Biggest addon of a mobile tracker

There is no wonder we are the top-rated phone tracker in the market. We have been top-rated in technology, productivity, and also in service. You would have heard many things from different people around how good phone tracker we are for parental control over kids.
Teachers around the globe have recommended us to parents who want to track their mobile usage. Our phone tracker is on the top-recommended list on many online tech gurus and influencers because of the productivity and privacy our phone tracker brings. Even though our phone tracker is top in a long way, our development team put a lot of innovation to make the phone tracker better day by day.
We have been kept adding new innovations to the plan with no change in our plans. One such innovation that is added as a feather to the crown is geofencing.
Yes, you heard it right. Our phone tracker comes with geofencing with no extra price or upgrades from premium.

Geofencing is a great new feature that has revolutionized how we live and how we work on parental control. Geofencing is a technology by which we can create virtual fencing for your kids.
Geo-fencing will use GPS which can get accurate information about the location, which will help parents in multiple ways.
Let’s take an example of Steve’s family on geofencing. Steve is a single father with two kids, Veronica ( 12 years) and John (14 years). Steve works hard and in need to travel to a lot of places as he is from marketing. Earlier, he had a babysitter, but now due to COVID, he is keeping away from it. But Steve wanted to know any other alternatives to keep track of their kids at home. His colleague Bryan, who was also in marketing, advised him about the phone tracker he used to track his kids. He also explained to him about geofencing and how it changed his life, and how it relieves him.
He installed a phone tracker on both phones and started tracking their phone usage as the main features of phone tracker like tracking text, social media, phone calls, call recordings, gallery, etc. The mobile tracker also helped him so much with the feature geofencing.

With the help of phone tracker geofencing, he can track his kid’s live any time he wants from anywhere in the world. Even if he goes away far for his work purpose, he can have complete control over their kids. Now he will get a notification the moment his kids leave his house. When he leaves a certain place, we can also designate it as a hotspot and assign a notification for that. The notification on your dashboard is live; hence, you can contact them the moment you see any difference,. As an ancient saying, prevention is better than cure; this is the best technology available to prevent any significant issues.

When a phone tracker and do everything you expect from a phone tracker to do, and perform more than its role is. Do not wait anymore. Try out a free phone tracker now with the geofencing technology; we bet you can’t leave without the technology.
Phone tracker is not just an application but a boon for parents who worry about mobile phone usage. With a phone tracker, you can make your life simplified and track your kid’s mobile use, which will help your long run.

Phone tracker app

Parents always look for advice and tips from teachers when it comes to their kids. By default, we parents think teachers are smart, and their recommendations on students’ care will be very beneficial.

Teachers always complain about their student’s mobile usage. They have been requesting the parents to take care of their mobile phone usage for ages now.

Few parents use to listen to the advice then, and few use to ignore it. But after the changeover of the education methodology now, things are definitely not rosy as before. Early days, parents at least could say, ” time up, keep out your mobile phones.” But aftermath covid we can’t use the same sentence to our kids, as the whole education happens over the mobile phone.

Kids these days wake up with a phone and go to bed with a phone, citing education as the reason. But we parents know, doing this is not the same as waking up with a book and sleeping with a book.

Many teachers all around the globe were now recommending parents to use phone tracker, to track the complete activities of your kids with their mobile phone. Almost all teachers understood the importance of parents using phone tracker and the benefits out of phone tracker.

Cell Phone tracker is a smart application which you can install on your kid’s mobile to analyze and fix things on their usage pattern. Before you handover the mobile phone, you need to install the phone tracker on their phone following the simple instructions as per the operating system, which just takes only a few minutes.

There are many benefits of a proper Cell phone tracker which you can make the best use of it. As the name suggests, with the right cell phone tracker, it should able to track complete activities that happen on the phone. In short, using a cell phone tracker, you can track every action of your kid on all the platform round the clock right from your mobile or laptop. When we mean every aspect using phone tracker like their phone call logs, call recordings (even if there is not another call recorder present on the mobile phone), text messages, chats on chat applications like Whatsapp, telegram or skype, social media applications like Facebook and Instagram and much more than these.

