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It’s 2020, the year we have become more dependent on the internet than ever. All our work, studies, shopping, searching is digitized and most of us have embraced it well. But along with digitization online frauds, forwarding of illicit contents, fake news, cyber crimes have also increased. Hence the question of the hour is  How…

Mobile tracker app – Celltracker

Want to get a Free and advanced Mobile tracker appCelltracker is the Best choice for You. This free mobile tracking application easy to install and simple to use. This advanced mobile tracking features helps the parents to track and monitor their underage children’s mobile phone activities remotely. You can track all callssmsmobile live locations, sim change notifications, WhatsApp and all other social media chats. If your mobile phone is lost somewhere. It also acts as a security assistant to find the location of your lost device. It also helps in preventing the access of your personal information by the third person. The mobile users will get the SMS when the SIM card is changed from the mobile.

Mobile tracker free – Celltracker

Want to get a Free and advanced Mobile tracker app? Celltracker is the Best choice for You. This free mobile tracking application easy to install and simple to use. This advanced mobile tracking features helps the parents to track and monitor their underage children’s mobile phone activities remotely. You can track all calls, sms, mobile live locations, sim change notifications, WhatsApp and all other social media chats. If your mobile phone is lost somewhere. It also acts as a security assistant to find the location of your lost device. It also helps in preventing the access of your personal information by the third person. The mobile users will get the SMS when the SIM card is changed from the mobile.


  • Many desirable features are free of cost
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Continuous monitoring of the activities of your children mobiles.
  • Can also able to track the incoming and outgoing message and calls without rooting the mobile device.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers
  • Highly compatible with android 10 and above versions.

Mobile tracker Features:


This app can track all sent and received SMS and MMS of your targeted device, even if the data is deleted or moved from your phone. By this app, you can able to view and read the content of SMS/MMS, Type of the message, name of the sender and receiver, Time of the message sent and received, Location and GPS coordinates of the phone where the message was sent and received.


You can able to track the below listed through this Mobile tracker app. Time of the call (both dialed and received), Duration of the call, Call recordings, type of the call (dialed, received, missed), Name or the telephone number of the contact person, Location or GPS coordinates of the mobile phone during the time of the call.


to locate the live location of the mobile device that you are tracking.


The mobile tracker allows you to view all the pictures and photos taken in the phone and the images which are receives and downloaded from the external source by you on the mobile phone that you are tracking.


It’s not the matter, whether the targeted phone is rooted or unrooted; this app allows you to access the incoming and outgoing messages from social media sites like Facebook and Whatsapp. This list not only restricted with these two social media but also able to track information from Skype, Hangouts, LINE, Viber and Telegram.


Remote control feature of this app gives you the access to control your mobile
phone, delete data and make your phone to vibrate or ring, take a picture etc.


app also allows you to have a live observation of the activities that are
happening on your phone screen. You can view what’s the thief is doing on your


Mobile tracker app is able to browse your file explorer and also able to view all downloaded and received files.


Mobile tracker app also restricts the access and functions of your mobile application and prevent the user from the unauthorized person.


can track the websites which are viewed by your employee or children and can
also block the website if it seems inappropriate to them.


advanced Celltracker allows you to track the planned events, birthdays from the


this free mobile tracker app, you can view the new contact whenever it added in
mobile that you are tracking.


This app also designed to analyze your mobile phone activities in various parameters such as the most played game, most visited website, the time duration of the site viewed, etc. You can generate the report in PDF, Excel, CSV or any format. This app has a much more comprehensive range of features and seems to be a complete package for racking. So it is worth of trying Celltracker.

SMS Tracker for Parents – Celltracker

Celltracker the mobile tracker app, can be used to track SMS communication on a target phone. You can access a database of SMS’s sent to and from the targeted device and read its contents as well. You can also track the SMS’s in real-time which comes handy for business users. Parent can use Celltracker to monitor their children’s communication; you can filter who your child speaks to, screen what they are talking about and act on it.

Business users can use the SMS tracking feature of Celltracker to monitor what their employees are discussing about on company time. It can be immensely reliable in preventing insider trading, corporate espionage and data theft.Modern cell tracker apps are immensely resourceful in scenarios where the target device owner is missing; the SMS communication can be easily screened for any clues to their whereabouts, who they may have come into contact with, etc.

