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We can’t go everywhere where our teen kids are going. It is impossible to know where they are; they are really in the place where they said they would be.
Teenagers will not like much to be questioned by their parents. But at the same time, we can’t trust them; recent surveys say that teenagers usually lie on where they are going to avoid unnecessary questions.

Why your kids lie?

Simple, they know that you might not allow them if they tell the truth. Its either because your children would have asked permission earlier you would have denied it, or they know it’s not the right place to go. Hence, they want to hide the truth and go ahead with their plan.

Why is it dangerous?

If your teenager says he is going to school and goes to play a football game, it’s still a lie, but no immediate danger may be his academic grade will come down. But imagine this situation, they lie they are going to school and going for a house party with a stranger they met someday.
It’s really a worrying thing, and we do not know anything about the stranger. Any new friendship outside they circle a teenager gets is very dangerous for them. They could be introduced to unwanted things or even lose themselves. There is no motive for a stranger to be friends with a student unless they want to spoil them.
Forceful kidnapping happens only once in a blue moon day, but they try this method to become friends to take them off these days.

How to prevent the situation?

There are few tried and tested ways to avoid crunch situations like these.
Question them, analyze them find whether they are telling the truth.
Be an in-home detective questioning their friends and asking questions about the places they will go.
But if you used any methodology like this, we are sure your kid will lose the confidence in you, resulting in depression or anxiety about you doing this, as for sure they will come to know about this.

How perfectly to prevent this situation?

The solution that we will recommend is mobile tracker.

What is mobile tracker?

A mobile tracker is an application that we could install in your teenager’s phone without their knowledge. Even they can’t find that you have installed it and cannot remove it. This mobile tracker will work even if their phone is locked or password protected. Hence mobile tracker is a permanent solution to this problem. There are many free mobile trackers, but it will show up in installed applications and also its too open and obvious application, i.e., they will know what they exactly do. So there are chances they will find out and remove the mobile tracker. Hence most of the free mobile trackers will not be of any use in this situation.
But the is the perfect application in the world of mobile tracker. It not just gives live location but also saves the history of map locations. So, you can observe the complete locations where they been and they are. So indirectly, we are tracking them round the clock without any clues.
It saved multiple locations, unlike another free mobile tracker, which only shows the current location. So even if you miss any time to track their location, you can get that later when you have access.
Even when they are at home alone, you can track it and add layers to their security.

More about the mobile tracker.

Our mobile tracker will help you track anyone to make sure whether they are doing something that they are not supposed to do. If you will not believe if we say map tracking is only the small portion of what this mobile tracker exactly does. It has more functions to take their device in your complete control. Whether its phone recording to know what they are talking, what they are texting, Whatsapp, or social media, even a gallery you can carefully observe and prevent any future issues.

Just imagine, even though the mobile phone is a technology we should admit it also has many demerits. Merits we do not have to worry about, your teenager using the mobile phone to play, learn, and be in contact with their friends is worry-free. We do not have to tell you about demerits; we all know what they are. So using a mobile tracker will give you the master grant access to take their mobile in complete control to avoid or stop those demerits.

When you have installed a mobile tracker on their phone, you can be anxious free about your children’s mobile usage as we have the privileges with their phones. We can keep tracking them, of what they are doing. When things starting to go wrong, you can pull them out and talk about it to prevent further catastrophes. Even if they are caught while doing something wrong, be smart and do not say that you are using a mobile tracker, which will prevent them from using mobile and go for other options. You can just tell that you have heard, someone said about it like that, to get complete trust.
So in short, mobile tracker is the perfect way to track all your children mobile usage and staying worry-free in life. Download mobile tracker from our site and check what changes it can bring to your life check the complete list of tools, and our interface and try them to understand it better.

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