Anyone can be James Bond

When someone says the word “spy.” eight out of ten will think of either Sherlock Holmes or James Bond. Sherlock is more by the book type of detective who uses on the wit and swift action to track things down. Sherlock Holmes’ seasons are exciting to read and help us the way we think about things around us.

But the person who excited me was always James Bond. I love James Bond, not for his style or wit or action. I love him for the cool gadgets he uses, and his team flaunts in the movies. I am still confused about whether they are possible or just fantasy because it will look so real. Much before even, we had the android James bond team was using the mobile spy appmobile tracker, and best at the mobile spy. We used to see the movies and technology wondering whether we can make the most of it anytime soon. Years passed. Daniel Craig replaced Pierce Brosnan amongst controversies; still, the technology is not in our hands. So do these phone spy appcell phone spy apps, or mobile trackers are only on movies or high-level security personnel. If we have the technology of cell phone spy with us, everything around us will be different.

The main problem with ordinary people has it not of James Bond. We will not have enemies, and we do not have to save anyone or country. But we are amidst of more dangerous specimens called humans. Everyone around us is wearing a mask. We do not know who is good and who is not. We do not trust any easily these days, just because of the previous experiences we have by trusting someone wrong. The only thing that knows the true and real colour of a person is their handheld mobile phone. One’s mobile phone is the only thing we will not hide anything because it knows everything we do. We use the mobile phone for all the necessary and useful things also to feed the other side of us.

The mobile phone knows the ugly side in every human, how we are in public, and what we do inside a closed room. When we are in a private place, the devil in us evokes. That’s when we call someone or text someone whom we not supposed to by ethics. In short unethical relationships happen this way. These things not just occur by texting or calling, but also many more options right from social media or dating apps can all go with it. This we talk in general might not sound alarming, but just imaging our partner in this situation, then some bells will ring.

The only way to prevent those situations is by mobile spy app, which could help to mobile spy. Once we know what they do on their mobile phone when no one is around, we know their true colours. Cell phone spy will show everything the person is doing on their phone, which will help us judge the person.

Doing mobile spy will either give the relief that the person we are with or going to be with is clean. We can move away from the person who is doing all those things, or if we love them so much, we can try to change them. Having a simple mobile tracker within our reach can make us James Bond by accessing the person’s complete mobile data.

Mobile Spy is the biggest quality of a mobile tracker app, and the best one available in the market is This is the one that defines a real mobile spy app. This perfect app can be installed on the person’s phone, and this cell phone spy will be in disguise in the person’s mobile phone. As this is the best way to spy mobile, work becomes so easy for you. All you need is to log in to a web interface to track down anything happening on the phone.

We can get complete freedom for mobile spy just by being at home. Cellphone spy also works even if the person has a password or pin on their phone, which means just as James bond, you can get their information; however, protected their phone is.

This no means invading privacy; privacy means having things personal. Privacy means having your love life in private, having your personal pics in private. But it does not mean you can do all dirty or ugly things, can tell its privacy. Mobile spy is very useful when you are in a situation like this; the phone spy app will be like a boon without any doubt. All we need to use this amazing cell phone spy app is one-time access to the phone, and you can check the progress any time you need from your laptop or computer.

With the phone spy app all high-end spying, things become so easy. I never imagined that these things could become so simple, and I can do this right form my computer. For someone who adores James Bond devices, getting an opportunity to use them means a lot. Yes, We are not going to use it for the same purpose as him, but everyone’s purpose has more value.

So whatever the purpose of which you intend to use this phone spy app, this can definitely serve the purpose. It should be our basic common sense to use this mobile tracker for our personal needs, not for anything illegal, which can get you some trouble.

Making hay or tracking mobile phone?

Make hay while the sun shines, an old proverb, but works every single time. There is two way we can look at the adage.

• We should be making hay only while the sun shines.

• We should know when the sun shines.

• When there is sunshine, we should track it.

• Even though we are not looking at the sun or outside, we should know about sunshine.

• More than that, we should know how to make hay.

We can apply this fantastic proverb to all the essential things we do in our day to life. Even in tracking mobile phones, are we surprised?

Let me list out.

• We should what are the things one uses on their own mobile phones.

• We should know when and what happens on mobile phones.

• When there is something wrong with usage, we should track it.

• Even though the person does not know we are following, we should know about mobile phones.

