How to Track Browsing History

Browsing history tracking - celltracker
celltracker- browsing history tracking

Track what sites your kids visits on the internet with cell tracker app. you can protect your kids from objectionable, restricted or unacceptable content and sites using cell tracker app. website blocking feature Supported browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, UC Browser, Android browser, Samsung Internet for Android.

  • Browser history

An individual’s browsing history tells a lot about their use of technology. To this effect, Celltracker’s phone tracker features can be used to find out what sites have been browsed on a targeted smartphone. You can further impose controls on the target device based on informed decisions made from Celltracker’s browsing history monitoring functions.


  • Impressionable children are often subjected to harmful, NSFW and other kinds of adult content on the uncharted internet. Using Celltracker, parents can monitor their child’s browser history. The app gives you a detailed report of the websites browsed using the device, allowing you to impose restrictions on your child’s internet usage, successfully.
  • The browser history monitoring feature of Celltracker can also come in handy for business users who wish to prevent employees from misusing company equipment and instruments in their work time. Not only can you find out which sites to restrict but which employees need your intervention.

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