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CellTracker. If you are in the search for a phone tracker app that can help you track any Whatsapp number, then look no further beyond Cell tracker. Cell tracker is a free mobile tracker app that can help you track Whatsapp messages, multi-media attachments, story updates, etc. Celltracker is one of the few Whatsapp tracker apps that can also help you track mobile location, SMS communication, live video recording, internet browsing history, and a long list of other social media apps on any smartphone. If you are wondering, what could be the reason behind tracking Whatsapp, is it not an invasion of privacy, then you should know about the real-time reasons why you need Celltracker; why so many users worldwide are turning to Whatsapp tracking applications.

Why do you need to track Whatsapp?

Instant Messaging or IM gave one of the biggest pushes to digital communication over the internet. We have come a long way from the days of Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk or Hangouts, to Whatsapp, the free instant-messaging app that has revolutionised instant messaging in this decade. Whatsapp’s multi-media attachment and conversational features have made it a hit with smartphone user globally. The cross-platform instant messaging app which is available on Android, iOS as well as Windows has also been acquired by Facebook. It only led to further integration of social media features, making Whatsapp into a one-of-a-kind IM tool.

The necessity of a Whatsapp tracker arises when children have such powerful tools at their disposal. We are in a generation where pubescent teenagers have access to powerful media tools and the internet- something that previous generations lacked. As a result, they are exposed to a lot of untoward content on the internet and other malpractices. Plus, it needs to be noted that the necessity to track Whatsapp does not apply to children alone. There is a plethora of reasons why Whatsapp tracking becomes a necessity, for adults as well- for both personal and professional reasons! Firstly, on the personal front, adults are capable of losing their smartphone devices or indulging in Internet malpractices as well. A Whatsapp tracker can help you check if there was any live location shared in the chats, in the event the person is using the phone misplaced the device. It can also help track if the person in question has been indulging in something unethical or not, based on their conversations, multi-media shares, etc. Whatsapp has long been alluded as a platform for aiding infidelity and data-theft, which raises red flags, both in the personal and professional front.

How can Celltracker help you monitor Whatsapp?

Celltracker was developed with the motive to provide smartphone users with a modern-day phone activity tracking solution that prioritized untraceable mobile tracking facilities. Celltracker can help you track all activities on any number you target and provide you with a detailed account of the same. Not just Whatsapp, but you can track a plethora of other social media accounts and smartphone services using Celltracker. The best part about using Celltracker is that unlike other phone tracking apps, it uses cloud storage to discreetly store your data. Whatever information you have retrieved using this Whatsapp tracker, can be stored remotely on the cloud, so you can access it any time. The data remains under the Celltracker GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation compliance protection. So, whatever data you have tracked, remains untraceable to others.

How to use Celltracker to track Whatsapp?

Downloading the Celltracker app is immensely easy. If you wish to track a Whatsapp account on another phone, follow the steps cited below:

  1. Head over to the Celltracker website: celltracker.io
  2. Download the app to the device you prefer.
  3. Ask your device to allow installation from 3rd party app vendors outside the app store.
  4. Install the app.
  5. Create an account and register with Celltracker where you can configure your tracking requirements and storage settings.
  6. Point the Whatsapp tracker facilities of the app towards the number you target.
  7. Retrieve records of Whatsapp usage on said number and check it at your convenience.

Unlike other phone tracking apps, Celltracker takes privacy seriously. The data that you track is for your eyes only; which is why when you delete your account, all the data you have tracked and stored is deleted permanently from Celltracker’s cloud storage services.

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