• More than anything else we should know how to track mobile phones

Making hay could be comfortable when compared to tracking mobile phones. Mobile phones, it like peeling onion we can keep peeling it. Mobile telephony has multiple layers of applications, and more than that, the user may have their mobile phone password protected. Did head start spinning? No wait, there are many natural options in mobile tracking.

One such lifesaver is our own, which simplifies mobile tracker but also loaded with multiple packages within a single mobile tracker. All we need is to install a mobile tracker in the person’s mobile phone with whom we are intended to track.

Once we install the mobile tracker on their phone with necessary permissions and proper way to install a mobile tracker, we get complete control of the personal mobile phone. All we need to do is log in to our pc or mobile phone and start tracking their mobile phone. Once you login to the, you will see all the tools, and you can just click on the device you need to start.

We can know almost everything about their phone, starting with their battery percentage, signal strength, call recording, SMS, social media accounts, and location. Being an ultimate mobile tracker keeps adding new trendy things the moment it comes to the picture.

If you think tracking someone is so easy, and while 007 trying so hard using technologies. Yes, it’s true; tracking a mobile for legal needs and legal purposes is as easy as that. Even if you are not a tech person installing and using this mobile tracker, it is easy to eat a pizza.

You do not need anyone to help neither you need to tell someone that you are using a mobile tracker. To start with, you can download free mobile tracker from, signup using your email id to be part of the mobile tracker.

When these things become so easy, everyone around us can become a detective using this free mobile tracker. When you have this mobile tracker, we do not need the help of anyone or any other application or program to track mobile phones. Making this free mobile so easy to use is purposely designed after doing a lot of research with many mobile trackers. This is unique compared to any other mobile tracker available in the market. This mobile tracker is designed as a self-helping way, so you do not need any booklet or user manual to know about it; you can start using it to become an expert in it.

This is like a boon to parents who have teen children, who might not be tech-savvy. Still, you can use this mobile tracker in ease. It’s a scarce combination easy to use and best in the market. Anything with these buckets full of technology will not be easy to access. Still, our mobile tracker was technically designed to have the ambition to give the newest technology with easy to use.

This is very helpful even for start-up organizations to track down the device given by them to the employees. This does not need separate IT professionals or no need to install any costly application to be on their phone. You can also check their information right from your device any time you need without any ones help.

So now you will agree that being a detective and tracking someone’s phone is simple. It does not need a computer degree, or you do not have to be a hacker. We made life simple by making this app, and now it’s available for everyone to use. We want technology to reach every single person; someone who knows technology should not rule us. Technology is not a patterned system; everyone has to use it. So use and experience the high technology just by opening your browser or app in your device.

So do not wait, when you can override the technology with the click of download now.

CellTracker – Free Mobile tracker

A cell tracker is an exclusive app designed to track smartphone activities for children under 14. This app enables the parents to monitor the activities of the children.

Salient features of the cell tracker app:

  • Live video feed
  • web-filtering
  • social-media monitoring
  • And other features

Let us discuss the features elaborately.


This site can able to track all the text messages through advanced technology. You can view your children’s text message, type, and the sender’s name with the date and time.

Call recording

Able to track the incoming and outgoing calls of the phone that you are monitoring with crystal clear call recording with duration.


The cell tracker lets you track your children’s whats app conversation with date and time along with the attachment like media content and document.

Location tracking

It is one of the reliable features of the celltracker app. You can able to track your children’s mobile location through your online control panel. It is also possible to find out the current location of the stolen mobile on Google map. One more reliable function of this app is that you can retrieve all mobile GPS coordinates, date and time, accuracy, and location address.

Browsing history 

The mobile tracker can serve as an efficient tool in tracking the websites of your children that they are watching. By this, you can restrict the web content that you find inappropriate and harmful to your children.


Nowadays, sharing of personal photos and other data on the internet leads to many problems. By using this app, you can track the images and videos that your children had uploaded and downloaded with the respective date and time.


Through this app, you can able to track the messages that are sent and received to the person with the name and their Facebook id. You can also trace the photos and videos that are shared on Facebook.


Skype is the app where your children can connect with people virtually. Due to vibrant features, there are more possibilities for your children to choose the right path. This app is designed to make video chat, voice call, and make the option for text.

This app also has a significant feature in monitoring how your children are using the Skype app and the people with whom they are interacting.

