Remotely Photos tracking

With cell tracker you can track all your kids taken photos, downloaded photos, videos with date and time.
With cell tracker you can track all your kids taken photos, downloaded photos, videos with date and time.

Celltracker– Monitor Images Captures and Photo Downloads Remotely and Efficiently

CellTracker : Do you have a genuine concern about the photos you may find on your child, family member, or employees phone? Then you can put your worries to rest now. Android users who are in search of a viable app solution to photo and image tracking can rely on Celltracker to step up to the job. Celltracker allows you to anonymously and remotely monitor image captures and photo downloads on any phone for your peace of mind.

But first, if you are wondering what is the urgent need for such invasive vigilance, let us read on.

Why do you need to track photos and images?

In the 90’s, the thought of a handheld device doing the job of a telephone, camera, TV, audio player and everything in between, was nothing short of science fiction. Today, everyone has access to such a powerful device. Modern smartphones may have brought technology into the palm of our hands, but it raises a lot of security concerns as well.

Parents are worried about what kind of pictures their child might be taking on their phone, what kind of image content the latter may consume; employers are worried about the leakage of sensitive information with such powerful devices residing in every employee’s pocket; there is a plethora of other genuine reasons as such that make photos tracking a necessity.

So, if you are wondering how you can make sure that your child or family member is not prey to any wrongful habits, or that your employees are not trading in sensitive data, then all you need is Celltracker.

How can Celltracker help you track photo and images remotely?

Celltracker is a state-of-the-art app that is built to help you anonymously monitor image content on any smartphone remotely. Using Celltracker you can expect an all-encompassing surveillance of the images on the targeted phone. The app provides you with multiple features that make remote image reading easy:

  • Get Gallery View

You can get a view of the entire image gallery of the targeted phone so that you have overview on every image content on the device.

  • Detect Camera Roll images

Besides retrieving manually downloaded or received images, Celltracker allows Camera Roll photos tracking, so you can see the images clicked and sent from the device as well.

  • Detailed photo cache

Users can easily see a detailed list of the photos on the target device, based on the source, date and time.

How to use Celltracker to track photo and images remotely?

You can easily download the Celltracker APK onto the target device. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open on the device
  2. Download the free APK file from the Celltracker website on the target device.
  3. Register yourself on the Celltracker website.
  4. Let your device install a third-party app with your approval.
  5. Proceed to install; and you are done!
  6. Follow the photos on the Celltracker dashboard.

With Celltracker, make anonymous location tracking breeze!

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