We are living in an era where children grow up around smartphones. Google, Social Media, Youtube are the norm for them and have become part of our lives too. But since children are the most vulnerable section of the society, it becomes really important for us to safeguard them from all the cyber crimes, online bullying, fraudulent activities etc. 

As parents, it might be worrisome if your kid is safe in the online world since the cocooned in their phone it’s hard to tell if they are facing any problem or if there is something you should pay attention to. 

In such cases, you might want to impose some form of protection or parental control on their phone, so that you can keep a tab of the online activities of your children. One such way is to use a mobile tracker. A mobile tracker as the name suggests help to track the mobile you want to keep an eye on.

But how does a mobile tracker work?

Some of the features of a mobile tracker are:
1. Tracking the current location of the mobile user is the prime application of a mobile tracker. You can see the history of places the user has visited and even set it to alert you if the user is in an unsafe location.

2. A good mobile tracker helps you keep the record of the mobile calls, duration of the call and whom the calls were addressed too.

3. It helps you to keep a tab on messaging apps and you can track all the messages, name of the sender, time of the messages etc. 

4. A mobile tracker is your one-stop solution to keep track of all the apps installed in the user’s mobile, check the crucial information and hence safeguard the user from any malicious online activity. 

Which mobile tracker should we use?

We were really impressed by the features of Celltracker and it is undoubtedly the best mobile tracker out there. This mobile tracker once downloaded will be completely invisible to the mobile user’s phone and will give you crucial information so that your loved ones remain safe.

The best part?
This mobile tracker app is free to use!  

For ease of installation and to know more about the mobile tracker click on this link  Celltracker surpassed all our expectations and is a feature-rich, simple to use free application. You can use it with whomsoever online safety you are concerned about. Be it Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram or even Viber this free mobile tracker will act as your concerned friend keeping you informed if your loved ones remain secure in the online world.

The word “privacy” in this generation

Life was fair and easy before the technology started ruling us. Privacy was a factor now it became a word of abuse. Yes, privacy was abused so badly these days!!

Everyone needs privacy to do things what they love and their wish. But we would strongly believe somethings does not need much privacy. Let me quote an example, let’s take an example of a family which consists of a father, mother, and a teen daughter.

We need to give a lot of space to your daughter to achieve her passion, to choose her friends, to choose what she needs to study, the clothes she loves to wear. Her father can give all this privacy or rights. Even he can be okay she talks with her male friends at this generation, it’s not a big deal.

But in this generation, there is another concern, mobile phones. We can’t restrict them using mobile phones. It helps both in social and education. They learn using mobile phones, they study using mobile phones and clear their questions using mobile phones.

But it’s not all merry mobile phones do have dark sides as we all know. They are prone to visit misleading websites, they are in danger to meet and make friends with a total stranger who could be dangerous. Teens mind is very easy to nurture or corrupt, even if our child is good others can corrupt them with bad things.

So how will you know?

Whether your child is doing anything wrong?

Whether he or she visiting any unwanted websites?

Is she or he chats with any potentially dangerous persons?

Is she using phones after you sleep?

Knowing this is not invading privacy, but doing parental deeds, technically parental control. Asking them continuously for their phone and checking it will create a bad impression and for sure they will feel bad about it. Even if you check, there are high chances they hide things that they were doing.

So what’s the solution?

How to know what they do in their mobile phone completely without letting them know?

There are many mobile tracker free available online which does the job perfectly. But few of them, let me correct most of them are fake or potentially harmful. gives the one-stop solution for all the Mobile tracker needs.

With celltracker you can track almost everything what your teen child is up to in the mobile phone. It has all the features, you need to take complete care of their mobile phone usage. Right from Sms, call logs, call recording, browsing history, Gps location, and WhatsApp chat history everything can be tracked. Inshort you can take complete control of what they doing with their mobile phone Mobile tracker helps to see their phone things either form your laptop or from your computer, without they know anything about it.

All it needs is a onetime set up in their phone and you are ready to go. Using Mobile tracker you can know the complete mobile usage pattern, what they do, whom they chat, and know whom they are talking to. If you see any not so good things happening, you can always go to them and prevent things from going too far.

Mobile tracker is a tool which is very helpful for parents to take care of children without bothering them much. As the old saying prevention is better than the cure, this Mobile tracker app is the prevention you can do in this mobile technology age, rather going for a cure after something minimal or serious happen to your child.

Many teens, lose interest in studies when they start browsing unwanted websites. Their whole concentration shifts, and hence with the help of Mobile tracker you can find the shift in idea in the very first stage which will be easy to prevent than going too far. The best thing is you can install Mobile tracker free to try things out and to learn how this works. Mobile tracker also finds the usage pattern of your child, if they are using cell phones during the late-night after you go to sleep the next morning you can find about it.

