Social media or private media?

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The earlier social network was much famous for teenagers and early twenty’s. Even the others who were present in them was not much active as them. But later, things started changing, their parents, relatives began to come in and being active. Earlier it was Orkut (some might still remember it), My Space, Hi5, and Facebook. As we all know, after some years, it was just Facebook that ruled social media platforms.

Facebook is multi-contact social media when parents and relatives, despite generation, started joining Facebook. Once this started taking place, teenagers either not accepting friend requests from them or started ignoring them. After some time, they decided to move on to a different place where they can do what they like in a unique way. Hence a lot of them moved to a new platform Instagram without quitting Facebook.

Instagram is photographed based on social media, which shows the real reason it is famous among teen people, not with others. Just guess who take more photographs?
Either professional photographers or teen young people are more fond of keep taking photographers. And also, if you notice, they will upload pictures with substantial edits and filters.
Game for likes, hashtags, and the number of followers started. People with more followers and likes were getting popular. Whole Instagram changed into an optical illusion, a different world. A person was judged based on their popularity on Instagram. Hence teenagers put a lot of effort into increasing their Instagram popularity.

The main reason for their parents’ no or minimal presence on Instagram is the lack of actual features they loved earlier. Which they love Facebook liked groups, pages, market place, and also Facebook is much easier to use and multi-contact social platform. Even if someone on Instagram, they will not be active in other words, they not understanding it.

Absence of someone who will supervise them or give advice gave them full freedom, and freedom was misused. People started doing the wrong things to get famous on Instagram. Starting from posting private pics, romantic pic with the opposite sex, being phrogging in few luxurious places to stay alive in the game of likes.
There are more than this, but we are cutting it short, not give a heart attack.

How to monitor them?

You might think just joining on Instagram will solve this problem, actually no. Facebook only allows legal names in account creation. Even if you signup using a nickname in the future, it will impose a temporary block. Whereas on Instagram, you can use any names, any funky names.
Facebook will have filters like the town, school, college, etc. but Instagram does not need them. Hence finding someone will be so tricky on Instagram unless they share their username.
Even if you found, they can easily change their complete Instagram username. They can do this multiple times and can also block you or make their account private.

So how actually to monitor them in social media.

The mobile tracker comes to rescue here, with the help of an excellent mobile tracker. We can take control of your teenager’s phone. Even if they change their user name or did not accept your follow request or also block you, mobile tracker, can their social media information.
With the help of free mobile tracker after you install and sign up, and start monitoring their mobile thoroughly and social media will be part of it. It’s not just Instagram; you can control any social media; we can track them to know what they are posting, whom they are chatting.
When you have the privilege of knowing about their social media accounts without following them, also, without their knowledge with the help of mobile tracker mean complete freedom of taking control of them. Moreover, we do not have to react if everything goes smoothly and no wrong things found. You can download a free mobile tracker from to check these features. The best thing about mobile trackers is you can monitor them from anywhere in the world, like from your office, your kitchen, even from another city of the country. When they do not know that you are using a mobile tracker on them, they will behave as usual. And will not look for another alternative as they do not have any clue they are getting monitored. So, the mobile tracker is a boon for parents who is not that much techy or someone who wants to control their kids without laying strict rules. Also, if you are a parent who loves to give freedom, you can use a mobile tracker to make sure freedom is not misused.

Moreover, our free mobile tracker is loaded with all the necessary tools you might need for future purposes. Additionally, our mobile tracker research team keeps finding new ways and new dimension tools to make your life very smooth and secure using the mobile tracker.

So what you are waiting for use our free mobile tracker to find what your children up to in social media and know about them better. If you find they are going in the wrong direction, you can talk to them. Make them realize their mistakes and make them travel in a better way towards the goal of life.

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