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5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Phone Tracking App for Business

CellTracker. When we launch a business, we do everything in our scope to protect the idea, to fund it, to help it grow. However, once the business goes on the floors, managing it becomes difficult. There are too many variables, too many resources to control. As much as a business is responsible for the skill and growth of the employee, the vice versa is important as well. However, loss of productivity time and data theft are two very concerning nuisances that can endanger your business. Would you believe it that the solution for all of this headache? Yes, indeed, you can simply download a mobile tracker application.
Plus, not just productivity; the right mobile tracking app can help you collect crucial business data that benefits your business as well. So, in a market flooded with mobile tracking apps, which one to choose?

Celltracker, of course! Celltracker can help you improve your business for the better with its multi-faceted functionalities. Read on to find how that can happen.

How can Celltracker help your business?

Tracking employees

Companies lose a lot of business on an annual basis because of the lack of punctuality on part of the employees. Employees investing their productivity time, which they are billed for, behind something frivolous and non-business related is something common in most companies. You can seek the assistance of Celltracker to track your employee’s location if they are running late or if they are away from their desk for too long during working hours.
Data safety
In the digital age, data is a currency. Loss of your business data can prove to be costly on many fronts. Information theft can occur easily these days given the sheer number of tools out there in the market that can be misused for this purpose. In the event of a data breach, you can always rely on a mobile tracker free app, such as Celltracker, to come to the rescue. Using Celltracker you can monitor your employees online and app activities. The activity log database can help you find the miscreant if they have misused company devices.

Cloud-based mobile tracking

Tracking all you employees’ activities using Celltracker will generate a lot of data. Now accessing this data can be difficult if stored remotely, and it may defeat the purpose of quick mobile tracking as well. Most Android spy apps, such as Celltracker, can store all data on a cloud server. It helps ensure that you can access the records any time you like, as long as you have internet and access to the cloud storage.

Preventing productivity loss
Productivity loss can harm your business deadlines and targets. Employees often use their own and even company-issued smart-devices to browse the internet, indulge in e-commerce and even browse social media. If your business is being impacted by such behaviour on the part of an employee, you can use Celltracker to monitor their online activity and time spent. Taking business decisions
Everyday your employees interact with clients on their smart-devices, via email, social media, and even over phone calls. If you wish to mobilize actionable data, then you can use Celltracker to find out which customers your employees are interacting with the most, how often and which product they are interested the most about, where they are calling from, etc. These details can help you filter your business decisions, refocus resources and services as per requirement, and more. Celltracker’s long-list of features ensures that you can perform mobile tracking in the truest sense of the phrase.

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