So basically Mobile tracker is a boon to make sure your children do not misuse the comfort and privacy which you never got but you provided to them. Mobile tracker will help every parent to raise their child in the way they wanted to. As we call know it’s during the teenage people choose the path of life. Teenage will reflect during whole life. Hence, usage of Mobile tracker can make them a better person which means they can concentrate more on education, score high in exams, and move up in life successfully.

CellTracker — Free Mobile Tracker

CellTracker is free and most powerful Mobile Tracking application. very is to installation any one can install with in 60 seconds. once installation completed you can get all call logs, call recordings, sms, mms, Mobile location, Live mobile Tracking, Pictures, videos, whatsapp, facebook, and other social media chats, voIP call recordings, etc.

About CellTracker :, Free Mobile Tracking Application which helps you securing data from lost/theft. We’re dedicatedly to giving you the very best of our CellTracker Mobile tracking application, with a focus on Securing the User’s Data, Access your entire mobile data our remote mobile tracking application, Secure your mobile with an advanced technology built application. This application is simple to use, includes a whole range of features and all of this for free.

Founded in 2019 by Team, has come a long way from its beginnings in Cyber Security Software Product Development. When the team first started out, their passion for Cyber Security — e.g. “Securing user’s Data” drove them to action: quit day job, do tons of research on mobile security projects, etc. so that can offer you Mobile Tracking Application — “the world’s most advanced & Best Cell Phone Tracking Application”.

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Cell Tracker: How Can You Get The Ultimate Access For Your Kids Mobile?

Cell Tracker can handle you the best control for your child especially when it comes to using the Internet. Your kid is always in front of any threats on the net. No matter what kind of app he is using, it can represent a danger if you do not control it in the right way. This is the main reason why Cell Tracker will handle you the best sharing to control your kid’s behaviour on the net for sure. All that you have to is to watch what your kid is doing in the monitoring screen of the cell tracker. It is one of the revolutionary apps that handle the best parental control for your kids. The spying will handle you great control not just watching what your kid is doing. In other words, you will be able to add, remove and update your kid information. This is, in addition, to block anyone that you feel can harm your kid too. The sky is complete the limit for sure. Cell tracker is among the rare spying app that offers the ability for you to control what happens near your kid easily. This is the main reason why you have to check the monitoring dashboard of the cell tracker so you can keep your kid environment more secure and up to date with healthy inputs.

Top Control Over Your Kid Behavior

To be clear, we can say that, you are going to be the one who uses the app instead of your kid without any small doubt from your target user. In other words, your kid will never feel that he is tracked by you in any stage of using the cell tracker app. You are going to have the entire access for the user data without any small restriction for sure. All that you have to do is to change what you want to change when it comes to the exterior people that get in touch with your kid. Either using the social media platform or direct cell phone messages too. Accordingly, your kid will be always safe thanks to your interference. The virtual life is full of dangers. This is why try to protect your kid to the limits.

Navigation History: Session and cookies Permanent Access

In addition to that, the cell tracker spying app will handle all the data related to your kid navigation. Like that, you can always track what websites he is visiting daily. Based on such information, you can have the right decision to block such websites or letting him do what he wants if you see that such websites can make your kid’s behavior a good sign too. As we mentioned before, the app will handle you the ultimate control. Technically, the cell tracker will target the sessions and the cookies inside your kid navigator and user agent. Like that, you will find what kind of history navigation you need without any small efforts. You will be always up to date with the cookies since the cell tracker will save anything. Moreover, even the session will never be expired since once again cell tracker has dominance on saving anything pass through the app. On the other hand, the sessions and the cookies will never have vanished if you do not delete them manually from the monitoring interface offered by the cell tracker company. Even more, you can recover them even if you delete them. However, never worry about the security of your kid or target data. They will be protected using the https protocol which handles a high level of cryptography too.

Truth be told, Cell tracker can handle the most valuable shaping for your kid future behavior without any recognized error. All that you have to do is to click in the control monitoring interface and you will get the best shaping for your kid life.

Celltracker: Get Rid of any random danger from Facebook

Social Media, in general, have a dangerous threat to your kid. Especially when we talk about Facebook. The giant social media is spreading dominance in the entire world. You will be surprised by the huge amount of people affected by social media. In fact, your kid may be directly infected by the harmful disadvantages of such giant social media. The danger of face comes from different approaches that we are going to cite in the next lines. Although, cell tracker can represent a great solution in order from any potential problem you may face with your kid’s anger from Facebook. Of course, Facebook has many benefits but, in this post, we are going to talk about the main cons that you have to protect your kid from them using Cell tracker.