There is nothing much you cannot track on your kid’s phone using this free mobile tracker. But more than the application tracks, your kid’s mobile usage pattern using this phone tracker. What matters to you a lot is that your kid will not know that you are monitoring their phone as parents with your phone tracker.

When the phone tracker is installed correctly using the instructions, you should gain complete access to your kid’s phone details, and you can observe them from the site dashboard.

Cell Phone tracker can be accessed with your laptop browser or mobile browser, wherever you are. Even if you are a hundreds of miles away from your kid, you can get the complete mobile usage analytics. There are many things parents have to worry about in life but using a Cell tracker; you can clear your kid’s mobile usage worry from the list.

The word “privacy” in this generation

Life was fair and easy before the technology started ruling us. Privacy was a factor now it became a word of abuse. Yes, privacy was abused so badly these days!!

Everyone needs privacy to do things what they love and their wish. But we would strongly believe somethings does not need much privacy. Let me quote an example, let’s take an example of a family which consists of a father, mother, and a teen daughter.

We need to give a lot of space to your daughter to achieve her passion, to choose her friends, to choose what she needs to study, the clothes she loves to wear. Her father can give all this privacy or rights. Even he can be okay she talks with her male friends at this generation, it’s not a big deal.

But in this generation, there is another concern, mobile phones. We can’t restrict them using mobile phones. It helps both in social and education. They learn using mobile phones, they study using mobile phones and clear their questions using mobile phones.

But it’s not all merry mobile phones do have dark sides as we all know. They are prone to visit misleading websites, they are in danger to meet and make friends with a total stranger who could be dangerous. Teens mind is very easy to nurture or corrupt, even if our child is good others can corrupt them with bad things.

So how will you know?

Whether your child is doing anything wrong?

Whether he or she visiting any unwanted websites?

Is she or he chats with any potentially dangerous persons?

Is she using phones after you sleep?

Knowing this is not invading privacy, but doing parental deeds, technically parental control. Asking them continuously for their phone and checking it will create a bad impression and for sure they will feel bad about it. Even if you check, there are high chances they hide things that they were doing.

So what’s the solution?

How to know what they do in their mobile phone completely without letting them know?

There are many mobile tracker free available online which does the job perfectly. But few of them, let me correct most of them are fake or potentially harmful. gives the one-stop solution for all the Mobile tracker needs.

With celltracker you can track almost everything what your teen child is up to in the mobile phone. It has all the features, you need to take complete care of their mobile phone usage. Right from Sms, call logs, call recording, browsing history, Gps location, and WhatsApp chat history everything can be tracked. Inshort you can take complete control of what they doing with their mobile phone Mobile tracker helps to see their phone things either form your laptop or from your computer, without they know anything about it.

All it needs is a onetime set up in their phone and you are ready to go. Using Mobile tracker you can know the complete mobile usage pattern, what they do, whom they chat, and know whom they are talking to. If you see any not so good things happening, you can always go to them and prevent things from going too far.

Mobile tracker is a tool which is very helpful for parents to take care of children without bothering them much. As the old saying prevention is better than the cure, this Mobile tracker app is the prevention you can do in this mobile technology age, rather going for a cure after something minimal or serious happen to your child.

Many teens, lose interest in studies when they start browsing unwanted websites. Their whole concentration shifts, and hence with the help of Mobile tracker you can find the shift in idea in the very first stage which will be easy to prevent than going too far. The best thing is you can install Mobile tracker free to try things out and to learn how this works. Mobile tracker also finds the usage pattern of your child, if they are using cell phones during the late-night after you go to sleep the next morning you can find about it.

