Mobile tracker – Track Calls, Live location, Social Media Apps Secretly!

Searching for the best app to monitor your child secretly? Tap, a free mobile tracking tool for Android phones. The world is going mobile and so are your kids. Teens and mobile devices have become one of the scariest combinations. With the risk of cyberbullying, adult content, fraud, time wastage, spam, depression, exposure to… Continue reading Mobile tracker – Track Calls, Live location, Social Media Apps Secretly!

CellTracker Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is CellTracker? It’s a free, undetectable, and advanced free mobile tracking application exclusively designed for Android Phones. It tracks and records all user activity from the monitored smartphone which includes browsing history, live-location status, all-call recordings, photos, videos, SMS, social media notifications, e-mails, installed apps, web-filtering, contacts and many more. Q. Is CellTracker… Continue reading CellTracker Frequently Asked Questions

Signal app messages tracker

Whatsapp’s monopoly in instant messaging service is getting over. There are multiple reasons why people are switching to different apps these days. For privacy reasons, almost everyone who has smartphones are using Whatsapp. They can track when you are online and your media. More features. Other apps are giving some fancy features which make them… Continue reading Signal app messages tracker

WhatsApp Tracker for Parents

All our phone activities have been shrunk to one app these days. From one app, we can make calls, chat, share photos or videos, share live locations, put status, and what not?. As the old book saying if anything comes with benefit, it will also have some issues, and Whatsapp is no different. There is… Continue reading WhatsApp Tracker for Parents

Biggest addon of a mobile tracker

There is no wonder we are the top-rated phone tracker in the market. We have been top-rated in technology, productivity, and also in service. You would have heard many things from different people around how good phone tracker we are for parental control over kids. Teachers around the globe have recommended us to parents who… Continue reading Biggest addon of a mobile tracker

WhatsApp Tracker

WhatsApp is the world’s most used messaging app with 2000 million monthly active users. Most of us have completely switched off from SMS and have started using WhatsApp as the means of texting. It’s a simple-to-use app that solves so many of our problems be it sending grocery lists, current location, voice notes, attaching files or… Continue reading WhatsApp Tracker


We are living in an era where children grow up around smartphones. Google, Social Media, Youtube are the norm for them and have become part of our lives too. But since children are the most vulnerable section of the society, it becomes really important for us to safeguard them from all the cyber crimes, online… Continue reading HOW TO TRACK MOBILE?

Privacy Policy – Celltracker

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Mobile Tracker – Phone tracker – CellTracker

It’s 2020, the year we have become more dependent on the internet than ever. All our work, studies, shopping, searching is digitized and most of us have embraced it well. But along with digitization online frauds, forwarding of illicit contents, fake news, cyber crimes have also increased. Hence the question of the hour is  How…