top free mobile spy apps

This article explain all about free android spy apps

Android is one of the advanced operating systems. Most of the people adopt Android devices because it is flexible in use, and they may get it inexpensively. At present adults and kids use smart devices. Kids use such tools for gaming, social media, using the internet and many more things. As a parent, you must be concerned about their use of these devices. To solve your problem, there are some free android spy apps, which is undetectable as well. These free mobile spy apps will help you to follow your kid’s activities on their devices.

Cell Tracker:

When you feel that your underage children are using mobile phones for some bad purpose, and you want to detect their activities, then Cell Tracker application can be the best choice for you. It is free and safe to use.

Spy Camera OS (Open Source):

Users can capture images in secret by using an open-source android app. By the app, you may take pictures with an invisible camera, so no one will notice that you are taking photos.


This free mobile tracker app will help you track real-time and location. It has easy access to call logs of a targeted device secretly.


Fonemonitor is a web-based monitoring tool. It’s features are easy to use. You can use the tool to read your kids whatsapp messages. It also shows attached media files.


M-Spy is an audio spy app for android. This app allows you to listen to conversation secretly. You need to keep the phone where you want to spy. The features are straightforward to use.


Hoverwatch is a monitoring tool. With Hoverwatch, it’s easy to eye on messages, call logs, whatsapp messages and many others. It also shows you web browsing history. You can take screenshots any time without knowing anyone.

Mobistealth Android Monitoring Software:

It allows you to view all pictures, view details, outgoing and incoming messages, listen to all the call recordings, browsing history. You may get the location of your targeted android phone; even the GPS is turned off. The app comes with different costs and packages.


With this mobile tracker, you can access easily and see text messages and files, GPS location. You also can record phone calls. You may monitor social media apps and block harmful apps.


Its features are simple and effective to use. This app may trace the background of the monitor device without sound and noise. It is a great tool to know your kid’s activities.

IP Cam Viewer Lite:

This free app allows you to control and view DVR, IP Camera, Traffic cameras, Network Video Recorder, WebCam or CCTV from an android device. The best part of this app is it will alert you when it detects motion. When motion detected, it starts recording automatically.

Monitor Call SMS Location:

This app can monitor SMS, Location, Call logs, photo and many more. If the GPS is turned off still, you can get the exact location of your targeted device through a web portal.

Spy Phone App:

You need to enter information about your targeted device to start spying on your kid. You can eye on outgoing, incoming and missed call through the app. You also can see social media apps such as we chat, facebook, whatsapp and many more.

Final Verdict

We tried to gather all effective, easy to use, free mobile spying apps and mobile tracker for android all together. Though the apps are free, these are great at their work. These will not disappoint you. All these apps are undetectable, and it’s the best features of these apps. These apps will be helpful for parents who require tracing their kids to protect from the disadvantages of advanced devices. These will also help them to monitor or find them quickly in case of an emergency.