Anyone can be James Bond – Celltracker

When someone says the word “spy.” eight out of ten will think of either Sherlock Holmes or James Bond. Sherlock is more by the book type of detective who uses on the wit and swift action to track things down. Sherlock Holmes’ seasons are exciting to read and help us the way we think about things around us.

But the person who excited me was always James Bond. I love James Bond, not for his style or wit or action. I love him for the cool gadgets he uses, and his team flaunts in the movies. I am still confused about whether they are possible or just fantasy because it will look so real. Much before even, we had the android James bond team was using the mobile spy appmobile tracker, and best at the mobile spy. We used to see the movies and technology wondering whether we can make the most of it anytime soon. Years passed. Daniel Craig replaced Pierce Brosnan amongst controversies; still, the technology is not in our hands. So do these phone spy appcell phone spy apps, or mobile trackers are only on movies or high-level security personnel. If we have the technology of cell phone spy with us, everything around us will be different.

The main problem with ordinary people has it not of James Bond. We will not have enemies, and we do not have to save anyone or country. But we are amidst of more dangerous specimens called humans. Everyone around us is wearing a mask. We do not know who is good and who is not. We do not trust any easily these days, just because of the previous experiences we have by trusting someone wrong. The only thing that knows the true and real colour of a person is their handheld mobile phone. One’s mobile phone is the only thing we will not hide anything because it knows everything we do. We use the mobile phone for all the necessary and useful things also to feed the other side of us.

The mobile phone knows the ugly side in every human, how we are in public, and what we do inside a closed room. When we are in a private place, the devil in us evokes. That’s when we call someone or text someone whom we not supposed to by ethics. In short unethical relationships happen this way. These things not just occur by texting or calling, but also many more options right from social media or dating apps can all go with it. This we talk in general might not sound alarming, but just imaging our partner in this situation, then some bells will ring.

The only way to prevent those situations is by mobile spy app, which could help to mobile spy. Once we know what they do on their mobile phone when no one is around, we know their true colours. Cell phone spy will show everything the person is doing on their phone, which will help us judge the person.

Doing mobile spy will either give the relief that the person we are with or going to be with is clean. We can move away from the person who is doing all those things, or if we love them so much, we can try to change them. Having a simple mobile tracker within our reach can make us James Bond by accessing the person’s complete mobile data.

Mobile Spy is the biggest quality of a mobile tracker app, and the best one available in the market is This is the one that defines a real mobile spy app. This perfect app can be installed on the person’s phone, and this cell phone spy will be in disguise in the person’s mobile phone. As this is the best way to spy mobile, work becomes so easy for you. All you need is to log in to a web interface to track down anything happening on the phone.

We can get complete freedom for mobile spy just by being at home. Cellphone spy also works even if the person has a password or pin on their phone, which means just as James bond, you can get their information; however, protected their phone is.

This no means invading privacy; privacy means having things personal. Privacy means having your love life in private, having your personal pics in private. But it does not mean you can do all dirty or ugly things, can tell its privacy. Mobile spy is very useful when you are in a situation like this; the phone spy app will be like a boon without any doubt. All we need to use this amazing cell phone spy app is one-time access to the phone, and you can check the progress any time you need from your laptop or computer.

With the phone spy app all high-end spying, things become so easy. I never imagined that these things could become so simple, and I can do this right form my computer. For someone who adores James Bond devices, getting an opportunity to use them means a lot. Yes, We are not going to use it for the same purpose as him, but everyone’s purpose has more value.

So whatever the purpose of which you intend to use this phone spy app, this can definitely serve the purpose. It should be our basic common sense to use this mobile tracker for our personal needs, not for anything illegal, which can get you some trouble.

The Top Features In Cell Tracker App – Celltracker

CellTracker : Truth be told, your child safety is the first thing that you have to think about as a priority. This is why you have to track his behaviour while using his smartphone nowadays. For this reason, you are supposed to rely on a very credible tracking app. This is why the Cell Tracker can make the mission done for you due to the tons of features embedded in the app. We are going to talk about the top features which the app holds in detail.