Remote control

This app serves as a remote to get control over other devices. You can access all the features of this app from your children’s phone remotely. This app allows you to track the devices of your children without their knowledge. You can able to regulate the amount of time that they are spending on the phone. This app also prevents accessing the personal information of you by others when the phone is stolen or lost.

App tracking :

Whenever a new app is introduced in the play store, children will have the curiosity to experience it. But they don’t know about some of the harmful apps. So the cell tracker enables the parents to know the apps installed on their children’s mobile phones. You can get access to see the apps that are installed by your children through their phones. This app gives the entire apps list of your children’s phone and also provide access to block the apps that you found harmful.

Photo tracking :

The world of the Internet is surrounded by photos and pictures everywhere. It is highly tough to find a website without a single photo. But many sites have inappropriate images and socially prohibited photos. It is highly impossible always to keep an eye on your children whenever they are downloading the images from your computer. So cell tracker app enables you to find the   photos that are downloaded by your children on their phone  


Telegram is a messaging platform where your children can make conversation and can send and receive multimedia conversation like photos, videos etc. Your children may not be aware of the privacy and security and may tend to share their own pictures and videos to the unknown person.   This app prevents your children from sharing the data with unauthorized persons.

Snapchat :

Snapchat is one of the apps which destroy your children wider. In this app, they are following many unknown persons, and many unknown persons also tend to follow them. It may lead to have a wrong connection with the stranger.

Using this mobile tracker app, you can monitor your children’s activities and account for the data that are shred to public media like Snapchat.


Instagram is one of the social platforms which gains a lot of attention from the children nowadays.

Many of the Instagram users share inappropriate content, which is not suitable for all age groups. But recording the Instagram activities of your children is a highly challenging job nowadays.

By using the free mobile tracking app, you can monitor the activities of your children in the internet world 24*7.

Challenging features:

  • You can able to get the device location and battery status.
  • You can record the audio for 1 to 10 minutes.
  • You can take pictures through the front/back camera.
  • The camera option can be disabled through this app.
  • Able to ring/ vibrate your phone.
  • You can turn your Wi-Fi on/off.
  • You can wipe /format your mobile data.

I hope the article covers the various distinct features of this app. I also hope you will try out this app atleast once after reading this article.

Celltracker: Best Mobile Tracking App

Cell Tracker is one of the best parental control apps that is suited for all smartphones. The main highlights of this app include-

  • Free of cost
  • Mobile Spying
  • Tracking and Controlling

Cell Tracker is powerful enough to track and record all the activities of smartphones like tracking all call records, browsing the history of a browser, SMS, videos, photos, live locations, social media accounts, and a bunch of more things.

