The word “privacy” in this generation

mobile tracker free app for parental control

Life was fair and easy before the technology started ruling us. Privacy was a factor now it became a word of abuse. Yes, privacy was abused so badly these days!!

Everyone needs privacy to do things what they love and their wish. But we would strongly believe somethings does not need much privacy. Let me quote an example, let’s take an example of a family which consists of a father, mother, and a teen daughter.

We need to give a lot of space to your daughter to achieve her passion, to choose her friends, to choose what she needs to study, the clothes she loves to wear. Her father can give all this privacy or rights. Even he can be okay she talks with her male friends at this generation, it’s not a big deal.

But in this generation, there is another concern, mobile phones. We can’t restrict them using mobile phones. It helps both in social and education. They learn using mobile phones, they study using mobile phones and clear their questions using mobile phones.

But it’s not all merry mobile phones do have dark sides as we all know. They are prone to visit misleading websites, they are in danger to meet and make friends with a total stranger who could be dangerous. Teens mind is very easy to nurture or corrupt, even if our child is good others can corrupt them with bad things.

So how will you know?

Whether your child is doing anything wrong?

Whether he or she visiting any unwanted websites?

Is she or he chats with any potentially dangerous persons?

Is she using phones after you sleep?

Knowing this is not invading privacy, but doing parental deeds, technically parental control. Asking them continuously for their phone and checking it will create a bad impression and for sure they will feel bad about it. Even if you check, there are high chances they hide things that they were doing.

So what’s the solution?

How to know what they do in their mobile phone completely without letting them know?

There are many mobile tracker free available online which does the job perfectly. But few of them, let me correct most of them are fake or potentially harmful. gives the one-stop solution for all the Mobile tracker needs.

With celltracker you can track almost everything what your teen child is up to in the mobile phone. It has all the features, you need to take complete care of their mobile phone usage. Right from Sms, call logs, call recording, browsing history, Gps location, and WhatsApp chat history everything can be tracked. Inshort you can take complete control of what they doing with their mobile phone Mobile tracker helps to see their phone things either form your laptop or from your computer, without they know anything about it.

All it needs is a onetime set up in their phone and you are ready to go. Using Mobile tracker you can know the complete mobile usage pattern, what they do, whom they chat, and know whom they are talking to. If you see any not so good things happening, you can always go to them and prevent things from going too far.

Mobile tracker is a tool which is very helpful for parents to take care of children without bothering them much. As the old saying prevention is better than the cure, this Mobile tracker app is the prevention you can do in this mobile technology age, rather going for a cure after something minimal or serious happen to your child.

Many teens, lose interest in studies when they start browsing unwanted websites. Their whole concentration shifts, and hence with the help of Mobile tracker you can find the shift in idea in the very first stage which will be easy to prevent than going too far. The best thing is you can install Mobile tracker free to try things out and to learn how this works. Mobile tracker also finds the usage pattern of your child, if they are using cell phones during the late-night after you go to sleep the next morning you can find about it.

So basically Mobile tracker is a boon to make sure your children do not misuse the comfort and privacy which you never got but you provided to them. Mobile tracker will help every parent to raise their child in the way they wanted to. As we call know it’s during the teenage people choose the path of life. Teenage will reflect during whole life. Hence, usage of Mobile tracker can make them a better person which means they can concentrate more on education, score high in exams, and move up in life successfully.

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