So basically Mobile tracker is a boon to make sure your children do not misuse the comfort and privacy which you never got but you provided to them. Mobile tracker will help every parent to raise their child in the way they wanted to. As we call know it’s during the teenage people choose the path of life. Teenage will reflect during whole life. Hence, usage of Mobile tracker can make them a better person which means they can concentrate more on education, score high in exams, and move up in life successfully.

CellTracker – Free Mobile tracker

A cell tracker is an exclusive app designed to track smartphone activities for children under 14. This app enables the parents to monitor the activities of the children.

Salient features of the cell tracker app:

  • Live video feed
  • web-filtering
  • social-media monitoring
  • And other features

Let us discuss the features elaborately.


This site can able to track all the text messages through advanced technology. You can view your children’s text message, type, and the sender’s name with the date and time.

Call recording

Able to track the incoming and outgoing calls of the phone that you are monitoring with crystal clear call recording with duration.


The cell tracker lets you track your children’s whats app conversation with date and time along with the attachment like media content and document.

Location tracking

It is one of the reliable features of the celltracker app. You can able to track your children’s mobile location through your online control panel. It is also possible to find out the current location of the stolen mobile on Google map. One more reliable function of this app is that you can retrieve all mobile GPS coordinates, date and time, accuracy, and location address.

Browsing history 

The mobile tracker can serve as an efficient tool in tracking the websites of your children that they are watching. By this, you can restrict the web content that you find inappropriate and harmful to your children.


Nowadays, sharing of personal photos and other data on the internet leads to many problems. By using this app, you can track the images and videos that your children had uploaded and downloaded with the respective date and time.


Through this app, you can able to track the messages that are sent and received to the person with the name and their Facebook id. You can also trace the photos and videos that are shared on Facebook.


Skype is the app where your children can connect with people virtually. Due to vibrant features, there are more possibilities for your children to choose the right path. This app is designed to make video chat, voice call, and make the option for text.

This app also has a significant feature in monitoring how your children are using the Skype app and the people with whom they are interacting.

Remote control

This app serves as a remote to get control over other devices. You can access all the features of this app from your children’s phone remotely. This app allows you to track the devices of your children without their knowledge. You can able to regulate the amount of time that they are spending on the phone. This app also prevents accessing the personal information of you by others when the phone is stolen or lost.

App tracking :

Whenever a new app is introduced in the play store, children will have the curiosity to experience it. But they don’t know about some of the harmful apps. So the cell tracker enables the parents to know the apps installed on their children’s mobile phones. You can get access to see the apps that are installed by your children through their phones. This app gives the entire apps list of your children’s phone and also provide access to block the apps that you found harmful.

Photo tracking :

The world of the Internet is surrounded by photos and pictures everywhere. It is highly tough to find a website without a single photo. But many sites have inappropriate images and socially prohibited photos. It is highly impossible always to keep an eye on your children whenever they are downloading the images from your computer. So cell tracker app enables you to find the   photos that are downloaded by your children on their phone  


Telegram is a messaging platform where your children can make conversation and can send and receive multimedia conversation like photos, videos etc. Your children may not be aware of the privacy and security and may tend to share their own pictures and videos to the unknown person.   This app prevents your children from sharing the data with unauthorized persons.

Snapchat :

Snapchat is one of the apps which destroy your children wider. In this app, they are following many unknown persons, and many unknown persons also tend to follow them. It may lead to have a wrong connection with the stranger.

Using this mobile tracker app, you can monitor your children’s activities and account for the data that are shred to public media like Snapchat.


Instagram is one of the social platforms which gains a lot of attention from the children nowadays.

Many of the Instagram users share inappropriate content, which is not suitable for all age groups. But recording the Instagram activities of your children is a highly challenging job nowadays.

By using the free mobile tracking app, you can monitor the activities of your children in the internet world 24*7.