Some Special Features of Cell Tracker

  • SMS– After the year 2010, there was a high evolution of smartphones. The popularity of text messages is gradually increasing over phone calls. Therefore, there may be a chance that your child may disclose some of the unhealthy conversations via text messages that may affect their future. Hence it becomes necessary as a parent to ensure that your child is not exploited in any of these conversations. Therefore, this app will help you to monitor and track all text messages or social media messages of your child.
  • Call Tracking– There is a high possibility that your child may get attacked by wrong phone calls. These calls may try to influence your child in whatever way they want. In this condition, Cell Tracker will be the best option for you to keep track of your child’s call. It has the feature of monitoring both incoming and outgoing calls. Call Tracker can also record the calls so that you can monitor them at any time when you feel free.
  • Location Tracking– As we all know that all parents are worried about their children, therefore, they always want that their child should remain within their confined space. However, this is not possible because children also want their freedom. In this case, Cell Tracker gives you the best opportunity to track and monitor the current location of your child. It will provide the correct GPS coordinate with latitude and longitude.
  • Browser History Tracking– There has been a drastic increase in internet usage from the year 2016. It has resulted in many smartphone users to give their maximum time in surfing the internet. Since there are many pieces of information available on the web, you may not know that your child is browsing or exposed to which one. Thus, you need to track the browsing history of your child to know whether they are safe. Cell tracker gives you the option to see and monitor what your child does when online.
  • Photos Tracking– With an increase in social media presence, photo sharing has become very popular. Your child may come in contact with many photos worldwide. There is a high chance that your child may come across some bad photos also. Therefore, it becomes necessary to keep a track record of all photos that are stored in your child’s phone. Through Cell Tracker you can monitor whole multimedia storage of your targeted device.
  • Apps Tracking– Cell Tracker can scan and monitor all the apps that are stored on your child’s mobile. Since we all know that there are many apps out there that are not meant for a child or contain some misleading information with them. Hence as a parent, it becomes necessary that you should get all the detailed information related to apps that are installed in the targeted device. With Cell Tracker, you can block the actions of the app that you find harmful for your children.
  • WhatsApp Tracking– Today, WhatsApp is the most downloaded app in the whole world and its number is constantly increasing every day. It is estimated that around 65 million messages are sent every day on Whatsapp. It allows sharing of videos, audios, images, and text messages. Therefore, it is a strong possibility that some of the messages that your kids are sending or receiving are unsuitable for them. Hence with the Cell Tracker mobile app, you have the facility of monitoring the Whatsapp in your child’s mobile so that you can keep a check on it.
  • Facebook Tracking– In Spite of setting the minimum age limit of 13 years for joining Facebook, it is a true fact that around 38% of the children that are on Facebook are below 13 years. Facebook allows you to be friends and chat with anyone in the world without personally knowing them. Therefore, there is a risk that your child may be a friend of a person whose mindset is not good. With the Cell Tracker app, you can track and monitor the Facebook account of your child. It helps you to know what type of friends your child is making. You can also monitor all the messages that he sends or receives via Facebook.
  •  Skype Tracking– Skype is the platform where you can do text messages, video calling, and screen sharing. With these features, there is a high chance that your child may get exposed to various other things. He can connect with everyone without knowing them who they are. With the help of Cell Tracker, you can see and monitor how your child is using this application and what type of people he is interacting with.
  • Snapchat Tracking– Snapchat is the app that is full of special features that can ruin the future of your children. It has the feature of following others and being followed by them. There may be a chance that your child is following some wrong people who can destroy your children. Cell Tracker gives you the feature of tracking and monitoring the Snapchat account of your child and see who are the people your child is following.

CellTracker — Free Mobile Tracker

CellTracker is free and most powerful Mobile Tracking application. very is to installation any one can install with in 60 seconds. once installation completed you can get all call logs, call recordings, sms, mms, Mobile location, Live mobile Tracking, Pictures, videos, whatsapp, facebook, and other social media chats, voIP call recordings, etc.

About CellTracker :, Free Mobile Tracking Application which helps you securing data from lost/theft. We’re dedicatedly to giving you the very best of our CellTracker Mobile tracking application, with a focus on Securing the User’s Data, Access your entire mobile data our remote mobile tracking application, Secure your mobile with an advanced technology built application. This application is simple to use, includes a whole range of features and all of this for free.

Founded in 2019 by Team, has come a long way from its beginnings in Cyber Security Software Product Development. When the team first started out, their passion for Cyber Security — e.g. “Securing user’s Data” drove them to action: quit day job, do tons of research on mobile security projects, etc. so that can offer you Mobile Tracking Application — “the world’s most advanced & Best Cell Phone Tracking Application”.

CellTracker app Installation video in Hindi

CellTracker app Installation Video in Arabic

CellTracker app Installation Video In Telugu

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Cell Tracker: How Can You Get The Ultimate Access For Your Kids Mobile?

Cell Tracker can handle you the best control for your child especially when it comes to using the Internet. Your kid is always in front of any threats on the net. No matter what kind of app he is using, it can represent a danger if you do not control it in the right way. This is the main reason why Cell Tracker will handle you the best sharing to control your kid’s behaviour on the net for sure. All that you have to is to watch what your kid is doing in the monitoring screen of the cell tracker. It is one of the revolutionary apps that handle the best parental control for your kids. The spying will handle you great control not just watching what your kid is doing. In other words, you will be able to add, remove and update your kid information. This is, in addition, to block anyone that you feel can harm your kid too. The sky is complete the limit for sure. Cell tracker is among the rare spying app that offers the ability for you to control what happens near your kid easily. This is the main reason why you have to check the monitoring dashboard of the cell tracker so you can keep your kid environment more secure and up to date with healthy inputs.

Top Control Over Your Kid Behavior

To be clear, we can say that, you are going to be the one who uses the app instead of your kid without any small doubt from your target user. In other words, your kid will never feel that he is tracked by you in any stage of using the cell tracker app. You are going to have the entire access for the user data without any small restriction for sure. All that you have to do is to change what you want to change when it comes to the exterior people that get in touch with your kid. Either using the social media platform or direct cell phone messages too. Accordingly, your kid will be always safe thanks to your interference. The virtual life is full of dangers. This is why try to protect your kid to the limits.

