The Top Features In Cell Tracker App – Celltracker

CellTracker : Truth be told, your child safety is the first thing that you have to think about as a priority. This is why you have to track his behaviour while using his smartphone nowadays. For this reason, you are supposed to rely on a very credible tracking app. This is why the Cell Tracker can make the mission done for you due to the tons of features embedded in the app. We are going to talk about the top features which the app holds in detail.

Top Features In The Cell Tracker App For Your Control Parental

Calls Tracking

Today, your kids may fall into the trap of bad quality conversations using their phones. Actually, a Cell tracker can make this nightmare done for you. The app will record all the calls with their time stamps. Like that, you can verify them using your monitoring interface offered by the Cell Tracker account.

Blocks Distracting Apps

Your child may find many distracting ads and apps while using his phone. Cell trackers will directly block them before popping out in front of your kid’s phone screen.

Track All Text Messages And Files Of Your Child

Most of the time, parents want to check their kid’s messages. Cell Tracker makes it happen for you. You can check all the flow of messages with their details in your monitoring dashboard easily. Like that, you will have the ultimate control over your kid’s behaviour on the internet in general.
In addition to that, you will have the ultimate access to all the target multimedia files. Accordingly, you can block all the spammers and scammers from your friend zone easily.
Other advanced features that you can find in Cell Tracker are the ability to recover your deleted messages. Accordingly, you will be able to recover all the messages deleted by your target user.

Track WhatsApp Messages

Thanks to Cell Tracker, you will be able to track your target locations, read his status and even listen to every call coming and going from his device. In addition to that, we can even track the files shared using WhatsApp.
SMS tracking
You will be able to read every message which the target sends or receives. You can even get details about the messages, we are talking about dates, the sender or the receiver information and number…

Browser History Tracking

If you have fear about what your kids visit in internet then Cell tracker has the solution. You can easily check the history of all the browser installed within the target device. Like that, you can always verify their history of browsing no matter what browser they used.

Block Bad Quality Websites

The app can handle you a great chance to avoid harmful sites for your kids. It handles the parents the ability to block any website they do not their kids to surf in.

New Contact Added

You can even know if a new contact is added to the list. As results, you will be able to stay up to date with people which your kid is getting in touch with daily.

Detect Social Media Addiction (Facebook tracking…)

You can easily know whether your child is addicted to social media or not. The Cell Tracker app can handle your information related to how many times your child is checking the social media platforms. Like that, you can make a decision toward it.
Actually, Cell Tracker can work and serve as your undercover detective. It can work with the majority of social media platforms too. Like that you can easily protect your child or any family member from getting in danger. In the end, we can confirm for you that the Cell Tracker is gaining a huge reputation in the industry. More and more features re going to be added with time without any small doubt. Like that, you will protect your kids at a very advanced level.