Snapchat Tracking

celltracker-snapchat tracker

Snapchat tracker

Snapchat is another social media app that has gained some popularity as well as notoriety because of its features. The social medial app is somewhat similar to Twitter and Instagram where a user can follow others and have followers. It allows for short-duration content featuring which is a common baiting technique for adult, NSFW pages and users. Children can easily fall prey to these distractions.
But, using Celltracker, you can impose surveillance over your child’s Snapchat activities.

o Celltracker anonymously monitors social media activities on your child’s phone allowing you to filter what content they can view or share. If you are concerned about what your child might get to see or share with others, then use Celltracker to remotely and secretly filter the Snapchat usage on the target phone.
o Business owners and employers may also use Celltracker to find out whether their employees are misusing company resources on unproductive apps such as Snapchat.

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