Navigation History: Session and cookies Permanent Access

In addition to that, the cell tracker spying app will handle all the data related to your kid navigation. Like that, you can always track what websites he is visiting daily. Based on such information, you can have the right decision to block such websites or letting him do what he wants if you see that such websites can make your kid’s behavior a good sign too. As we mentioned before, the app will handle you the ultimate control. Technically, the cell tracker will target the sessions and the cookies inside your kid navigator and user agent. Like that, you will find what kind of history navigation you need without any small efforts. You will be always up to date with the cookies since the cell tracker will save anything. Moreover, even the session will never be expired since once again cell tracker has dominance on saving anything pass through the app. On the other hand, the sessions and the cookies will never have vanished if you do not delete them manually from the monitoring interface offered by the cell tracker company. Even more, you can recover them even if you delete them. However, never worry about the security of your kid or target data. They will be protected using the https protocol which handles a high level of cryptography too.

Truth be told, Cell tracker can handle the most valuable shaping for your kid future behavior without any recognized error. All that you have to do is to click in the control monitoring interface and you will get the best shaping for your kid life.

The Best Social Media Tracker: Cell Tracker

Cell Tracker is one of the revolutionary trackers in the entire technology industry. It is your solution to track information related to the target phone. No matter what kind of tasks you want, Cell Tracker is the best way for you. The app has the most advanced technologies when it comes to tracking your target. In this post, we will handle all the features that can track social media platforms easily. From Instagram to the Snapchat, cell tracker is a real guru in location and geographical tracking.

Instagram Tracker

Actually, the cell tracker has the ability to track your target just following the Instagram app. Thanks to the monitoring interface, you can see which followers start watching your kids. Even more, you can watch their behaviour on your target phone too. Like that, you can always have an eagle eye on your kid entourage. Another pillar that we need to mention is that the app can show which interest your kids are liking the more. Accordingly, you can discover what your kid orientation is leading to for sure.  You can see the top persons who like the more your kid profile, or the top persons that tagged your target phone Instagram account too. The cell tracker has many other options when it comes to Instagram too.

Facebook Tracker

Cell Tracker is an efficient Facebook Tracker. It relies on the mechanism of “nearby friends”. This option will find any person nearby your target phone owner. Especially the ones that interacted with your kids most of the time. The algorithms of the Facebook tracker will allow you to get accurate persons surrounding your kids. In addition to that, you can find the location of your kid just using Facebook tracker from the revolutionary app. You can check all the locations which your kid shares on social media. Like that, you will be up to date with all the places which your kids visited in real-time. The interface has a virtual visualization when it comes to the location stimulation of your target kid.

Snapshat Tracker

Cell tracker is famous when it comes to controlling your child’s activities easily. You can control what your child is doing on such popular platforms. The app is free and can make your track your kid’s behaviour and which content he is watching casually. The app does not drain a lot of memory and you do not root your phone or even jailbreak too.

Most of the parents around the world are using cell tracker as a steady Snapchat tracker in order to keep the activities of their child under their control. Like that, they can always protect their kids from the recurrent danger. You can use the app without the aware of your target. In fact, the app is completely invisible. Snapchat can represent a real danger for your kid if you do not control your kid’s behaviour.

Another aspect that we have to pay attention to it is that you can track and monitor any conversation in Snapchat. You will have the option to block any person or any discussion that may seem a real danger for you in the snapshot platform.

You can also get the latest deleted messages from your kid account. In addition to that, you can easily contact the list and decide to block anyone that you want without the acknowledgement of the target phone. In the end, we can confirm for you that the previous social media are not all about cell tracker. The spy app can cover all the kinds of social media that you have in mind. This is in addition to dozens of other features for tracking anything you want in your tracking mobile.

Cell Tracker: The Elite Tracker For Your Parental Control Journey

If you want to track all the calls of your kids then Cell Tracker is your ultimate destination. The app handles a wide range of features that can secure the best protection for your kids. The app can track all Facebook calls or WhatsApp the messages and calls too. In other words, the app will handle you the best undercover spy for your target phone. Truth be told, all the details about the target are going to be recorded. Like that, you can check them whenever you want. You have the full control to manipulate or even delete them.