Top Features In The Cell Tracker App For Your Control Parental

Calls Tracking

Today, your kids may fall into the trap of bad quality conversations using their phones. Actually, a Cell tracker can make this nightmare done for you. The app will record all the calls with their time stamps. Like that, you can verify them using your monitoring interface offered by the Cell Tracker account.

Blocks Distracting Apps

Your child may find many distracting ads and apps while using his phone. Cell trackers will directly block them before popping out in front of your kid’s phone screen.

Track All Text Messages And Files Of Your Child

Most of the time, parents want to check their kid’s messages. Cell Tracker makes it happen for you. You can check all the flow of messages with their details in your monitoring dashboard easily. Like that, you will have the ultimate control over your kid’s behaviour on the internet in general.
In addition to that, you will have the ultimate access to all the target multimedia files. Accordingly, you can block all the spammers and scammers from your friend zone easily.
Other advanced features that you can find in Cell Tracker are the ability to recover your deleted messages. Accordingly, you will be able to recover all the messages deleted by your target user.

Track WhatsApp Messages

Thanks to Cell Tracker, you will be able to track your target locations, read his status and even listen to every call coming and going from his device. In addition to that, we can even track the files shared using WhatsApp.
SMS tracking
You will be able to read every message which the target sends or receives. You can even get details about the messages, we are talking about dates, the sender or the receiver information and number…

Browser History Tracking

If you have fear about what your kids visit in internet then Cell tracker has the solution. You can easily check the history of all the browser installed within the target device. Like that, you can always verify their history of browsing no matter what browser they used.

Block Bad Quality Websites

The app can handle you a great chance to avoid harmful sites for your kids. It handles the parents the ability to block any website they do not their kids to surf in.

New Contact Added

You can even know if a new contact is added to the list. As results, you will be able to stay up to date with people which your kid is getting in touch with daily.

Detect Social Media Addiction (Facebook tracking…)

You can easily know whether your child is addicted to social media or not. The Cell Tracker app can handle your information related to how many times your child is checking the social media platforms. Like that, you can make a decision toward it.
Actually, Cell Tracker can work and serve as your undercover detective. It can work with the majority of social media platforms too. Like that you can easily protect your child or any family member from getting in danger. In the end, we can confirm for you that the Cell Tracker is gaining a huge reputation in the industry. More and more features re going to be added with time without any small doubt. Like that, you will protect your kids at a very advanced level.

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What is mobile tracker? – Celltracker

mobile tracker app free life time

The mobile phone has been inevitable for some time now, now during this COVID; it has become more prominent. Same way, using a good mobile tracker also has become inevitable. I stressed ” Good mobile tracker“, not just a mobile tracker. Mobile tracker is overused and misused word these days because of the high demand for an excellent mobile tracker.

What is a real mobile tracker?

A mobile tracker is something that can do more than one or two things.
A simple app, which can track a mobile’s location is not a mobile tracker. It instead should be called a Mobile location tracker.
Many apps monitor a few aspects of the mobile phone like SMS, calls, GPS, live tracking, etc. The particular app service tracker should name even these apps, not should be branded as a mobile tracker.

So if you ask me what real mobile tracker is, it is all in one mobile tracking solution in just one app. It means if you have that mobile tracker, it should be the ultimate solution. It should not require another application apart from that current app. That one mobile tracker app should have everything we need to track a mobile from basic to the most complicated one.

Why do we recommend

As we talked about what is a real mobile tracker and what a mobile tracker should do, let’s talk more about why the cell tracker is unique.
Cell tracker takes complete control of the target phone, which means even if a person has a security pin code or password or fingerprint or iris.
To tell all in short, even if any mobile has a great extent of customized security, we can pop into the mobile phone with ease using a mobile tracker.

The most liked feature, which the mobile tracker from cell tracker offers, is this is untraceable. No one can find that we have installed the mobile tracker on their phone. This app will not show up in-app tray or menu and also disguises itself even in the high-end settings. So if not tech person can’t find this app is running his phone, most of us can’t determine about this mobile tracker.