Be aware of what happens in your target Facebook profile

In fact, Facebook is one of the most unique ecosystems in the world. It contains all the categories and the kind of people that may you have in mind. To be clear, we can say that anyone around the whole world can access your kid account easily. Like that, we can say that your kid will be in ultimate danger without your acknowledge. This is where the cell tracker will interfere. It is alike a cop that can help you to pass or deny any kind of request coming and going from an unknown resource for sure. You can even see who are the new people that send a request to your kid. Furthermore, you can block them or even restrict them from seeing your kid profile forever. Like that, you will certainly ensure that your kid is going to be protected from the Facebook harmful audience. Facebook has random groups and many unique and extremist ideologies that can influence your kid’s behaviour. This is the main reason why you have to control the section of the group which your kid applied for in a permanent way.

Interests trackers is one of the steady features in Celltracker

In fact, Facebook works with a system of interests. People can easily find your kid based on the interest of your target phone user. Like that, it has become super easy to find your kid. He can be found easily thanks to the system of targeting used by Facebook nowadays. Truth be told, there are many ways in which your kid profile can be found. There is the organic method and the paid method. People from around the world can easily find your kid b paying some premium campaign and your kid will be easily found. In this case, the danger can start because anyone can target your kid’s interest and find him ultimately. Celltracker will handle you the best surveillance for any strange behaviour on your target phone social media, not just Facebook. Moreover, Cell Tracker is well optimized with Facebook since it has access to all the mechanism which Facebook is found on. Accordingly, the Cell tracker has a superpower on excluding any threat to your kid.

In the end, we can confirm for you that cell tracker is a famous spying app that can eliminate the bad behaviour implantation coming from Facebook. This is why you have to keep yourself always up to date with the last change in the interface offered by the company. Always log in to your website and check the dashboard. It will always inform you of the last changes. Cell tracker is ultimately your ultimate destination to protect your kids.

Best In The Market

Celltracker Features That Makes It The Best In The MarketCelltracker Features That Makes It The Best In The Market

CellTracker : we understand that with the internet, we are at the brink of technological breakthroughs every day and something innovative surfaces the market. But this is also a fact that, with benefits, the internet also has some downfalls which everyone wants to avoid. But there are a few unavoidable things. There are many cases where people fall victim to unnecessary pornography, cyberbullying, some spam campaigns, malware, and many other awful internet experiences.

Smartphones are now smarter than ever. However, with the inception of countless mobile apps in the past three years, the mobile phone’s vulnerability also increased. When you install an app, it asks you for many permissions and I can bet that very few of you check which permissions you are accepting. That is where a malicious app can ruin your phone. That is where Celltracker comes into the play. When you have a Celltracker app installed in your smartphone, then you can feel safe for yourself and your kid because this free mobile app empowers you with so many features that will keep you and your kid at a safe distance from all these spammy campaigns. Let’s check out its features and understand why it is a must-have app for your smartphone.

1.   Sms Tracking

This feature empowers you by tracking all your messages, including text, Facebook messages, WhatsApp messages, Instagram messages, Snapchat messages, and other social media messages with GPS locators. This app is excellent to make sure that your kid is not hanging out with the wrong group of people.

2.    Call Records Tracking

With this feature, you can check the entire call logs & call recordings of your kid. It gives you a detailed list of incoming and outgoing calls with accurate timestamps and calls durations. You can even block the unwanted caller through the app. It also gives you an online dashboard through which you can manage all the blocked numbers’ list

3. Mobile Location Tracking

A GPS locator gives you the facility to track your kid’s whereabouts. You can track your kid’s location remotely through the online panel that comes with the mobile app. Celltracker helps you track the location of the mobile app, even if it is stolen. It will give you all the insights such as GPS coordinates via Google maps, date and time, duration of the stay, and local addresses.

4. Gallery Viewer Feature

With Gallery viewer, you have access to your kid’s photo and video gallery. Yes, that’s true that videos and photos are fun but they are also a way of abuse too. When you have access to the gallery, you know that your kid is not getting abused by anyone in his/her circle. You can also check the date and time of when the media was sent, received, or downloaded

5. App Installed Tracking Feature

Now, many apps are beneficial and entertaining, but at the same time, many apps are not only harmful to your kids but sometimes it becomes so addictive that you don’t want your kid to waste that much time with those apps. With this feature, you can monitor the list of apps your kid has, and block those which are either inappropriate or time-wasting.

