In the current technological era, they were tracking the other person’s mobile phone without their knowledge also possible. In certain situations, you might need to get some information about a person without their knowledge. To track with such an accuracy, a highly designed secured application is required. For that, Cell Tracker came us with the solution to these tech words.

Cell tracker serves as a spy device in the targeted cell phones without the knowledge of cell phone users. Cell Tracker app had a more significant advantage in tracking, and it is 100% hidden and undetectable by the users of targeted cell phones. The primary reason for looking for this Cell Tracker app is that it stays in your phone at hidden mode, and you can spy the targeted phone even under challenging situations.

How does it work?

Through this Cell Tracker, you can hide your apps by setting a secret code to dial whenever the login is needed. Hiding the Cell Tracker can be done simply by using the control panel. The desirable and drastic features of Cell tracker allows the users to monitor the targeted mobile phone without their knowledge.

This app is widely applied to track the activities of your children’s gadgets, activities of an employee in an organization.

By Cell tracker, the calls, text, and others can monitor the targeted mobile without having their phone nearby. By this feature, the Cell tracker stands unique.

Here there are some few benefits that you can enjoy on using the Celltracker

  • Monitor the activities of the target cell phone
  • Able to track the live location of your loved ones like spouse, children and also able to track the location history
  • Able to track the calls that are dialled and received to the targeted mobile.
  • Retrieval of archived call history and text that are exchanged.
  • Measuring time duration on the usage of each app, including the hidden apps on the targeted mobile.
  • It alters you when the targeted mobile reaches your target location or leaves the same.