Social media or private media?

The earlier social network was much famous for teenagers and early twenty’s. Even the others who were present in them was not much active as them. But later, things started changing, their parents, relatives began to come in and being active. Earlier it was Orkut (some might still remember it), My Space, Hi5, and Facebook. As we all know, after some years, it was just Facebook that ruled social media platforms.

Facebook is multi-contact social media when parents and relatives, despite generation, started joining Facebook. Once this started taking place, teenagers either not accepting friend requests from them or started ignoring them. After some time, they decided to move on to a different place where they can do what they like in a unique way. Hence a lot of them moved to a new platform Instagram without quitting Facebook.

Instagram is photographed based on social media, which shows the real reason it is famous among teen people, not with others. Just guess who take more photographs?
Either professional photographers or teen young people are more fond of keep taking photographers. And also, if you notice, they will upload pictures with substantial edits and filters.
Game for likes, hashtags, and the number of followers started. People with more followers and likes were getting popular. Whole Instagram changed into an optical illusion, a different world. A person was judged based on their popularity on Instagram. Hence teenagers put a lot of effort into increasing their Instagram popularity.

The main reason for their parents’ no or minimal presence on Instagram is the lack of actual features they loved earlier. Which they love Facebook liked groups, pages, market place, and also Facebook is much easier to use and multi-contact social platform. Even if someone on Instagram, they will not be active in other words, they not understanding it.

Absence of someone who will supervise them or give advice gave them full freedom, and freedom was misused. People started doing the wrong things to get famous on Instagram. Starting from posting private pics, romantic pic with the opposite sex, being phrogging in few luxurious places to stay alive in the game of likes.
There are more than this, but we are cutting it short, not give a heart attack.

How to monitor them?

You might think just joining on Instagram will solve this problem, actually no. Facebook only allows legal names in account creation. Even if you signup using a nickname in the future, it will impose a temporary block. Whereas on Instagram, you can use any names, any funky names.
Facebook will have filters like the town, school, college, etc. but Instagram does not need them. Hence finding someone will be so tricky on Instagram unless they share their username.
Even if you found, they can easily change their complete Instagram username. They can do this multiple times and can also block you or make their account private.

So how actually to monitor them in social media.

The mobile tracker comes to rescue here, with the help of an excellent mobile tracker. We can take control of your teenager’s phone. Even if they change their user name or did not accept your follow request or also block you, mobile tracker, can their social media information.
With the help of free mobile tracker after you install and sign up, and start monitoring their mobile thoroughly and social media will be part of it. It’s not just Instagram; you can control any social media; we can track them to know what they are posting, whom they are chatting.
When you have the privilege of knowing about their social media accounts without following them, also, without their knowledge with the help of mobile tracker mean complete freedom of taking control of them. Moreover, we do not have to react if everything goes smoothly and no wrong things found. You can download a free mobile tracker from to check these features. The best thing about mobile trackers is you can monitor them from anywhere in the world, like from your office, your kitchen, even from another city of the country. When they do not know that you are using a mobile tracker on them, they will behave as usual. And will not look for another alternative as they do not have any clue they are getting monitored. So, the mobile tracker is a boon for parents who is not that much techy or someone who wants to control their kids without laying strict rules. Also, if you are a parent who loves to give freedom, you can use a mobile tracker to make sure freedom is not misused.

Moreover, our free mobile tracker is loaded with all the necessary tools you might need for future purposes. Additionally, our mobile tracker research team keeps finding new ways and new dimension tools to make your life very smooth and secure using the mobile tracker.

So what you are waiting for use our free mobile tracker to find what your children up to in social media and know about them better. If you find they are going in the wrong direction, you can talk to them. Make them realize their mistakes and make them travel in a better way towards the goal of life.

CellTracker – Free Mobile tracker

A cell tracker is an exclusive app designed to track smartphone activities for children under 14. This app enables the parents to monitor the activities of the children.

Salient features of the cell tracker app:

  • Live video feed
  • web-filtering
  • social-media monitoring
  • And other features

Let us discuss the features elaborately.


This site can able to track all the text messages through advanced technology. You can view your children’s text message, type, and the sender’s name with the date and time.