Challenging features:

  • You can able to get the device location and battery status.
  • You can record the audio for 1 to 10 minutes.
  • You can take pictures through the front/back camera.
  • The camera option can be disabled through this app.
  • Able to ring/ vibrate your phone.
  • You can turn your Wi-Fi on/off.
  • You can wipe /format your mobile data.

I hope the article covers the various distinct features of this app. I also hope you will try out this app atleast once after reading this article.

Cell Tracker: The Elite Tracker For Your Parental Control Journey

If you want to track all the calls of your kids then Cell Tracker is your ultimate destination. The app handles a wide range of features that can secure the best protection for your kids. The app can track all Facebook calls or WhatsApp the messages and calls too. In other words, the app will handle you the best undercover spy for your target phone. Truth be told, all the details about the target are going to be recorded. Like that, you can check them whenever you want. You have the full control to manipulate or even delete them.

Moreover, all the data shared from your target app will be highly secured in an online database too.  Never panic, the data will be encrypted too using very completed algorithms too. Your account will handle all the tools to monitor the record of the calls coming and going from all the social media platforms.

Cell Tracker Can Spy On All Social Media Platforms

Actually, Cell Tracker works with all the kinds of platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber and all the other platforms too. Anything related to social media can be easily treated with Cell Tracker for sure. Truth be told, the spy app can handle great surveillance over your kid’s behaviour.  You can track anything related to their contact lists, you will know the sate a contact added or deleted and what kind of person they are talking too. Accordingly, you can easily know what to do if you feel that a harmful person is talking to your kid. As a matter of fact, you will even know what your kids is really addicted of when he uses his phone. For instance, you will know what is the platform which visits often. As a result, you may see what he is looking for too. After that, you can take action about it.

Tracking For All Media Files With Your Target Mobile

You will have the chance to see what your kid shares with others. To be clear, all the multimedia shared on social media platforms will be shared with you. In fact, you can see them in detail in your interface. The monitoring is easy to use and you can track the Facebook calls, messages, and the entire media stream. We are talking about the images, videos, files, pdf and any kind of files that can be shared in any social media too. Like that you will stay up to date with all the data coming through your kid’s smartphone easily.

The Most Optimized Monitoring Interface

We can say that the cell tracker has a superpower in tracking most of the smartphone in which the app is installed because it is compatible with all the operating systems of Android.  Besides, you do not have to root the phone in order to get the app working on your target phone. All that you have to do is install in your kid phone and start tracking it using the monitoring interface in your account easily.

Track The Location Of Your Kid

Another pillar that you can take advantage from is the ability to see all the details about the locations shared in social media. For instance, you can see all the locations and details which were shared in WhatsApp. Cell Tracker will be able to track the status, the location of your kid by checking the WIFI logs and anything they can indicate where your kid is located for sure. To conclude, you will have all the necessary tools that can make you track your phone easily. The app can last forever and no need for any change in your phone or the target main settings. The app is super easy and the customer service can handle you any information or guidelines you need.

The Most Effective Features In The Cell Tracker App

In fact; a Cell tracker can handle you the track for your target device. You are going to be astonished by the huge number of features that the app can handle for you. Like that, you have to do is to install in the target phone and you will get the best-detailed tracking for your device for sure.

The Best Parental Control For Your Kids

The cell tracker can handle anything you want to know about your kids. You will even get coordinates of the locations where your kid is too. Truth be told, you can easily find him and know with whom he is in real-time. Accordingly, you can shape his behaviour and make him always protection from danger too. You can even know any contact added to their list.

Track Mobile Locations for Multiple Goals

In fact, you can track your lost device too using a cell tracker app. You can use the phone tracking app for multiple tasks as you see. You are going to find your mobile phone or any other device in which the app is installed easily. The monitoring interface has detailed tracking to your mobile. You can easily find its locations. Moreover, you will even have a virtual map that can serve as a great visualization for your mobile location too.

