13 Amazing Features of Celltracker Free Mobile Tracking App

#1. SMS Tracking

Communication is taking a whole new turn every day. The focus is turning from phone calls to text messaging. Statistics show that on average, a teenager sends and receives 2,010 text messages monthly. This makes it to a total of 24,120 messages annually.

Sometimes your child (ren) will expose themselves to unhealthy text messages that prompt them to make uninformed decisions or affect their personal well-being. However, as a parent, it’s your obligation to ensure your child (ren) stay safe anytime, anywhere.

The question is, how do you effectively track the messages that your child (ren) send and receive every day? The free cell phone app tracker by Celltracker will offer you this benefit. You can monitor who your child (ren) receive and send messages to. Moreover, you can see the content of the messages and take prompt action.

If you’re in business, you should monitor your employees’ productivity. One way in which their productivity is affected is through text messaging during work hours. With the assistance of cell tracker app, you will effortlessly monitor their activities.

2. Call Tracking

Celltracker’s mobile phone tracking app helps you to monitor both incoming and outgoing calls from your target device. With an increase in smartphone ownership and usage by teens, it’s imperative that you keep track of who they make calls to.

The Celltracker app will record the calls after which you will access them when you deem fit. The app will also help you keep track of how your employees spend time on phone calls. Additionally, you can track whether their unending phone calls add value to your business or not.

3. Location Tracking

With the increase in risk exposure for your child (ren), your instinct will tell you to confine them within your reach. However, this is not entirely possible as your child (ren) need to enjoy personal space and freedom of movement.

As a responsible parent, you only need Celltracker app to monitor their movements and current location. You will get real time GPS coordinate data of the latitude, longitude and altitude of where they are.

For your business, keeping track of employees when you send them out to run errands becomes easy with the help of the Celltracker app. In turn, you can tell whether they are where they should be or not.

4. Photos Tracking

Your children’s online presence increases every day in this internet age. Consequently, they come into contact with photos from all over the world. Some of these photos add value while others pose a threat. With Celltracker mobile phone tracking app, you can monitor photos that are received and stored in your child’s mobile phone. This is possible as the app has a multimedia monitoring device that tracks the images present in the target device.

5. Apps Tracking

Celltracker mobile tracking app scans the target mobile device and reports the Apps that are installed in the device. Therefore, as a parent or business owner, you can get a detailed report of the apps that are running in the target mobile device.

High level of curiosity in children will lead them to test out new applications which are readily available to them. Unfortunately, some of these apps contain content that is not meant for children. With the help of this App, you can see the applications that your children are installing in their phones and take prompt action of protecting them.

6. Remote Control

One sure feature of Celltracker mobile tracking app is remote control of the app from a different source. As a user, you can access all the features of the app remotely from the user interface in your account.

Also, you can control the features of the target device without the user knowing. Sometimes, you need to control the amount of time your child spends on the phone. The best way to accomplish this is remotely through the Celltracker free mobile tracking app.

Moreover, you can use this feature to trace the location and features of a lost mobile phone. The benefit of this is that it will prevent the thief from accessing your personal information that is logged in your lost/misplaced phone.

7. Browser History Tracking

An increase in internet penetration and mobile usage makes it possible for many smartphone users to spend a lot of time surfing the internet. With tons of information available online, it’s not easy to know what your children expose themselves to.

However, the free cell phone tracker enables you to see the browsing history of your target device. You can therefore see and influence what sites your children visit online. As a business owner, you can monitor your employees and how they use the internet. This is especially important for the kind that distracts themselves to non-related sites during work hours.

8. WhatsApp Tracking

WhatsApp usage amongst young people is increasing every day at an alarming rate. An average of 65 million messages are sent on WhatsApp daily. WhatsApp users can send and receive photos, audios and videos at the click of a button.

Some of these are beneficial, while others could be unsuitable for your children. With the aid of Celltracker free mobile phone tracker app, you can monitor how your children use WhatsApp and the kind of materials they expose themselves to.

9. Facebook Tracking

Whereas Facebook has a minimum age requirement for its users, there are under aged children who still have access to it. Statistics show that 38 % of children below the age of 12 years are active on Facebook.

Still, 40 in 1000 children under the age of 6 are already active on Facebook. These are alarming statistics. As Facebook is used worldwide by people whose characters are unknown, your children’s safety on Facebook should be a concern.

The Celltracker mobile app will help you monitor how your children use Facebook, including their friends, and what information they expose themselves to. Also, Facebook can be destructive for your business when your employees spend most of their work time online. With the Celltracker app, you can streamline work.

10. Skype Tracking

Skype is one of the tools that enables SMS chatting, video calling and screen sharing. Due to these stunning features, your children will use it more often to connect with the rest of the world. However, your key concern should be the people that your children interact with.

Celltracker’s free mobile tracking app offers incredible features that helps you to monitor how your child (ren) uses Skype app on their phones and the kind of people they relate with.

11. Telegram Tracking

Children use this messaging app to send messages, photos and videos to other users of the app. In the process they end up being exposed to malicious content. Besides, they expose their private lives to people who could be having malicious intents.

Therefore, you need to keep them safe at all times. The only way you can achieve this is by installing the free mobile phone tracker app on their phones, then monitor their activities on Telegram.

12. Snapchat Tracking

Snapchat offers features that can destruct children. Some of these include follow others and be followed back, and content featuring. Your children will occasionally be victims of these destructions especially when they follow the wrong people.

With the aid of the free mobile phone tracker, your can monitor who your child follows and the kind of content they are exposed to on Snapchat.

13. Instagram Tracking

Using Instagram can be so addictive. Because of this, Instagram users cannot resist the urge of staying active on the app. When your children fall victim to this, they’ll begin to lose focus in other areas of their lives such as education.

Besides, Instagram users share content such as photos or music that can corrupt the minds of young children. The ability to monitor, record and retrieve Instagram data on your child’s mobile device should be your epic desire.

Using free mobile tracking app by Celltracker will help you keep your children safe online by monitoring their activities on Instagram.

Call to action

Monitoring your children’s online presence can be a daunting task. Every day they are exposed to risks that poses a threat to their lives. However, you need not to worry much about the problem as Celltracker offers the perfect solution—free mobile tracking app.

For your business, the free mobile tracking app is just what you need. The app will enable you to keep track of how the business operates by managing your employees. Enjoying these benefits is only a click away from your reach.

You only need to register for an account to enjoy the amazing features mentioned above. The good news is that everything is free. Because of that, you can enhance your children’s safety at no cost. Besides, your business will continue to thrive.

Register now for a free account and keep your children safe while ensuring your employees remain productive throughout the day.

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