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Most of the established organizations these days provide their team member with the mobile phone. They have many benefits over the idea, most notable being personal stuff will not come between works. If you observe, most of the companies provided gadgets will have limitations visiting websites and even installing applications.

Ancient methodology

By default, any company’s information technology will put all the necessary firewalls to prevent the gadget from being mishandled and misused. They will not be monitoring the devices 24/7, but they will prevent the user from accessing anything which the work did not demand. So they are following one of our best sayings, prevention is better than the cure.

But this virus is actually smarter than the actual ones. This firewall that your information technology installs in the gadget or mobile phone is like a vaccine. They think as the vaccine (firewall) is installed in the mobile device, there is no opportunity for someone to misuse it, and hence it is safe. The traditional idea, and it also helps well in most places, so the information technology team is still following this methodology. This technology is not a mobile tracker, but instead, we can call it a mobile misuse preventer.

Why is it not a good idea?

Early days, only people who studied computers or technology knows about technology. But now, all it needs is a proper search on the website and youtube, and if you are a little smart, you can do anything. Many learn software and coding using youtube videos; many fixes troubleshoot their device issues by viewing videos. It is not just the beginners; even you can see many experts who become so just buying browsing and youtube. More than youtube videos, not there are many online communities where experts will answer your questions within a few hours. So the internet has changed the whole game.

So at this point, anyone will know how to break the firewall. Even if they do not know, there are many ways to understand how to do it. They can also do this temporarily, which means they can revoke the firewall when they are at home or outside and redo the firewall when they come back to the office. This way is a smarter way where they will not be caught for making any changes.

What are the alternatives?

We know that using the gadgets you bought to increase the company’s productivity can be easily misused. You must be thinking about what are the alternatives, which is really helpful. Here what we should get into the mobile tracker technology. Mobile tracker is a simple program that we install on a mobile phone, which will disguise itself in the phone. That means they will not find it; if they do not see it, they will not try to remove or play with it. A proper mobile tracker could be the just one program needed to track the moble. But if you want, you can always combine a firewall with a mobile tracker. Combining both will be a good idea, but trust me mobile tracker will give you more results, which will make you rethink having both. Even with the help of a mobile tracker, you can monitor whether the person is doing andy fiddling with the firewall, a public program, or protocols on the mobile.

Benefits of mobile tracker

Points mentioned earlier is just a teaser of the benefits of mobile tracker. The advantages of mobile tracker over the firewall are countless let’s discuss some now.

• Information technology team: Having a firewall on mobile phones or protocols, you need to have an information technology team working on them. You always need their assistance to know anything or any update. But with the help of a free mobile tracker from, it all needs is a mobile phone or computer one can operate.

• Cost-saving: Having a premium firewall for team members can be expensive, and also it needs a lot of formalities for change of device and protocols. With you can save a lot of money you can spend on other things to improve your business.

• More features: As we discussed earlier, having a firewall is like a vaccine with its own limits. But whereas having a mobile tracker gives you access to countless features, which would be helpful in the future.

• There is no need to upgrade: You will find many programs in the market, which will be independent programs designed to do only certain things. For example, location tracker, social media tracker, etc., but our free mobile tracker is all in one application; if you have this, you will not need of any extra addon.

• Research team: When you usually buy a program, if the new features come in, hey will try to cross-sell it. But our research team keeps adding the elements every single time. For example, earlier, we had a Facebook tracker, but later we added an Instagram tracker when the world moved to Instagram without any cost in the mobile tracker. I am pointing two benefits in this, one we are updating new technology, and we never charged extra for it.

There are many more benefits that will serve a different purpose for different users. So the best way to find out what the mobile tracker offers is by installing the free mobile tracker and start using it. There is one feature for everyone, even if you need another in the future that’s also present in it.

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