In addition to that, the cell tracker app can handle you great tools to gps track your employees too if you run a business. Accordingly, you can check whether they are committed to their work or not. Cell tracker is a great location spy too for many goals.

Data Privacy

The data sent to the online database of the company which developed the app. No one can deny that the data and information are super protected. This is thanks to the encrypted algorithm used before storing the data in our databases for sure.

Optimized User Experience

Actually, you can update the information that you see in the monitoring Interface. As a matter of fact, you can even delete the whole account if you want. Like that, it will be vanished forever from online storage.

The Most Accurate GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is also a great advantage in the cell tracker app. Actually, you can easily find the details about each location shared in the social media used by your kid for instance. We are talking about all the common social media today. From Facebook to Snapchat, the app can easily and immediately share the location with you in the online account. As a result, you can bring any detail related to your kids easily thanks to the cell tracker app.

Call Tracking

In addition to that, you can track each call coming or going from your target phone app. All that you have to do is watch anything related to WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber or any kind of social media too. Even the media shared through those social media can be seen easily in your monitoring interface too. In the end, we can confirm for you that the app has a massive echo in the world parental control today. This is due to the additional features added b the company in a very permanent way. You will be fascinated about what the app can do for your life routine with your kids. Your mission of protecting your kid will be much easier without any small doubt. In the next posts, we will talk even more about some unique features which the best phone tracker can do. The control of your kids is much handy and easier like never before.

The Most Accurate Mobile Location Tracker: Cell Tracker

CellTracker : Kids are also using smartphones in very recurrent ways. This is why you have to track your kids in order to keep them away from harmful people. They may contact anyone; this is why Cell tracker will handle you all the features that can make you protect them from any danger. In other words, you will be able to follow any update on your target phone that you track. In the next lines, you will have a detailed look at how Cell tracker can make your mission to protect your kids much easier and effective.

Track All The Locations Which Your Target Visits In Real Time

Actually, you can easily track your phone locations. Using Cell tracker, no matter what operating system you are using you can ultimately find the most accurate location which your kids share or even indicate in their surfing over the internet. Moreover, you will have the chance to follow all the GPS location which recently visited by your target phone owner. In addition to that, you can monitor and visualize such locations in a virtual map thanks to the easy to use dashboard that you will have in hand. You can go back to check the history of the locations of your kids. Actually, nothing is deleted from your account until you decide to do it. Like that, you will have all that you need to protect your kids from any unwanted place that you do not want him to be in.

Track Location Using WIFI Logger Thanks To Cell Tracker

Another advantage of the cell locker is you can get information about the WIFI logger too. Such a fact can handle you more information about the places which your kids or tracked person are visiting daily. As a result, a log file is generated and you can see all the details in your monitoring interface too. Actually, you can even have a real-time tracking for your target locations. The app has a synchronized system that can handle your live locations. Like that, you can make a decision about what you want to do with your kid. The cell tracker will handle you great tools to shape your kid’s behaviour. It represents certainly the best parental control for your kid. Even the location shared in WhatsApp or Facebook or any social media platform will be recorded too. Cell Tracker is a great

Social media tracker without any doubt

The Location Are Represented In A Friendly User Interface For Your Monitoring. The monitoring interface can handle great layouts to show the exact locations of your target phone owner. You will be able to find the exact location of your kids. You will never panic or become worried about who they are in the company with too. At the same time, you may want to check the call logs and any related to their chats and geo-fencing details in order to get exact information about your kids. To be clear, the Cell tracker will ultimately print your kids to the limits.

Locations Privacy Is A priority in Cell Tracker App

Truth be told, the Cell tracker will always follow your phone owner with the complete protection of your privacy. The information is secured and encrypted. You do not have to panic at any level since the data are stored online and no one has access to it except you. You can terminate your account whenever you want. Accordingly, your data will be deleted forever.
Actually, cell trackers can also be used in different fields not just for parental controls. For instance, it can be used in business. In other words, you may track your employees and see if they are committed to their work or not. You will have many features that you can use in order to make your workers more productive thanks to Cell Trackers. The Cell Tracker app can be handy for many other situations in your daily life.

