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celltracker-free parental control app
celltracker-free parental control app

CellTracker- Free Parental control apps

Parental Control Apps Can Track Your Child’s Activities Intuitively

Parents in the present day and age not only have to worry where their child physically goes, but which sites they visit online, what content they are exposed to, etc. Thankfully, technology has also gifted us with some relief in that context. A smartphone is a common companion of every child on the way to adolescence. Using the Celltracker mobile tracker app you can turn your child’s smartphone into a veritable Big Brother. With the help of this tool you can not only find out where they go on the internet, but track their physical location as well.

Improving parental control over your child’s activities

Parenthood is never easier. Every generation of parents come with their own set of challenges, when raising the next generation. However, one of the biggest challenges in being a parent is mutual to parents of every generation- keeping track of your child’s whereabouts. Parental control can be better exercised with the help of Celltracker, which you can easily download from the Android Play Store. Most smartphones in 2019 come with parental control settings that allow you to curb the amount of time your ward spends on the internet.

Better still, these mobile tracker free apps can help you track your child any time you want. The necessity to keep one’s child safe is a real-time concern all parents share. Cell Tracker helps you track your child’s phone in a multitude of ways:

  1. Track mobile location and history
  2. You can track your child’s whereabouts over the course of time, once you install Celltracker on their phone. The app uses the smartphone’ GPS location data to document every place your child has visited over a given timeline; and, you can also track their location in real-time, when they are not under your supervision.
  3. Children also tend to lose their smartphones very often. Children are a soft target for snatchers and pick-pockets too. Celltracker can find out where your child’s stolen or misplaced phone has gone immediately. Nifty, right?
  4. Track IM and social media communication
  5. Keep a track of your child’s RSVP’s and communication on social media with the help of Celltracker. It is one of the most indispensable Android spy apps that you can have by your side as a parent. The app tracks all the popular social media and IM apps that your child uses, such as SnapchatWhatsappInstagram and Facebook, namely.
  6. Check phone communication
  7. You can keep track of who your child SMS’s and Call Recordings from their phone as well, with Celltracker. The app is deft at caching received, sent and deleted messages as well. In this fashion, you have complete control over your child’s smartphone activities. Celltracker protects your child and informs you about their inbox any time you want.
  8. The best part about Celltracker is its compatibility numerous Android versions. So, you can download it for free, right away to track your kid’s smartphones.

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