The world is a global village and this is the age of digitalization. On one-hand digitalization not only turned out to be the breath of life but also set in new challenges. Life is easier with digitalization but at the same time, it even got complicated. One such complication that digitalization led, is the technology abuse or in simple words technology addiction. And without saying the need to spy, check and monitor the internet has aroused leading to monitoring and tracking apps for devices across all types (especially smartphones) and Operating Services. And one such software is CellTracker amongst others, which undoubtedly is needed to wipe out the internet threats and secure our loved ones.

Let us now see why we need CellTracker?

1)    Track & monitor on the go anywhere and anytime:

Internet and smartphones rule the world, without these, life halts. They are essential for everything and everyone but are these used for what they are really meant for? Well, they are definitely used for good and bad but in order to check and keep the negative usage of technology, we need some sort of monitoring apps such as CellTracker that keep an eye on the negative effects of the internet and other advanced communication gadgets.

2) Secure your children and dear ones:

The online threats have grown, we don’t know when we are forced to come across online dangers, especially with children falling prey more to such dangers that come in many forms and from many means. And in this scenario saving children has become a herculean task. The best and easy way to safeguard and secure them is to monitor and track their online activities and this can happen with apps such as CellTracker. Once the activities are tracked it becomes easier for parents to monitor kids’ activities which means a close watch and tighter security.

3)Completely Free app:

Its one of the best spying app that comes Completely free for Android-run phones. 

4)One app-multiple features:

The app comes with Software features and Remote control features that are not only advanced but are also reliable. It has multiple features such as location tracking, socialmedia monitoring, live video feeds, filtering of websites and 20 other features that aren’t present in other security and tracking apps present in Androidapps. The best feature, it comes in web and mobile versions.

5)Multiple benefits:

Celltracker not only helps in spying but also acts a security tool as it tracks the children’s mobile activities, gives data on family members’ hangouts, traces employees’ activities, and also helps in monitoring suspicious activities. Its ability to maintain the record of your mobile activity is its hallmark.

6)Tracks all the websites & activities:

No matter whatever the activity you want to track, it tracks. All the messaging, social media websites and inbuilt applications are tracked. The total call data is even tracked.

7)Simple installation:

Installing CellTracker is very easy. All the user needs to do is, purchase the plan of choice, install it, login and authenticate the account and start surveilling the device you wish from anywhere.