The Best Phone Tracker In The Area Of Parental Control: Cell Tracker

CellTracker : No one can deny that Cell Tracker is one of the best gurus in the field of parental control. In fact, you will have one of the best phone spy in the world. The app is gaining a huge and respectful reputation in the field of parental control apps. Truth be told, your target phone will be ultimately supervised by you thanks to the dashboard of the app account. In fact, you will have a really optimized interface. You can have access to all the features embedded in the cell tracker app. Like that you can certainly get the best quality of outcomes that you have ever dreamt of. Especially when it comes to tracking your kid’s surfing behaviour while using their mobile phone. As a matter of fact, Cell Tracker is an effective call and messaging tracker.

An Undercover Tracking For Your Target Mobile Locations

Your target phone owner will feel nothing. He will never know that his phone is tracked by you. This is because the app once is installed in your app, it totally disappears for sure. You will never need to root your target phone or even jailbreak it. All that you have to do is install it and you can track what eve you want.

Great User Interface To Track Your Kids Phone

You can track whatever type of phone you want. For this reason, the app is gaining a very giant audience in a very fast way. The audience is showing a huge interest in the features embedded in the mobile tracking app. You can actually read any messages from any source coming to your target phone. As a consequence, you can easily find any browsing activities done by your kid too. All that you have to do is watch what your target is doing in the monitoring interface that you have in hand. Actually, you will have full access to dozens of other features embedded in the spy app.

Track All The Calls And Messages Related your Target Phone

Actually, the app is dedicated to family and handles tons of advantages to make you convinced to use in your phone kid. You can track each message from your kid. No matter what type of message it is, you can easily track. We are talking about WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber or any other messaging app. In addition to that, you will have the chance to record all the calls coming and going from the target device.

What Are The Main Features In Cell Tracker?

You can also get all the mobile locations shared on any social media of your target phone. Like that, you will be able to track the geographical position of your kid easily. In other words, your kid will be always close to you without any small doubt. As a matter of fact kids, today can get in touch with strangers too and follow their orders. Thanks to the cell tracker app, you will be able to watch them and check their behaviour continuously. No matter what person they are talking to, you can easily be up to date with the list of contacts added to your kid contact. Even if the contact is deleted by your kid. In other words, your target phone will be ultimately tracked in detail.
In the end, we can confirm for you that the cell tracker was over the top of expectations according to the feedback of many experts and active users of the app. Actually, this your turn to try the app and start protecting your kids from any harmful danger. Actually, Cell Tracker has more and more features which we let you to discover by your own.

13 Amazing Features of Celltracker Free Mobile Tracking App

#1. SMS Tracking

Communication is taking a whole new turn every day. The focus is turning from phone calls to text messaging. Statistics show that on average, a teenager sends and receives 2,010 text messages monthly. This makes it to a total of 24,120 messages annually.

Sometimes your child (ren) will expose themselves to unhealthy text messages that prompt them to make uninformed decisions or affect their personal well-being. However, as a parent, it’s your obligation to ensure your child (ren) stay safe anytime, anywhere.

The question is, how do you effectively track the messages that your child (ren) send and receive every day? The free cell phone app tracker by Celltracker will offer you this benefit. You can monitor who your child (ren) receive and send messages to. Moreover, you can see the content of the messages and take prompt action.

If you’re in business, you should monitor your employees’ productivity. One way in which their productivity is affected is through text messaging during work hours. With the assistance of cell tracker app, you will effortlessly monitor their activities.

2. Call Tracking

Celltracker’s mobile phone tracking app helps you to monitor both incoming and outgoing calls from your target device. With an increase in smartphone ownership and usage by teens, it’s imperative that you keep track of who they make calls to.

