Whatsapp is the most downloaded app in the world right now and its number is constantly increasing very rapidly every day. There is a fact that around 65 million messages are being sent every day on Whatsapp. It allows the sharing of all the multimedia files including images and videos with a single click. 

Hence, there is a chance that your child may be affected by any wrong image, videos, or texts. So you can spy Whatsapp on your child’s mobile using Cell Tracker and monitor all the messages that are being sent or received. It allows you to keep track of what kind of activities your children are exposed to. You will get to know all kinds of details related to any message. It also allows you to see the name of the recipient who is sending the message.

How To Spy WhatsApp Using CellTracker

Permits you to read all the texts-

When you download the Cell Tracker app in your child’s mobile, then you have the full freedom of reading all the messages. You will get to know the exact name and number of the person with whom your child is interacting.

Allows you to check the status

Cell Tracker allows you to check the status of Whatsapp on your target device. You can see all types of status whether it is in the form of photo, video, or texts. The owner will never know that you are spying his or her mobile.

Check all the shared locations

If the user has shared any location with any of his contacts then it will be immediately shown on your dashboard. You will easily be able to track and monitor all the shared locations with the help of Cell Tracker. Its unique algorithm can suspect any kind of shared location.

Can view all the shared files

You can monitor any kind of audio, video, or text files shared by the user. You have the full control to see all the files and monitor them accordingly. With the Cell Tracker app, you can delete all the files that you find harmful for your child.

Monitor all calls

With the Cell Tracker app, you have full access to all contacts list in the Whatsapp of your targeted device. You can easily track and monitor all the calls that are made or received by your target device.

Manage the contact list

This app allows you to monitor the full contact list of your target. You can keep a record of all the contact lists existing on the phone and can see every name and address in the contacts. 

The Cell Tracker app comes with many other advantages too. Its interface is user friendly and is in a well-organized manner. This app is supported on all types of Operating Systems. It does not matter whether you are using Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows, you will get full support in each platform. It has a better customer support option for better user experience.