6 Features That Make Mobile Tracker Apps a Must for Parents

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mobile tracker apps

Technology has made the world smaller but made our apps more feature-rich and functional. Gone are the days when mobile tracking simply monitored your phone’s location in real-time. Today a mobile tracking app can keep tabs on your phone’s location and more! With technology becoming more accessible, children way below the age of adulthood have access to tremendously power devices. In this regard, parents can also rely on mobile tracker free apps to keep an eye on their children’s smart-phone savvy activities.

What features can you expect from a modern mobile tracker app?
Today, mobile tracking apps come as feature-rich bundles, all for little to no price at all. If you are one of those many parents concerned about your child’s smartphone activities, then simply install android spy apps to do the trick. These days, a mobile phone tracking app can offer you excellent surveillance features such as:

Social media watchdog
Nobody imagine how social media would flourish within a decade of its introduction in our lives. In spite of the age barriers, it is quite easy for children to loiter on social media sites. To ensure that your children are not exposed to strangers, or do not indulge in untoward content or communication, you can keep an eye on their social media accounts. Best free mobile tracker apps allow you to filter your child’s activities on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat and other IM apps.

Internet usage tracking
Is your child spending more time on the internet than they should? Then restrict their internet usage with the help of a mobile tracking app. Limit the amount of data they are permitted use on their smartphone on a daily basis, so that their internet activities do not take precedence over academics.
Geo-location monitoring
Is your child travelling far on their own? Are they in the habit of staying out late with friends? Make sure you know exactly where they are with real-time geo-location marking. Modern mobile trackers can tell you can provide you a detailed timeline of every place your child and their smartphone travelled.

Communication filtering
Ensure that your child is not going wayward with their peer circle. Make sure they are safe all the time by filtering their IM messages, call logs, and SMS’s with a free mobile tracking app.

Ensure that you have access to every online portal where your child has subscribed with the in-built key logger provided with today’s android spying apps. Tracking apps can maintain a database of all of your child’s online account log-ins.

Multi-media monitoring
The internet may be the most useful tool at our disposal every day, but it also has its dark corners. Make sure your child is not privy to any untoward, unsafe or adult content or sharing the same with their peers.
Never stay in the dark again about your child’s online activities. Download a mobile tracker to vigilantly protect their innocence on the internet efficiently.

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