The Celltracker app will record the calls after which you will access them when you deem fit. The app will also help you keep track of how your employees spend time on phone calls. Additionally, you can track whether their unending phone calls add value to your business or not.

3. Location Tracking

With the increase in risk exposure for your child (ren), your instinct will tell you to confine them within your reach. However, this is not entirely possible as your child (ren) need to enjoy personal space and freedom of movement.

As a responsible parent, you only need Celltracker app to monitor their movements and current location. You will get real time GPS coordinate data of the latitude, longitude and altitude of where they are.

For your business, keeping track of employees when you send them out to run errands becomes easy with the help of the Celltracker app. In turn, you can tell whether they are where they should be or not.

4. Photos Tracking

Your children’s online presence increases every day in this internet age. Consequently, they come into contact with photos from all over the world. Some of these photos add value while others pose a threat. With Celltracker mobile phone tracking app, you can monitor photos that are received and stored in your child’s mobile phone. This is possible as the app has a multimedia monitoring device that tracks the images present in the target device.

5. Apps Tracking

Celltracker mobile tracking app scans the target mobile device and reports the Apps that are installed in the device. Therefore, as a parent or business owner, you can get a detailed report of the apps that are running in the target mobile device.

High level of curiosity in children will lead them to test out new applications which are readily available to them. Unfortunately, some of these apps contain content that is not meant for children. With the help of this App, you can see the applications that your children are installing in their phones and take prompt action of protecting them.

6. Remote Control

One sure feature of Celltracker mobile tracking app is remote control of the app from a different source. As a user, you can access all the features of the app remotely from the user interface in your account.

Also, you can control the features of the target device without the user knowing. Sometimes, you need to control the amount of time your child spends on the phone. The best way to accomplish this is remotely through the Celltracker free mobile tracking app.

Moreover, you can use this feature to trace the location and features of a lost mobile phone. The benefit of this is that it will prevent the thief from accessing your personal information that is logged in your lost/misplaced phone.

7. Browser History Tracking

An increase in internet penetration and mobile usage makes it possible for many smartphone users to spend a lot of time surfing the internet. With tons of information available online, it’s not easy to know what your children expose themselves to.

However, the free cell phone tracker enables you to see the browsing history of your target device. You can therefore see and influence what sites your children visit online. As a business owner, you can monitor your employees and how they use the internet. This is especially important for the kind that distracts themselves to non-related sites during work hours.

8. WhatsApp Tracking

WhatsApp usage amongst young people is increasing every day at an alarming rate. An average of 65 million messages are sent on WhatsApp daily. WhatsApp users can send and receive photos, audios and videos at the click of a button.

Some of these are beneficial, while others could be unsuitable for your children. With the aid of Celltracker free mobile phone tracker app, you can monitor how your children use WhatsApp and the kind of materials they expose themselves to.

9. Facebook Tracking

Whereas Facebook has a minimum age requirement for its users, there are under aged children who still have access to it. Statistics show that 38 % of children below the age of 12 years are active on Facebook.

Still, 40 in 1000 children under the age of 6 are already active on Facebook. These are alarming statistics. As Facebook is used worldwide by people whose characters are unknown, your children’s safety on Facebook should be a concern.

The Celltracker mobile app will help you monitor how your children use Facebook, including their friends, and what information they expose themselves to. Also, Facebook can be destructive for your business when your employees spend most of their work time online. With the Celltracker app, you can streamline work.

10. Skype Tracking

Skype is one of the tools that enables SMS chatting, video calling and screen sharing. Due to these stunning features, your children will use it more often to connect with the rest of the world. However, your key concern should be the people that your children interact with.

Celltracker’s free mobile tracking app offers incredible features that helps you to monitor how your child (ren) uses Skype app on their phones and the kind of people they relate with.

11. Telegram Tracking

Children use this messaging app to send messages, photos and videos to other users of the app. In the process they end up being exposed to malicious content. Besides, they expose their private lives to people who could be having malicious intents.

