Peace of Mind using Celltracker

How easily a generation changes these days?
A few years ago, we would see mothers calling out for their kid’s names at the doorstep and asking them to come inside the house. In recent times, I mean pre covid days, you could see mothers screaming their kids to keep the mobile or tablet and go outside to the real world and play. Now it’s even worse; kids do not have any option to go out or even to school. Moreover, education and online classes keep them glued to their mobile phones and tablets more than before.

Parents are in a big trap because they can’t stop their kids from not using the mobile phone, and they can’t always check their mobile. But at the same time, caring parents can’t let away with this problem.

So parents need to find a solution to this big problem, which can be so dangerous in the future. If we start talking about kids’ demerits using the mobile phone, it can run so cliche. Let’s not go deep in talking about them, but rather let’s spend time knowing how to avoid it.

Kids or teens these days do not like getting monitored or questioned. So for sure parents are in a very tricky situation. So basically parents now have two things to concentrate

  1. They want to know what their kids are doing with their phones.
  2. Want to do the task above without the kids knowing about it.

What if we say both the huddle have one solution? Yes, both these tasks can be solved just by have a good mobile tracker.

What is mobile tracker?
Mobile tracker is not a generic app on the internet or app store, which is just another app with the tag “mobile tracker”. We need to get the ultimate mobile tracker to get the actual best things about mobile tracker.
A real mobile tracker should be able to track the mobile phone without letting know that it’s tracking.

What is an excellent mobile tracker?
An excellent mobile tracker or a phone tracker should be a complete app that should help us track every mobile phone aspect, not just one or a few.
You might find a few phone tracker application which is good at tracking a few things on the mobile phone. For example, there are plenty of applications which promotes itself as a mobile tracker, which in reality is not a complete mobile tracker.
Most of those trackers will work on a few features, as we mentioned. But a free mobile tracker from Cell tracker can track everything on your kid’s phone right from text messages, gallery, social media, chat options, live locations, and many more.

How easy is this mobile tracker?
We have to agree that our kids are more tech-savvy than us and should be knowing more things about mobile phones. So how it is easy or how tough is to install a mobile tracker free on your kid’s phone?
To answer this, it’s just like a cakewalk to install. We need to have our kid’s phones with us for a few minutes to complete this mobile tracker setup.

  1. Get your kid’s mobile, and follow the mobile tracker following the instructions.
  2. Setup a free mobile tracker account on your mobile or laptop.
  3. Give the necessary permission as instructed in the knowledge base and instruction.
  4. Make sure you choose the right model and the right android version knowledge base to get the right method.
  5. The best part of a mobile tracker is after installation on your kid’s mobile, and they cannot find that there is actually a
  6. is installed on their phone. So when they do not know there is a phone tracker installed on their mobile, they will not know that you are checking their phone with the help of a mobile tracker.

The moment you follow instructions and complete the mobile tracker’s installation, the next minute, you will gain full access to their mobile phone.

The advantage of using a mobile tracker on your kid mainly is to get the complete mind freedom of the usage of your kid’s phone. If they are using the mobile for education and normal things you expect them to use, you can simply relax and do not have to do any extra stuff. But if they are using mobile phones, not for the purpose, they meant to, using mobile tracker can easily come to know it.
If your kids do things you do not expect them to do with their mobile right from speaking to unwanted people, unwanted texts, posting strange things on social media, and location tracking. So with the use of this mobile tracker, you can prevent many hazardous results.
Even if you do not see anything wrong with your kid’s mobile usage using a mobile tracker, you will get peace of mind, which is priceless.

So why to wait? Go and try the free mobile tracker right now, which either will give you complete peace of mind, or you will find a way to fix any issues.

Mobile tracker app

Want to get a Free and advanced Mobile tracker appCelltracker is the Best choice for You. This free mobile tracking application easy to install and simple to use. This advanced mobile tracking features helps the parents to track and monitor their underage children’s mobile phone activities remotely. You can track all callssmsmobile live locations, sim change notifications, WhatsApp and all other social media chats. If your mobile phone is lost somewhere. It also acts as a security assistant to find the location of your lost device. It also helps in preventing the access of your personal information by the third person. The mobile users will get the SMS when the SIM card is changed from the mobile.