We all know, even simple apps show a lot of notification of any updates or any changes. But this mobile tracker free does not show any notification, whatever it is checking and working in the background. So if a mobile tracker works even if the mobile locked with any security method, if we can’t see the app on the phone and do not throw away a notification, there is no better word than calling it the ultimate mobile tracker.

Who needs a mobile tracker?

Basically, anyone who wants to track some one’s phone can get a mobile tracker. The only catch here is that we cannot track or install this mobile tracker app on any remote phones or any phones we wish to. We need to have that particular mobile with us with a few minutes, to install this app and do the necessary settings for us to read the mobile phone via the mobile tracker.
If you are parents who are worried about your children’s mobile usage, this is the best solution for you to track whole things about what your children do over the phone.
If you are owner or network admin of an organization and you want to know what is happening on the mobile phone given by you. Whether your employees are misusing the company provided mobile phones or tablets. Either giving out information about companies to others or using them for any unethical things.
Suppose you want to prove anything to the court or justice by providing the proofs. If you want to get some legal proofs on anything about anyone for legal moves, you can try installing this on the target phone to get solid proofs.

How easy is the mobile tracker?

It’s as easy as eating a full cupcake. Yes, I mean it, you will not believe me if I tell all the process will just take less than ten minutes. Visit from your mobile phone or laptop and make an account for you. The moment you sign in to the mobile tracker, you will know about all the features available. The welcome dashboard will show every service this can do.
Then, take the target phone, go to, download the apk file, and follow the installation guide or video. After you follow the simple instruction on the target phone type, the one-time code which appears on your phone of the cell tracker website, the moment you entered the code, your free mobile tracker will be activated, and it’s ready to go.

Now you are the admin of the world’s most powerful mobile tracker, now you have the complete control of target’s phone.

The Best Phone Tracker In The Area Of Parental Control: Cell Tracker

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CellTracker : No one can deny that Cell Tracker is one of the best gurus in the field of parental control. In fact, you will have one of the best phone spy in the world. The app is gaining a huge and respectful reputation in the field of parental control apps. Truth be told, your target phone will be ultimately supervised by you thanks to the dashboard of the app account. In fact, you will have a really optimized interface. You can have access to all the features embedded in the cell tracker app. Like that you can certainly get the best quality of outcomes that you have ever dreamt of. Especially when it comes to tracking your kid’s surfing behaviour while using their mobile phone. As a matter of fact, Cell Tracker is an effective call and messaging tracker.

An Undercover Tracking For Your Target Mobile Locations

Your target phone owner will feel nothing. He will never know that his phone is tracked by you. This is because the app once is installed in your app, it totally disappears for sure. You will never need to root your target phone or even jailbreak it. All that you have to do is install it and you can track what eve you want.

Great User Interface To Track Your Kids Phone

You can track whatever type of phone you want. For this reason, the app is gaining a very giant audience in a very fast way. The audience is showing a huge interest in the features embedded in the mobile tracking app. You can actually read any messages from any source coming to your target phone. As a consequence, you can easily find any browsing activities done by your kid too. All that you have to do is watch what your target is doing in the monitoring interface that you have in hand. Actually, you will have full access to dozens of other features embedded in the spy app.

Track All The Calls And Messages Related your Target Phone

Actually, the app is dedicated to family and handles tons of advantages to make you convinced to use in your phone kid. You can track each message from your kid. No matter what type of message it is, you can easily track. We are talking about WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber or any other messaging app. In addition to that, you will have the chance to record all the calls coming and going from the target device.

What Are The Main Features In Cell Tracker?

You can also get all the mobile locations shared on any social media of your target phone. Like that, you will be able to track the geographical position of your kid easily. In other words, your kid will be always close to you without any small doubt. As a matter of fact kids, today can get in touch with strangers too and follow their orders. Thanks to the cell tracker app, you will be able to watch them and check their behaviour continuously. No matter what person they are talking to, you can easily be up to date with the list of contacts added to your kid contact. Even if the contact is deleted by your kid. In other words, your target phone will be ultimately tracked in detail.
In the end, we can confirm for you that the cell tracker was over the top of expectations according to the feedback of many experts and active users of the app. Actually, this your turn to try the app and start protecting your kids from any harmful danger. Actually, Cell Tracker has more and more features which we let you to discover by your own.