phone tracker
phone tracker


Cell Tracker is a unique modern smartphone application used for parental can spy, track, and also control other forms found in your mobile phone at a free cost without any charges. Its sophisticated software provides for tracking and keeping records all any activity carried out with your smartphone. These activities may include; live location status, calls recordings, video, and photos stored in the gallery, messages, all notifications, i.e., social media handle notifications, emails, calls, and also what goes on through your phone browsers undetectably. This phone tracker allows for a priority in giving adequate protection of user data through a processing method called General Data Protection Regulation Compliant. Data saved is kept secure in an online account owned by the user. It is protected using encryption; therefore, one can access the report only through the user’s permission. The user is free to gain or terminate any service at any time if he or she wishes.


Parental control

This feature is the critical aspect of creating the application as it is instrumental in keeping track of your child’s phone activities and also keeping track of their ideal locations, just in case you needed to ensure they are safe. Hence listed as one of the best parental control applications one can choose.


Its invisibility feature is unique in that one stays completely unidentified from the owner of the smartphone. All activities are kept safely stored and controlled from your account without getting into contact with your child’s smartphone.

Data backup

Data from phone calls, social media messages, SMS, locations, and browser history are automatically protected and backed up on your account.


This phone tracker is ideal for any parental control activities since it can be used to;

1.Keep track, and one monitors their child’s mobile activities.

Identify unknown live locations and exact whereabouts of your child when necessary

Monitor your child’s social media and websites perused.

Backing up data of your child’s calls, social media messages, and live location automatically.


Parental control is essential for any parent that wishes to access the mobile tracker application. It is vital to get an explicit knowledge of the following steps to receive maximum service from the tracker;

1. One must sign up and create an account in the mobile tracker application. Once the account is created, one should be able to log in, remember to memorize or take note of the access code, usually containing six digits that you to log into the app.

2.Once logged in, visit then click on downloads now. After downloading the app should automatically install, give all the permission then type the six-digit code. After settings updated notification, you will notice that the app disappears from the menu.

3.Login into the mobile tracker dashboard, giving you full access and control to monitor any activity using your phone or smartphone.

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