Making hay or tracking mobile phone?

Make hay while the sun shines, an old proverb, but works every single time. There is two way we can look at the adage.

• We should be making hay only while the sun shines.

• We should know when the sun shines.

• When there is sunshine, we should track it.

• Even though we are not looking at the sun or outside, we should know about sunshine.

• More than that, we should know how to make hay.

We can apply this fantastic proverb to all the essential things we do in our day to life. Even in tracking mobile phones, are we surprised?

Let me list out.

• We should what are the things one uses on their own mobile phones.

• We should know when and what happens on mobile phones.

• When there is something wrong with usage, we should track it.

• Even though the person does not know we are following, we should know about mobile phones.

• More than anything else we should know how to track mobile phones

Making hay could be comfortable when compared to tracking mobile phones. Mobile phones, it like peeling onion we can keep peeling it. Mobile telephony has multiple layers of applications, and more than that, the user may have their mobile phone password protected. Did head start spinning? No wait, there are many natural options in mobile tracking.

One such lifesaver is our own, which simplifies mobile tracker but also loaded with multiple packages within a single mobile tracker. All we need is to install a mobile tracker in the person’s mobile phone with whom we are intended to track.

Once we install the mobile tracker on their phone with necessary permissions and proper way to install a mobile tracker, we get complete control of the personal mobile phone. All we need to do is log in to our pc or mobile phone and start tracking their mobile phone. Once you login to the, you will see all the tools, and you can just click on the device you need to start.

We can know almost everything about their phone, starting with their battery percentage, signal strength, call recording, SMS, social media accounts, and location. Being an ultimate mobile tracker keeps adding new trendy things the moment it comes to the picture.

If you think tracking someone is so easy, and while 007 trying so hard using technologies. Yes, it’s true; tracking a mobile for legal needs and legal purposes is as easy as that. Even if you are not a tech person installing and using this mobile tracker, it is easy to eat a pizza.

You do not need anyone to help neither you need to tell someone that you are using a mobile tracker. To start with, you can download free mobile tracker from, signup using your email id to be part of the mobile tracker.

When these things become so easy, everyone around us can become a detective using this free mobile tracker. When you have this mobile tracker, we do not need the help of anyone or any other application or program to track mobile phones. Making this free mobile so easy to use is purposely designed after doing a lot of research with many mobile trackers. This is unique compared to any other mobile tracker available in the market. This mobile tracker is designed as a self-helping way, so you do not need any booklet or user manual to know about it; you can start using it to become an expert in it.

This is like a boon to parents who have teen children, who might not be tech-savvy. Still, you can use this mobile tracker in ease. It’s a scarce combination easy to use and best in the market. Anything with these buckets full of technology will not be easy to access. Still, our mobile tracker was technically designed to have the ambition to give the newest technology with easy to use.

This is very helpful even for start-up organizations to track down the device given by them to the employees. This does not need separate IT professionals or no need to install any costly application to be on their phone. You can also check their information right from your device any time you need without any ones help.

So now you will agree that being a detective and tracking someone’s phone is simple. It does not need a computer degree, or you do not have to be a hacker. We made life simple by making this app, and now it’s available for everyone to use. We want technology to reach every single person; someone who knows technology should not rule us. Technology is not a patterned system; everyone has to use it. So use and experience the high technology just by opening your browser or app in your device.

So do not wait, when you can override the technology with the click of download now.

Social media or private media?

The earlier social network was much famous for teenagers and early twenty’s. Even the others who were present in them was not much active as them. But later, things started changing, their parents, relatives began to come in and being active. Earlier it was Orkut (some might still remember it), My Space, Hi5, and Facebook. As we all know, after some years, it was just Facebook that ruled social media platforms.

Facebook is multi-contact social media when parents and relatives, despite generation, started joining Facebook. Once this started taking place, teenagers either not accepting friend requests from them or started ignoring them. After some time, they decided to move on to a different place where they can do what they like in a unique way. Hence a lot of them moved to a new platform Instagram without quitting Facebook.

