Mobile tracker free – Celltracker

Want to get a Free and advanced Mobile tracker app? Celltracker is the Best choice for You. This free mobile tracking application easy to install and simple to use. This advanced mobile tracking features helps the parents to track and monitor their underage children’s mobile phone activities remotely. You can track all calls, sms, mobile live locations, sim change notifications, WhatsApp and all other social media chats. If your mobile phone is lost somewhere. It also acts as a security assistant to find the location of your lost device. It also helps in preventing the access of your personal information by the third person. The mobile users will get the SMS when the SIM card is changed from the mobile.


  • Many desirable features are free of cost
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Continuous monitoring of the activities of your children mobiles.
  • Can also able to track the incoming and outgoing message and calls without rooting the mobile device.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers
  • Highly compatible with android 10 and above versions.

Mobile tracker Features:


This app can track all sent and received SMS and MMS of your targeted device, even if the data is deleted or moved from your phone. By this app, you can able to view and read the content of SMS/MMS, Type of the message, name of the sender and receiver, Time of the message sent and received, Location and GPS coordinates of the phone where the message was sent and received.


You can able to track the below listed through this Mobile tracker app. Time of the call (both dialed and received), Duration of the call, Call recordings, type of the call (dialed, received, missed), Name or the telephone number of the contact person, Location or GPS coordinates of the mobile phone during the time of the call.


to locate the live location of the mobile device that you are tracking.


The mobile tracker allows you to view all the pictures and photos taken in the phone and the images which are receives and downloaded from the external source by you on the mobile phone that you are tracking.


It’s not the matter, whether the targeted phone is rooted or unrooted; this app allows you to access the incoming and outgoing messages from social media sites like Facebook and Whatsapp. This list not only restricted with these two social media but also able to track information from Skype, Hangouts, LINE, Viber and Telegram.


Remote control feature of this app gives you the access to control your mobile
phone, delete data and make your phone to vibrate or ring, take a picture etc.


app also allows you to have a live observation of the activities that are
happening on your phone screen. You can view what’s the thief is doing on your


Mobile tracker app is able to browse your file explorer and also able to view all downloaded and received files.


Mobile tracker app also restricts the access and functions of your mobile application and prevent the user from the unauthorized person.


can track the websites which are viewed by your employee or children and can
also block the website if it seems inappropriate to them.


advanced Celltracker allows you to track the planned events, birthdays from the


this free mobile tracker app, you can view the new contact whenever it added in
mobile that you are tracking.


This app also designed to analyze your mobile phone activities in various parameters such as the most played game, most visited website, the time duration of the site viewed, etc. You can generate the report in PDF, Excel, CSV or any format. This app has a much more comprehensive range of features and seems to be a complete package for racking. So it is worth of trying Celltracker.