How to Track Mobile live Location

Mobile Number location tracking

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Monitor your children or employee’s Mobile location and track where they are travelling to with the help of mobile location tracking. You can also locate a lost or stolen phone easily with the help of it.

CellTracker comes handy in all the above cases.

Following are the benefits of mobile location tracking:

  • Trace an unknown call which was troubling or threatening you or any of your family member.
  • Get the GPS location of the devices under tracking on Google Maps.
  • Get an hourly update on the GPS location of the device being monitored.
  • Get the location of the device through its location if the GPS has been disabled.
  • Get the location updates even for short durations like 15 minutes or 30 minutes regularly.
  • Report any unusual activity noticed by you.
  • Find a stolen phone through CellTracker.
  • Keep a check on your child’s whereabouts.
  • Keep a note as to where your employees are travelling to.
  • Keep a record if your employees are actually attending the meetings designated to them.
  • It comes without any restrictions.
  • Get the current address of the device being navigated or monitored.
  • Determine the mobile operator and the area through a mobile number.

Though CellTracker promises to be accurate it can be possible that you do not get the exact location of the device being tracked. At times it might not be possible to trace the owner.

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