Instagram is photographed based on social media, which shows the real reason it is famous among teen people, not with others. Just guess who take more photographs?
Either professional photographers or teen young people are more fond of keep taking photographers. And also, if you notice, they will upload pictures with substantial edits and filters.
Game for likes, hashtags, and the number of followers started. People with more followers and likes were getting popular. Whole Instagram changed into an optical illusion, a different world. A person was judged based on their popularity on Instagram. Hence teenagers put a lot of effort into increasing their Instagram popularity.

The main reason for their parents’ no or minimal presence on Instagram is the lack of actual features they loved earlier. Which they love Facebook liked groups, pages, market place, and also Facebook is much easier to use and multi-contact social platform. Even if someone on Instagram, they will not be active in other words, they not understanding it.

Absence of someone who will supervise them or give advice gave them full freedom, and freedom was misused. People started doing the wrong things to get famous on Instagram. Starting from posting private pics, romantic pic with the opposite sex, being phrogging in few luxurious places to stay alive in the game of likes.
There are more than this, but we are cutting it short, not give a heart attack.

How to monitor them?

You might think just joining on Instagram will solve this problem, actually no. Facebook only allows legal names in account creation. Even if you signup using a nickname in the future, it will impose a temporary block. Whereas on Instagram, you can use any names, any funky names.
Facebook will have filters like the town, school, college, etc. but Instagram does not need them. Hence finding someone will be so tricky on Instagram unless they share their username.
Even if you found, they can easily change their complete Instagram username. They can do this multiple times and can also block you or make their account private.

So how actually to monitor them in social media.

The mobile tracker comes to rescue here, with the help of an excellent mobile tracker. We can take control of your teenager’s phone. Even if they change their user name or did not accept your follow request or also block you, mobile tracker, can their social media information.
With the help of free mobile tracker after you install and sign up, and start monitoring their mobile thoroughly and social media will be part of it. It’s not just Instagram; you can control any social media; we can track them to know what they are posting, whom they are chatting.
When you have the privilege of knowing about their social media accounts without following them, also, without their knowledge with the help of mobile tracker mean complete freedom of taking control of them. Moreover, we do not have to react if everything goes smoothly and no wrong things found. You can download a free mobile tracker from to check these features. The best thing about mobile trackers is you can monitor them from anywhere in the world, like from your office, your kitchen, even from another city of the country. When they do not know that you are using a mobile tracker on them, they will behave as usual. And will not look for another alternative as they do not have any clue they are getting monitored. So, the mobile tracker is a boon for parents who is not that much techy or someone who wants to control their kids without laying strict rules. Also, if you are a parent who loves to give freedom, you can use a mobile tracker to make sure freedom is not misused.

Moreover, our free mobile tracker is loaded with all the necessary tools you might need for future purposes. Additionally, our mobile tracker research team keeps finding new ways and new dimension tools to make your life very smooth and secure using the mobile tracker.

So what you are waiting for use our free mobile tracker to find what your children up to in social media and know about them better. If you find they are going in the wrong direction, you can talk to them. Make them realize their mistakes and make them travel in a better way towards the goal of life.

The word “privacy” in this generation

Life was fair and easy before the technology started ruling us. Privacy was a factor now it became a word of abuse. Yes, privacy was abused so badly these days!!

Everyone needs privacy to do things what they love and their wish. But we would strongly believe somethings does not need much privacy. Let me quote an example, let’s take an example of a family which consists of a father, mother, and a teen daughter.

We need to give a lot of space to your daughter to achieve her passion, to choose her friends, to choose what she needs to study, the clothes she loves to wear. Her father can give all this privacy or rights. Even he can be okay she talks with her male friends at this generation, it’s not a big deal.

But in this generation, there is another concern, mobile phones. We can’t restrict them using mobile phones. It helps both in social and education. They learn using mobile phones, they study using mobile phones and clear their questions using mobile phones.

But it’s not all merry mobile phones do have dark sides as we all know. They are prone to visit misleading websites, they are in danger to meet and make friends with a total stranger who could be dangerous. Teens mind is very easy to nurture or corrupt, even if our child is good others can corrupt them with bad things.

So how will you know?

Whether your child is doing anything wrong?

Whether he or she visiting any unwanted websites?

Is she or he chats with any potentially dangerous persons?

Is she using phones after you sleep?