Moreover, all the data shared from your target app will be highly secured in an online database too.  Never panic, the data will be encrypted too using very completed algorithms too. Your account will handle all the tools to monitor the record of the calls coming and going from all the social media platforms.

Cell Tracker Can Spy On All Social Media Platforms

Actually, Cell Tracker works with all the kinds of platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber and all the other platforms too. Anything related to social media can be easily treated with Cell Tracker for sure. Truth be told, the spy app can handle great surveillance over your kid’s behaviour.  You can track anything related to their contact lists, you will know the sate a contact added or deleted and what kind of person they are talking too. Accordingly, you can easily know what to do if you feel that a harmful person is talking to your kid. As a matter of fact, you will even know what your kids is really addicted of when he uses his phone. For instance, you will know what is the platform which visits often. As a result, you may see what he is looking for too. After that, you can take action about it.

Tracking For All Media Files With Your Target Mobile

You will have the chance to see what your kid shares with others. To be clear, all the multimedia shared on social media platforms will be shared with you. In fact, you can see them in detail in your interface. The monitoring is easy to use and you can track the Facebook calls, messages, and the entire media stream. We are talking about the images, videos, files, pdf and any kind of files that can be shared in any social media too. Like that you will stay up to date with all the data coming through your kid’s smartphone easily.

The Most Optimized Monitoring Interface

We can say that the cell tracker has a superpower in tracking most of the smartphone in which the app is installed because it is compatible with all the operating systems of Android.  Besides, you do not have to root the phone in order to get the app working on your target phone. All that you have to do is install in your kid phone and start tracking it using the monitoring interface in your account easily.

Track The Location Of Your Kid

Another pillar that you can take advantage from is the ability to see all the details about the locations shared in social media. For instance, you can see all the locations and details which were shared in WhatsApp. Cell Tracker will be able to track the status, the location of your kid by checking the WIFI logs and anything they can indicate where your kid is located for sure. To conclude, you will have all the necessary tools that can make you track your phone easily. The app can last forever and no need for any change in your phone or the target main settings. The app is super easy and the customer service can handle you any information or guidelines you need.

13 Amazing Features of Celltracker Free Mobile Tracking App

#1. SMS Tracking

Communication is taking a whole new turn every day. The focus is turning from phone calls to text messaging. Statistics show that on average, a teenager sends and receives 2,010 text messages monthly. This makes it to a total of 24,120 messages annually.

Sometimes your child (ren) will expose themselves to unhealthy text messages that prompt them to make uninformed decisions or affect their personal well-being. However, as a parent, it’s your obligation to ensure your child (ren) stay safe anytime, anywhere.

The question is, how do you effectively track the messages that your child (ren) send and receive every day? The free cell phone app tracker by Celltracker will offer you this benefit. You can monitor who your child (ren) receive and send messages to. Moreover, you can see the content of the messages and take prompt action.

If you’re in business, you should monitor your employees’ productivity. One way in which their productivity is affected is through text messaging during work hours. With the assistance of cell tracker app, you will effortlessly monitor their activities.

2. Call Tracking

Celltracker’s mobile phone tracking app helps you to monitor both incoming and outgoing calls from your target device. With an increase in smartphone ownership and usage by teens, it’s imperative that you keep track of who they make calls to.

The Celltracker app will record the calls after which you will access them when you deem fit. The app will also help you keep track of how your employees spend time on phone calls. Additionally, you can track whether their unending phone calls add value to your business or not.

3. Location Tracking

With the increase in risk exposure for your child (ren), your instinct will tell you to confine them within your reach. However, this is not entirely possible as your child (ren) need to enjoy personal space and freedom of movement.

As a responsible parent, you only need Celltracker app to monitor their movements and current location. You will get real time GPS coordinate data of the latitude, longitude and altitude of where they are.

For your business, keeping track of employees when you send them out to run errands becomes easy with the help of the Celltracker app. In turn, you can tell whether they are where they should be or not.

4. Photos Tracking

Your children’s online presence increases every day in this internet age. Consequently, they come into contact with photos from all over the world. Some of these photos add value while others pose a threat. With Celltracker mobile phone tracking app, you can monitor photos that are received and stored in your child’s mobile phone. This is possible as the app has a multimedia monitoring device that tracks the images present in the target device.

5. Apps Tracking

Celltracker mobile tracking app scans the target mobile device and reports the Apps that are installed in the device. Therefore, as a parent or business owner, you can get a detailed report of the apps that are running in the target mobile device.

