GPS location of the device is; you can use this feature both in real-time as well as at your convenience to find out the past visited locations of a devie.


  • Parents who are constantly worried about their children wandering off with friends, can use Celltracker’s location tracking features to track their child.
  • The device’s location tracking features can be used to track a phone which has been misplaced or stolen. The mobile location tracking features of the smartphone can come in handy for law enforcement agencies for numerous extreme scenarios.
  • Business users who have to deal with employees absent from their workstation for too long or late for their work, can use the location tracking features of the app.
  • Photos

Use Celltracker’s multimedia monitoring features to find out what image’s exist on a target device’s library. The feature can have multifarious uses for different kinds of users. The app reads the images both downloaded on the target device as well as the one’s captured using the device.


  • Celltracker allows you to read images stored on your child’s device. You can find out if they are indulging in the consumption of NSFW or adult content or any kind. You can also use this feature to read their camera roll images, to find out who they have been with, where they have gone, etc.
  • Celltracker’s image reading capabilities can be immensely useful for business users who deal with sensitive data all the time. If you are worried about information theft or espionage, you can use Celltracker’s features to read the images in a target device’s gallery.
  • Tracking Apps

With Celltracker, you can track apps that are running on a target phone. Celltracker monitors the different kinds of applications running on the target device and gives you a detailed summary of the same. The phone tracker comes in handy in more than one scenario.


  • The Android market is flooded with apps that are not meant for children and are directly unsafe or unsavoury for them. For parents who are worried about the purposes for which their child uses a smartphone, Celltracker can keep a bird’s eye view over app usage. It also helps parents understand phone usage time for their child.
  • Business users can use tracking apps to find out if their employees are using business phones for personal uses and malicious purposes or not. With image scanning and data theft tools becoming more accessible on the market, you need a soldier like Celltracker to act as a spy on your side, who will monitor what apps your employees use and raise flags when necessary.
  • Remote control

Celltracker’s remote control features can allow you to control a desired device’s own features. One of the most indispensable features of Celltracker, the remote control feature is one of the trademarks of the new-generation of mobile tracker apps. There are several uses of this feature.


  • Is your child using their phone for any untoward reasons? Use Celltracker to control their smartphone usage. Is your child spending too much time on the internet, when they are not under your direct supervision? Use Celltracker to limit their internet access.
  • Are you worried about how your work equipment is being used by employees in their non-surveyed hours? Using Celltacker you can monitor and limit the scope of their usage. Does it concern you that company property might be used to steal company data, use Celltracker to curb malicious use of company phones and smart-devices.
  • Is your mobile phone lost or stolen? Use Celltracker’s remote control features to remotely manipulate the misplaced phone, and prevent the miscreant from invading your privacy.
  • Browser history

An individual’s browsing history tells a lot about their use of technology. To this effect, Celltracker’s phone tracker features can be used to find out what sites have been browsed on a targeted smartphone. You can further impose controls on the target device based on informed decisions made from Celltracker’s browsing history monitoring functions.


  • Impressionable children are often subjected to harmful, NSFW and other kinds of adult content on the uncharted internet. Using Celltracker, parents can monitor their child’s browser history. The app gives you a detailed report of the websites browsed using the device, allowing you to impose restrictions on your child’s internet usage, successfully.
  • The browser history monitoring feature of Celltracker can also come in handy for business users who wish to prevent employees from misusing company equipment and instruments in their work time. Not only can you find out which sites to restrict but which employees need your intervention.

Whatsapp is one of the most indispensable and widely used apps, on the market. The instant messaging app used to allow us to communicate with other individuals and groups, and also share multi-media content; now, with its integration with Facebook the social media features of the app have been amplified. Thus, the necessity for a cell tracker app that monitors your child or employees Whatsapp activities, is urgent.


  • Parents can filter who their child is speaking to, what they are communicating, what kind of multi-media messages they are sharing, etc. Celltracker’s sophisticated mobile tracker features allow parents to see all kinds of attachments sent with messages on their child’s phone.
  • The feature also comes in handy for business users who want to see what kind of messages their employees are exchanging using their business phone. It helps curb any chances of data theft, office gossip and other malicious, non-productive behaviour.