Knowing this is not invading privacy, but doing parental deeds, technically parental control. Asking them continuously for their phone and checking it will create a bad impression and for sure they will feel bad about it. Even if you check, there are high chances they hide things that they were doing.

So what’s the solution?

How to know what they do in their mobile phone completely without letting them know?

There are many mobile tracker free available online which does the job perfectly. But few of them, let me correct most of them are fake or potentially harmful. gives the one-stop solution for all the Mobile tracker needs.

With celltracker you can track almost everything what your teen child is up to in the mobile phone. It has all the features, you need to take complete care of their mobile phone usage. Right from Sms, call logs, call recording, browsing history, Gps location, and WhatsApp chat history everything can be tracked. Inshort you can take complete control of what they doing with their mobile phone Mobile tracker helps to see their phone things either form your laptop or from your computer, without they know anything about it.

All it needs is a onetime set up in their phone and you are ready to go. Using Mobile tracker you can know the complete mobile usage pattern, what they do, whom they chat, and know whom they are talking to. If you see any not so good things happening, you can always go to them and prevent things from going too far.

Mobile tracker is a tool which is very helpful for parents to take care of children without bothering them much. As the old saying prevention is better than the cure, this Mobile tracker app is the prevention you can do in this mobile technology age, rather going for a cure after something minimal or serious happen to your child.

Many teens, lose interest in studies when they start browsing unwanted websites. Their whole concentration shifts, and hence with the help of Mobile tracker you can find the shift in idea in the very first stage which will be easy to prevent than going too far. The best thing is you can install Mobile tracker free to try things out and to learn how this works. Mobile tracker also finds the usage pattern of your child, if they are using cell phones during the late-night after you go to sleep the next morning you can find about it.

So basically Mobile tracker is a boon to make sure your children do not misuse the comfort and privacy which you never got but you provided to them. Mobile tracker will help every parent to raise their child in the way they wanted to. As we call know it’s during the teenage people choose the path of life. Teenage will reflect during whole life. Hence, usage of Mobile tracker can make them a better person which means they can concentrate more on education, score high in exams, and move up in life successfully.

CellTracker – Free Mobile tracker

A cell tracker is an exclusive app designed to track smartphone activities for children under 14. This app enables the parents to monitor the activities of the children.

Salient features of the cell tracker app:

  • Live video feed
  • web-filtering
  • social-media monitoring
  • And other features

Let us discuss the features elaborately.


This site can able to track all the text messages through advanced technology. You can view your children’s text message, type, and the sender’s name with the date and time.

Call recording

Able to track the incoming and outgoing calls of the phone that you are monitoring with crystal clear call recording with duration.


The cell tracker lets you track your children’s whats app conversation with date and time along with the attachment like media content and document.

Location tracking

It is one of the reliable features of the celltracker app. You can able to track your children’s mobile location through your online control panel. It is also possible to find out the current location of the stolen mobile on Google map. One more reliable function of this app is that you can retrieve all mobile GPS coordinates, date and time, accuracy, and location address.

Browsing history 

The mobile tracker can serve as an efficient tool in tracking the websites of your children that they are watching. By this, you can restrict the web content that you find inappropriate and harmful to your children.


Nowadays, sharing of personal photos and other data on the internet leads to many problems. By using this app, you can track the images and videos that your children had uploaded and downloaded with the respective date and time.


Through this app, you can able to track the messages that are sent and received to the person with the name and their Facebook id. You can also trace the photos and videos that are shared on Facebook.


Skype is the app where your children can connect with people virtually. Due to vibrant features, there are more possibilities for your children to choose the right path. This app is designed to make video chat, voice call, and make the option for text.

This app also has a significant feature in monitoring how your children are using the Skype app and the people with whom they are interacting.

Remote control

This app serves as a remote to get control over other devices. You can access all the features of this app from your children’s phone remotely. This app allows you to track the devices of your children without their knowledge. You can able to regulate the amount of time that they are spending on the phone. This app also prevents accessing the personal information of you by others when the phone is stolen or lost.

App tracking :

Whenever a new app is introduced in the play store, children will have the curiosity to experience it. But they don’t know about some of the harmful apps. So the cell tracker enables the parents to know the apps installed on their children’s mobile phones. You can get access to see the apps that are installed by your children through their phones. This app gives the entire apps list of your children’s phone and also provide access to block the apps that you found harmful.