In The End

With that said, I think it’s time to wind up thinks. These are only a few among many other features of Celltracker. Keep your kids safe from the negative side of the world, and be the reason for their productive and happy lives. You can download the app here.

How to get call list

Celltracker- Efficient Incoming and Outgoing Call Tracking, Log Maintenance and Recording.

CellTracker : In the smartphone age, tracking calls is not an invasion of privacy but a matter of safety, concern and vigilance. We see children spending uncountable hours with their ears glued to their phone, which worries any responsible parent. In the professional environment, employees spending unprecedented amounts of time speaking on the phone during business hours, is also a red flag. In this regard, a call tracking app,such as Celltracker, can help you monitor, log and maintain records effortlessly.

Why do you need to track and record Calls?

The average person today spends more time speaking on the phone than they do with their family and friends in real-time. The cellular phone has made telephonic conversations mobile; and, with economic data plans we have no excuse to cut our smartphone calls short. If you are concerned with a family member or an employee spending too much time on phone calls, then you can easily and anonymously track their calls and monitor their calling habits.

How can you accomplish this? Why with a smart phone call tracking app- such as, Celltracker. A call tracking apps job is to monitor the incoming and outgoing calls to a given phone number. Most tracking apps simply track the calls for you. However, the efficient cell-phone call tracking apps such as Celltracker always provide more than just that.

How can Celltracker help you monitor cell-phone calls?

Celltracker leads the way in next-generation call tracking technology. The app provides you with multiple features that make call tracking immensely easy:

  • Track incoming and outgoing calls

Celltracker allows you to receive notifications for every incoming and outgoing call on the phone number you set the app to target. Users can see call time, caller number, and call duration for both incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Record phone conversations

Celltracker allows you to monitor phone conversation on any target number. The app anonymously records calls taking place on the number and catalogues them for your inspections.

The best part about using Celltracker, is that you do not have to spend any storage capacity from your own cell-phone device to log the calls and their records. Celltracker saves it all on a cloud storage platform where all the details of the calls are stored categorically by date and duration.

How to use Celltracker to track Calls?

You can easily download the Celltracker .apk from the app’s website. If you are concerned about your child or family member’s safety, who they speak to, or who or what your employees talk about on their phone during business hours:

  1. Visit
  2. Download the app to your Android device for free.
  3. Change your device settings so that it allows you to install a third-party app.
  4. Proceed to install.
  5. Start tracking calls anonymously.

With Celltracker, make call tracking effortless and convenient.

CellTracker – Free Mobile Tracker App

CellTracker is a free yet powerful android mobile application that is very helpful at the time when you are planning to track the android smartphone activities of your underage children’s. 

What is CellTracker and is it safe to use ?

It is a free android phone tracker application just like any other android mobile applications you are using on your android smart phone device for long. But the special thing of this application is – it is fully undetectable and exclusively designed for android devices. It tracks and records all user-activity from the monitored smartphone which includes browsing history, live-location status, all-call recordings, photos, videos, SMS, social media notifications, e-mails, installed apps, web-filtering, contacts and many more. 
But do not worry! We pay high attention to protect users data and their privacy. All our data processing is General Data Protection Regulation compliant.

Few more things you should know about this application: 

1. This is not a spyware application, this is just a parental control application. 
2. This is completely invisible. 
3. Automatic Data Backup to your online account feature helps to protect against unwanted data loss. 
4. This is a top parental control android application for smartphone that allows parents to track their underage children’s mobile activities. 

How to install CellTracker android application ?  

Step 1: visit the website  then click on the login option from the upper right side corner to visit the login/signup page. Click on Create an account, fill up all the details and click Sign up now. Once the signup process is complete just login to celltracker site and click on the the Laptop icon on the top of the screen to get a six digit access code, write it down. You will require this code while installing the app on your mobile device. 
Step 2: Now visit from your target mobile phone browser , click on download now button. Install app, give all the access permissions, provide the access code you have written down then tap OK. You will see the notifivation “Settings Updated”. Now the app will disappear and will go incognito. 
Step 3: Now login to the celltracker dashboard from your Computer or mobile, the service is now ready to use.  ( Please note, that the application can be installed only by the phone owner. We do not condone the use of our software for any illegal purpose. We block any accounts which will try misuse our service). 



Free Mobile Tracking app

Cell Tracker is one among the best parental control mobile apps for modern smartphones. Provided free-of-cost, the mobile-spying, tracking & controlling Android app is packed with state-of-the-art features in abundance. It’s robust software works by tracking and recording all activity from the monitored smartphone which includes all-call recordings, browsing history, live-location status, photos, videos, SMS, social media notifications, e-mails, installed apps, web-filtering, contacts and many more.