Facebook tracking is an essential must-have feature for any mobile tracking app worth your time; and Celltracker understands the urgency behind that. Facebook explored onto Web2.0 on an unprecedented scale, in the last decade. In spite of the age limitations, a lot of children use Facebook. The social media platform has also been held responsible by experts for spoiling business productivity time.


  • Parents can use Celltracker’s mobile phone tracker features to monitor their child’s Facebook activity. Worried about how your child has more friends on Facebook than in real life? Wondering who they might be speaking to or why spend so much time on Facebook at the cost of their studies? Use Celltracker to monitor Facebook messenger, notifications, event calendars and even live video features. Celltracker is one of the few apps of its kind that can monitor live video on target device, when being used via another 3rd party app!
  • Facebook has been proven to be detrimental for business productivity. A lot of business owners scratch their heads about what they can do to curb Facebook usage by employees in business productivity hours. Using Celltracker, you can impose restrictions on employees opening Facebook on their business phone; thus effectively preventing the waste of productivity hours. You can also prevent data theft this way.
  • Skype tracking

Skype is one of the oldest tools to revolutionize instant messaging, video conferencing, screen sharing and remote device control. The software has a lot of users both in the personal and business domain. Celltracker can monitor Skype usage on an Android device remotely and provide you reports.


  • Are you wondering who your child shares face-time with so much on their phone? Is it hampering their safety on the road and study time? Then Celltracker’s Skype tracking features are just what you need. Using this free mobile tracker you can easily monitor communication using Skype, including live screen recording
  • Celltracker’s Skype tracking features are doubly useful for business users who wish to prevent productivity time wastage and data theft. Skype is often used by scammers to fool business enterprises too, into divulging sensitive client data. You can use Celltracker to impose restrictions on the usage of Skype on your employee business devices.

Telegram is an instant messaging app with Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) features similar to Skype. Telegram’s usage of cloud drives further leaves a lot of data unprotected, ripe for the picking by malicious hackers. The app is widely used as an alternative and companion to Skype for similar agendas. Celltracker doubles up as a remote monitoring tool for target devices using Telegram.


  • Children often use Telegram to IM incessantly, photos, videos and live recording. The often end up sharing sensitive details such as banking card info, or personal details when they are targeted by scammers and phishers. Telegram can also be used for unsavoury purposes by unsupervised children. So, as a parent, you can use Celltracker to monitor the communications your child has in Telegram, on their phone.
  • Employers also need to worry about the real-time threats possessed by Telegram. As useful as it is, when left unchecked, Telegram can used to a greater malicious extent than Skype, owing to its cloud-storage features. So, you can restrict the usage of Telegram by your employees on their business phone, using the Celltracker free mobile tracker app.

Snapchat is another social media app that has gained some popularity as well as notoriety because of its features. The social medial app is somewhat similar to Twitter and Instagram where a user can follow others and have followers. It allows for short-duration content featuring which is a common baiting technique for adult, NSFW pages and users. Children can easily fall prey to these distractions. But, using Celltracker, you can impose surveillance over your child’s Snapchat activities.


  • Celltracker anonymously monitors social media activities on your child’s phone allowing you to filter what content they can view or share. If you are concerned about what your child might get to see or share with others, then use Celltracker to remotely and secretly filter the Snapchat usage on the target phone.
  • Business owners and employers may also use Celltracker to find out whether their employees are misusing company resources on unproductive apps such as Snapchat.

Instagram is a hugely popular social media app. The very nature of the app often necessitates addicted users to stay on the app all day, documenting their daily activities for online followers. While for some that may be a lucrative career as an influencer, for children and working professionals that is a complete waste of time. Celltracker’s remote mobile tracking features can be employed to restrict and monitor Instragram usage.


  • The free mobile tracker app, Celltracker helps you screen content on Instagram, if it is installed on a target phone. You can use it to filter content for your kids, supervise their live video streaming, filter their follower list and inbox, and more.
  • Instagram is quickly joining Facebook in becoming a nuisance that kills business productivity hours. Employers who are worried that their employees may be spending a lot of time on the social media platform, may also restrict its usage with the help of Celltracker.