Photo tracking :

The world of the Internet is surrounded by photos and pictures everywhere. It is highly tough to find a website without a single photo. But many sites have inappropriate images and socially prohibited photos. It is highly impossible always to keep an eye on your children whenever they are downloading the images from your computer. So cell tracker app enables you to find the   photos that are downloaded by your children on their phone  


Telegram is a messaging platform where your children can make conversation and can send and receive multimedia conversation like photos, videos etc. Your children may not be aware of the privacy and security and may tend to share their own pictures and videos to the unknown person.   This app prevents your children from sharing the data with unauthorized persons.

Snapchat :

Snapchat is one of the apps which destroy your children wider. In this app, they are following many unknown persons, and many unknown persons also tend to follow them. It may lead to have a wrong connection with the stranger.

Using this mobile tracker app, you can monitor your children’s activities and account for the data that are shred to public media like Snapchat.


Instagram is one of the social platforms which gains a lot of attention from the children nowadays.

Many of the Instagram users share inappropriate content, which is not suitable for all age groups. But recording the Instagram activities of your children is a highly challenging job nowadays.

By using the free mobile tracking app, you can monitor the activities of your children in the internet world 24*7.

Challenging features:

  • You can able to get the device location and battery status.
  • You can record the audio for 1 to 10 minutes.
  • You can take pictures through the front/back camera.
  • The camera option can be disabled through this app.
  • Able to ring/ vibrate your phone.
  • You can turn your Wi-Fi on/off.
  • You can wipe /format your mobile data.

I hope the article covers the various distinct features of this app. I also hope you will try out this app atleast once after reading this article.

Celltracker: Get Rid of any random danger from Facebook

Social Media, in general, have a dangerous threat to your kid. Especially when we talk about Facebook. The giant social media is spreading dominance in the entire world. You will be surprised by the huge amount of people affected by social media. In fact, your kid may be directly infected by the harmful disadvantages of such giant social media. The danger of face comes from different approaches that we are going to cite in the next lines. Although, cell tracker can represent a great solution in order from any potential problem you may face with your kid’s anger from Facebook. Of course, Facebook has many benefits but, in this post, we are going to talk about the main cons that you have to protect your kid from them using Cell tracker.

Be aware of what happens in your target Facebook profile

In fact, Facebook is one of the most unique ecosystems in the world. It contains all the categories and the kind of people that may you have in mind. To be clear, we can say that anyone around the whole world can access your kid account easily. Like that, we can say that your kid will be in ultimate danger without your acknowledge. This is where the cell tracker will interfere. It is alike a cop that can help you to pass or deny any kind of request coming and going from an unknown resource for sure. You can even see who are the new people that send a request to your kid. Furthermore, you can block them or even restrict them from seeing your kid profile forever. Like that, you will certainly ensure that your kid is going to be protected from the Facebook harmful audience. Facebook has random groups and many unique and extremist ideologies that can influence your kid’s behaviour. This is the main reason why you have to control the section of the group which your kid applied for in a permanent way.

Interests trackers is one of the steady features in Celltracker

In fact, Facebook works with a system of interests. People can easily find your kid based on the interest of your target phone user. Like that, it has become super easy to find your kid. He can be found easily thanks to the system of targeting used by Facebook nowadays. Truth be told, there are many ways in which your kid profile can be found. There is the organic method and the paid method. People from around the world can easily find your kid b paying some premium campaign and your kid will be easily found. In this case, the danger can start because anyone can target your kid’s interest and find him ultimately. Celltracker will handle you the best surveillance for any strange behaviour on your target phone social media, not just Facebook. Moreover, Cell Tracker is well optimized with Facebook since it has access to all the mechanism which Facebook is found on. Accordingly, the Cell tracker has a superpower on excluding any threat to your kid.

In the end, we can confirm for you that cell tracker is a famous spying app that can eliminate the bad behaviour implantation coming from Facebook. This is why you have to keep yourself always up to date with the last change in the interface offered by the company. Always log in to your website and check the dashboard. It will always inform you of the last changes. Cell tracker is ultimately your ultimate destination to protect your kids.