A New Guru In The Field Of Parental Control Apps Industry

celltracker-mobile tracker app
celltracker-mobile tracker app

Cell Tracker: A New Guru In The Field Of Parental Control Apps Industry. If you are seeking the best parental control for all your family members then Cell Tracker is your ultimate goal. Thanks to the app, you will take advantage of mobile tracking, for all the activities in each mobile where the app is installed. Truth be told You will be able to record all the calls, the browsing history, and live location status.

A Performant Hidden Detective For Your Family Parental Control

Actually, Cell Tracker represents a really hidden detective app that can tell anything about the smartphone. Even when it comes to the photos, videos email, contacts and much other information you need. Another advantage, You do not need to jailbreak or root the target phone in order to install the app.

The Privacy Of The User Is Crucial For Us
The app will handle you the chance to protect your user data. In fact, user privacy is our ultimate priority without any doubt. All the data process respects the GDPR regulation. In addition to that, never panic, the data will be stored in an online account of the user. This is in addition to many cryptography techniques used before the storing process. The user can make an end to the service of the app and clear his data from the online storage easily and immediately.

Invisible Parental Control

Actually, you have to put in your mind that the Cell tracker is parental control service and not a spying app. It meets all the laws shaping the industry. It also gaining a huge reputation in the market. Moreover, the app is entirely invisible. Besides, the advanced features make the app invisible and cannot be found easily. Accordingly, you can track your children or any family member’s phone without any worries of getting caught. Accordingly, you will be able to control your kids without losing their trust. The app will handle any kind of social notifications too because most of the time such ads and notification are not adequate for kids.

The User Data BackUp Possibility

Another advantage that we have to talk about is back up possibility. In other words, your data is always secured. We always remind you that the app does not spy the calls or the SMS or anything in the target phone, however, it tracks the behaviour of your target phone user. As a result, it stores all the data in an online account. You will have access to the data anytime you want. Moreover, you are free to manipulate them the way you want too.
To conclude, we can say that the app is your perfect destination if you want to ensure your kid’s phones from any harming content. Like that, you will guarantee the best parental control during their experience in using the smartphone. In the end, we have to remind the user that the app founder does not recommend to use the app for any illegal purposes for sure. Any account is using the app for illegal purposes will be blocked and deleted.

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