Call recording

Able to track the incoming and outgoing calls of the phone that you are monitoring with crystal clear call recording with duration.


The cell tracker lets you track your children’s whats app conversation with date and time along with the attachment like media content and document.

Location tracking

It is one of the reliable features of the celltracker app. You can able to track your children’s mobile location through your online control panel. It is also possible to find out the current location of the stolen mobile on Google map. One more reliable function of this app is that you can retrieve all mobile GPS coordinates, date and time, accuracy, and location address.

Browsing history 

The mobile tracker can serve as an efficient tool in tracking the websites of your children that they are watching. By this, you can restrict the web content that you find inappropriate and harmful to your children.


Nowadays, sharing of personal photos and other data on the internet leads to many problems. By using this app, you can track the images and videos that your children had uploaded and downloaded with the respective date and time.


Through this app, you can able to track the messages that are sent and received to the person with the name and their Facebook id. You can also trace the photos and videos that are shared on Facebook.


Skype is the app where your children can connect with people virtually. Due to vibrant features, there are more possibilities for your children to choose the right path. This app is designed to make video chat, voice call, and make the option for text.

This app also has a significant feature in monitoring how your children are using the Skype app and the people with whom they are interacting.

Remote control

This app serves as a remote to get control over other devices. You can access all the features of this app from your children’s phone remotely. This app allows you to track the devices of your children without their knowledge. You can able to regulate the amount of time that they are spending on the phone. This app also prevents accessing the personal information of you by others when the phone is stolen or lost.

App tracking :

Whenever a new app is introduced in the play store, children will have the curiosity to experience it. But they don’t know about some of the harmful apps. So the cell tracker enables the parents to know the apps installed on their children’s mobile phones. You can get access to see the apps that are installed by your children through their phones. This app gives the entire apps list of your children’s phone and also provide access to block the apps that you found harmful.

Photo tracking :

The world of the Internet is surrounded by photos and pictures everywhere. It is highly tough to find a website without a single photo. But many sites have inappropriate images and socially prohibited photos. It is highly impossible always to keep an eye on your children whenever they are downloading the images from your computer. So cell tracker app enables you to find the   photos that are downloaded by your children on their phone  


Telegram is a messaging platform where your children can make conversation and can send and receive multimedia conversation like photos, videos etc. Your children may not be aware of the privacy and security and may tend to share their own pictures and videos to the unknown person.   This app prevents your children from sharing the data with unauthorized persons.

Snapchat :

Snapchat is one of the apps which destroy your children wider. In this app, they are following many unknown persons, and many unknown persons also tend to follow them. It may lead to have a wrong connection with the stranger.

Using this mobile tracker app, you can monitor your children’s activities and account for the data that are shred to public media like Snapchat.


Instagram is one of the social platforms which gains a lot of attention from the children nowadays.

Many of the Instagram users share inappropriate content, which is not suitable for all age groups. But recording the Instagram activities of your children is a highly challenging job nowadays.

By using the free mobile tracking app, you can monitor the activities of your children in the internet world 24*7.

Challenging features:

  • You can able to get the device location and battery status.
  • You can record the audio for 1 to 10 minutes.
  • You can take pictures through the front/back camera.
  • The camera option can be disabled through this app.
  • Able to ring/ vibrate your phone.
  • You can turn your Wi-Fi on/off.
  • You can wipe /format your mobile data.

I hope the article covers the various distinct features of this app. I also hope you will try out this app atleast once after reading this article.

The Best Social Media Tracker: Cell Tracker

Cell Tracker is one of the revolutionary trackers in the entire technology industry. It is your solution to track information related to the target phone. No matter what kind of tasks you want, Cell Tracker is the best way for you. The app has the most advanced technologies when it comes to tracking your target. In this post, we will handle all the features that can track social media platforms easily. From Instagram to the Snapchat, cell tracker is a real guru in location and geographical tracking.

Instagram Tracker

Actually, the cell tracker has the ability to track your target just following the Instagram app. Thanks to the monitoring interface, you can see which followers start watching your kids. Even more, you can watch their behaviour on your target phone too. Like that, you can always have an eagle eye on your kid entourage. Another pillar that we need to mention is that the app can show which interest your kids are liking the more. Accordingly, you can discover what your kid orientation is leading to for sure.  You can see the top persons who like the more your kid profile, or the top persons that tagged your target phone Instagram account too. The cell tracker has many other options when it comes to Instagram too.

