Instagram tracker

free instagram tracker
free instagram tracker

Instagram is a hugely popular social media app. The very nature of the app often necessitates addicted users to stay on the app all day, documenting their daily activities for online followers.
While for some that may be a lucrative career as an influencer, for children and working professionals that is a complete waste of time. Celltracker’s remote mobile tracking features can be employed to restrict and monitor Instagram usage.

The free mobile tracker app, Celltracker helps your screen content on Instagram, if it is installed on a target phone. You can use it to filter content for your kids, supervise their live video streaming, filter their follower list and inbox, and more.

Instagram is quickly joining Facebook in becoming a nuisance that kills business productivity hours. Employers who are worried that their employees may be spending a lot of time on the social media platform may also restrict its usage with the help of Celltracker app.

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