High level of curiosity in children will lead them to test out new applications which are readily available to them. Unfortunately, some of these apps contain content that is not meant for children. With the help of this App, you can see the applications that your children are installing in their phones and take prompt action of protecting them.

6. Remote Control

One sure feature of Celltracker mobile tracking app is remote control of the app from a different source. As a user, you can access all the features of the app remotely from the user interface in your account.

Also, you can control the features of the target device without the user knowing. Sometimes, you need to control the amount of time your child spends on the phone. The best way to accomplish this is remotely through the Celltracker free mobile tracking app.

Moreover, you can use this feature to trace the location and features of a lost mobile phone. The benefit of this is that it will prevent the thief from accessing your personal information that is logged in your lost/misplaced phone.

7. Browser History Tracking

An increase in internet penetration and mobile usage makes it possible for many smartphone users to spend a lot of time surfing the internet. With tons of information available online, it’s not easy to know what your children expose themselves to.

However, the free cell phone tracker enables you to see the browsing history of your target device. You can therefore see and influence what sites your children visit online. As a business owner, you can monitor your employees and how they use the internet. This is especially important for the kind that distracts themselves to non-related sites during work hours.

8. WhatsApp Tracking

WhatsApp usage amongst young people is increasing every day at an alarming rate. An average of 65 million messages are sent on WhatsApp daily. WhatsApp users can send and receive photos, audios and videos at the click of a button.

Some of these are beneficial, while others could be unsuitable for your children. With the aid of Celltracker free mobile phone tracker app, you can monitor how your children use WhatsApp and the kind of materials they expose themselves to.

9. Facebook Tracking

Whereas Facebook has a minimum age requirement for its users, there are under aged children who still have access to it. Statistics show that 38 % of children below the age of 12 years are active on Facebook.

Still, 40 in 1000 children under the age of 6 are already active on Facebook. These are alarming statistics. As Facebook is used worldwide by people whose characters are unknown, your children’s safety on Facebook should be a concern.

The Celltracker mobile app will help you monitor how your children use Facebook, including their friends, and what information they expose themselves to. Also, Facebook can be destructive for your business when your employees spend most of their work time online. With the Celltracker app, you can streamline work.

10. Skype Tracking

Skype is one of the tools that enables SMS chatting, video calling and screen sharing. Due to these stunning features, your children will use it more often to connect with the rest of the world. However, your key concern should be the people that your children interact with.

Celltracker’s free mobile tracking app offers incredible features that helps you to monitor how your child (ren) uses Skype app on their phones and the kind of people they relate with.

11. Telegram Tracking

Children use this messaging app to send messages, photos and videos to other users of the app. In the process they end up being exposed to malicious content. Besides, they expose their private lives to people who could be having malicious intents.

Therefore, you need to keep them safe at all times. The only way you can achieve this is by installing the free mobile phone tracker app on their phones, then monitor their activities on Telegram.

12. Snapchat Tracking

Snapchat offers features that can destruct children. Some of these include follow others and be followed back, and content featuring. Your children will occasionally be victims of these destructions especially when they follow the wrong people.

With the aid of the free mobile phone tracker, your can monitor who your child follows and the kind of content they are exposed to on Snapchat.

13. Instagram Tracking

Using Instagram can be so addictive. Because of this, Instagram users cannot resist the urge of staying active on the app. When your children fall victim to this, they’ll begin to lose focus in other areas of their lives such as education.

Besides, Instagram users share content such as photos or music that can corrupt the minds of young children. The ability to monitor, record and retrieve Instagram data on your child’s mobile device should be your epic desire.

Using free mobile tracking app by Celltracker will help you keep your children safe online by monitoring their activities on Instagram.

Call to action

Monitoring your children’s online presence can be a daunting task. Every day they are exposed to risks that poses a threat to their lives. However, you need not to worry much about the problem as Celltracker offers the perfect solution—free mobile tracking app.

For your business, the free mobile tracking app is just what you need. The app will enable you to keep track of how the business operates by managing your employees. Enjoying these benefits is only a click away from your reach.

You only need to register for an account to enjoy the amazing features mentioned above. The good news is that everything is free. Because of that, you can enhance your children’s safety at no cost. Besides, your business will continue to thrive.

Register now for a free account and keep your children safe while ensuring your employees remain productive throughout the day.

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