Facebook Tracker

Cell Tracker is an efficient Facebook Tracker. It relies on the mechanism of “nearby friends”. This option will find any person nearby your target phone owner. Especially the ones that interacted with your kids most of the time. The algorithms of the Facebook tracker will allow you to get accurate persons surrounding your kids. In addition to that, you can find the location of your kid just using Facebook tracker from the revolutionary app. You can check all the locations which your kid shares on social media. Like that, you will be up to date with all the places which your kids visited in real-time. The interface has a virtual visualization when it comes to the location stimulation of your target kid.

Snapshat Tracker

Cell tracker is famous when it comes to controlling your child’s activities easily. You can control what your child is doing on such popular platforms. The app is free and can make your track your kid’s behaviour and which content he is watching casually. The app does not drain a lot of memory and you do not root your phone or even jailbreak too.

Most of the parents around the world are using cell tracker as a steady Snapchat tracker in order to keep the activities of their child under their control. Like that, they can always protect their kids from the recurrent danger. You can use the app without the aware of your target. In fact, the app is completely invisible. Snapchat can represent a real danger for your kid if you do not control your kid’s behaviour.

Another aspect that we have to pay attention to it is that you can track and monitor any conversation in Snapchat. You will have the option to block any person or any discussion that may seem a real danger for you in the snapshot platform.

You can also get the latest deleted messages from your kid account. In addition to that, you can easily contact the list and decide to block anyone that you want without the acknowledgement of the target phone. In the end, we can confirm for you that the previous social media are not all about cell tracker. The spy app can cover all the kinds of social media that you have in mind. This is in addition to dozens of other features for tracking anything you want in your tracking mobile.

Best In The Market

Celltracker Features That Makes It The Best In The MarketCelltracker Features That Makes It The Best In The Market

CellTracker : we understand that with the internet, we are at the brink of technological breakthroughs every day and something innovative surfaces the market. But this is also a fact that, with benefits, the internet also has some downfalls which everyone wants to avoid. But there are a few unavoidable things. There are many cases where people fall victim to unnecessary pornography, cyberbullying, some spam campaigns, malware, and many other awful internet experiences.

Smartphones are now smarter than ever. However, with the inception of countless mobile apps in the past three years, the mobile phone’s vulnerability also increased. When you install an app, it asks you for many permissions and I can bet that very few of you check which permissions you are accepting. That is where a malicious app can ruin your phone. That is where Celltracker comes into the play. When you have a Celltracker app installed in your smartphone, then you can feel safe for yourself and your kid because this free mobile app empowers you with so many features that will keep you and your kid at a safe distance from all these spammy campaigns. Let’s check out its features and understand why it is a must-have app for your smartphone.

1.   Sms Tracking

This feature empowers you by tracking all your messages, including text, Facebook messages, WhatsApp messages, Instagram messages, Snapchat messages, and other social media messages with GPS locators. This app is excellent to make sure that your kid is not hanging out with the wrong group of people.

2.    Call Records Tracking

With this feature, you can check the entire call logs & call recordings of your kid. It gives you a detailed list of incoming and outgoing calls with accurate timestamps and calls durations. You can even block the unwanted caller through the app. It also gives you an online dashboard through which you can manage all the blocked numbers’ list

3. Mobile Location Tracking

A GPS locator gives you the facility to track your kid’s whereabouts. You can track your kid’s location remotely through the online panel that comes with the mobile app. Celltracker helps you track the location of the mobile app, even if it is stolen. It will give you all the insights such as GPS coordinates via Google maps, date and time, duration of the stay, and local addresses.

4. Gallery Viewer Feature

With Gallery viewer, you have access to your kid’s photo and video gallery. Yes, that’s true that videos and photos are fun but they are also a way of abuse too. When you have access to the gallery, you know that your kid is not getting abused by anyone in his/her circle. You can also check the date and time of when the media was sent, received, or downloaded

5. App Installed Tracking Feature

Now, many apps are beneficial and entertaining, but at the same time, many apps are not only harmful to your kids but sometimes it becomes so addictive that you don’t want your kid to waste that much time with those apps. With this feature, you can monitor the list of apps your kid has, and block those which are either inappropriate or time-wasting.