Therefore, you need to keep them safe at all times. The only way you can achieve this is by installing the free mobile phone tracker app on their phones, then monitor their activities on Telegram.

12. Snapchat Tracking

Snapchat offers features that can destruct children. Some of these include follow others and be followed back, and content featuring. Your children will occasionally be victims of these destructions especially when they follow the wrong people.

With the aid of the free mobile phone tracker, your can monitor who your child follows and the kind of content they are exposed to on Snapchat.

13. Instagram Tracking

Using Instagram can be so addictive. Because of this, Instagram users cannot resist the urge of staying active on the app. When your children fall victim to this, they’ll begin to lose focus in other areas of their lives such as education.

Besides, Instagram users share content such as photos or music that can corrupt the minds of young children. The ability to monitor, record and retrieve Instagram data on your child’s mobile device should be your epic desire.

Using free mobile tracking app by Celltracker will help you keep your children safe online by monitoring their activities on Instagram.

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Monitoring your children’s online presence can be a daunting task. Every day they are exposed to risks that poses a threat to their lives. However, you need not to worry much about the problem as Celltracker offers the perfect solution—free mobile tracking app.

For your business, the free mobile tracking app is just what you need. The app will enable you to keep track of how the business operates by managing your employees. Enjoying these benefits is only a click away from your reach.

You only need to register for an account to enjoy the amazing features mentioned above. The good news is that everything is free. Because of that, you can enhance your children’s safety at no cost. Besides, your business will continue to thrive.

Register now for a free account and keep your children safe while ensuring your employees remain productive throughout the day.

How to get call list

Celltracker- Efficient Incoming and Outgoing Call Tracking, Log Maintenance and Recording.

CellTracker : In the smartphone age, tracking calls is not an invasion of privacy but a matter of safety, concern and vigilance. We see children spending uncountable hours with their ears glued to their phone, which worries any responsible parent. In the professional environment, employees spending unprecedented amounts of time speaking on the phone during business hours, is also a red flag. In this regard, a call tracking app,such as Celltracker, can help you monitor, log and maintain records effortlessly.

Why do you need to track and record Calls?

The average person today spends more time speaking on the phone than they do with their family and friends in real-time. The cellular phone has made telephonic conversations mobile; and, with economic data plans we have no excuse to cut our smartphone calls short. If you are concerned with a family member or an employee spending too much time on phone calls, then you can easily and anonymously track their calls and monitor their calling habits.

How can you accomplish this? Why with a smart phone call tracking app- such as, Celltracker. A call tracking apps job is to monitor the incoming and outgoing calls to a given phone number. Most tracking apps simply track the calls for you. However, the efficient cell-phone call tracking apps such as Celltracker always provide more than just that.

How can Celltracker help you monitor cell-phone calls?

Celltracker leads the way in next-generation call tracking technology. The app provides you with multiple features that make call tracking immensely easy:

  • Track incoming and outgoing calls

Celltracker allows you to receive notifications for every incoming and outgoing call on the phone number you set the app to target. Users can see call time, caller number, and call duration for both incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Record phone conversations

Celltracker allows you to monitor phone conversation on any target number. The app anonymously records calls taking place on the number and catalogues them for your inspections.

The best part about using Celltracker, is that you do not have to spend any storage capacity from your own cell-phone device to log the calls and their records. Celltracker saves it all on a cloud storage platform where all the details of the calls are stored categorically by date and duration.

How to use Celltracker to track Calls?

You can easily download the Celltracker .apk from the app’s website. If you are concerned about your child or family member’s safety, who they speak to, or who or what your employees talk about on their phone during business hours:

  1. Visit
  2. Download the app to your Android device for free.
  3. Change your device settings so that it allows you to install a third-party app.
  4. Proceed to install.
  5. Start tracking calls anonymously.

With Celltracker, make call tracking effortless and convenient.