In The End

With that said, I think it’s time to wind up thinks. These are only a few among many other features of Celltracker. Keep your kids safe from the negative side of the world, and be the reason for their productive and happy lives. You can download the app here.

Phone Tracking App for Business

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Phone Tracking App for Business

CellTracker. When we launch a business, we do everything in our scope to protect the idea, to fund it, to help it grow. However, once the business goes on the floors, managing it becomes difficult. There are too many variables, too many resources to control. As much as a business is responsible for the skill and growth of the employee, the vice versa is important as well. However, loss of productivity time and data theft are two very concerning nuisances that can endanger your business. Would you believe it that the solution for all of this headache? Yes, indeed, you can simply download a mobile tracker application.
Plus, not just productivity; the right mobile tracking app can help you collect crucial business data that benefits your business as well. So, in a market flooded with mobile tracking apps, which one to choose?

Celltracker, of course! Celltracker can help you improve your business for the better with its multi-faceted functionalities. Read on to find how that can happen.

How can Celltracker help your business?

Tracking employees

Companies lose a lot of business on an annual basis because of the lack of punctuality on part of the employees. Employees investing their productivity time, which they are billed for, behind something frivolous and non-business related is something common in most companies. You can seek the assistance of Celltracker to track your employee’s location if they are running late or if they are away from their desk for too long during working hours.
Data safety
In the digital age, data is a currency. Loss of your business data can prove to be costly on many fronts. Information theft can occur easily these days given the sheer number of tools out there in the market that can be misused for this purpose. In the event of a data breach, you can always rely on a mobile tracker free app, such as Celltracker, to come to the rescue. Using Celltracker you can monitor your employees online and app activities. The activity log database can help you find the miscreant if they have misused company devices.

Cloud-based mobile tracking

Tracking all you employees’ activities using Celltracker will generate a lot of data. Now accessing this data can be difficult if stored remotely, and it may defeat the purpose of quick mobile tracking as well. Most Android spy apps, such as Celltracker, can store all data on a cloud server. It helps ensure that you can access the records any time you like, as long as you have internet and access to the cloud storage.

Preventing productivity loss
Productivity loss can harm your business deadlines and targets. Employees often use their own and even company-issued smart-devices to browse the internet, indulge in e-commerce and even browse social media. If your business is being impacted by such behaviour on the part of an employee, you can use Celltracker to monitor their online activity and time spent. Taking business decisions
Everyday your employees interact with clients on their smart-devices, via email, social media, and even over phone calls. If you wish to mobilize actionable data, then you can use Celltracker to find out which customers your employees are interacting with the most, how often and which product they are interested the most about, where they are calling from, etc. These details can help you filter your business decisions, refocus resources and services as per requirement, and more. Celltracker’s long-list of features ensures that you can perform mobile tracking in the truest sense of the phrase.

Mobile Tracker

Wondering who your child is talking to? Do you wish to keep a check on the activities of your employees?

CellTacker Mobile tracker app will assist in finding out.

If you sense a trouble with your child after a call but don’t have any idea about what it is all you need to do is listen to the call recordings . This way you can help your child out of any trouble.

Prevent your child from bullying or from inviting any trouble by keeping a check on their call records. You can also keep a check if your child is studying or not.

Want to monitor who your employees are talking to or want to keep a check on what they are talking about? Listen to the call recordings of the devices recorded remotely and you are good to go.

With the Mobile tracker you can do the following things:

  • Note the time and duration of the calls.
  • Check whether a call was an incoming call or an outgoing call.
  • Take a note of the contact number and the name of the person who contacted you and vice versa.
  • Track the location of the phone with the help of the time of call.
  • Record all your incoming-outgoing calls instantly
  • 24*7 access to the call recordings in your device
  • It also helps in keeping a note of the important details might end up missing.
  • Monitor messages received and sent through your device being tracked.
  • Block unwanted contacts.