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Celltracker- Efficient Incoming and Outgoing Call Tracking, Log Maintenance and Recording.

CellTracker : In the smartphone age, tracking calls is not an invasion of privacy but a matter of safety, concern and vigilance. We see children spending uncountable hours with their ears glued to their phone, which worries any responsible parent. In the professional environment, employees spending unprecedented amounts of time speaking on the phone during business hours, is also a red flag. In this regard, a call tracking app,such as Celltracker, can help you monitor, log and maintain records effortlessly.

Why do you need to track and record Calls?

The average person today spends more time speaking on the phone than they do with their family and friends in real-time. The cellular phone has made telephonic conversations mobile; and, with economic data plans we have no excuse to cut our smartphone calls short. If you are concerned with a family member or an employee spending too much time on phone calls, then you can easily and anonymously track their calls and monitor their calling habits.

How can you accomplish this? Why with a smart phone call tracking app- such as, Celltracker. A call tracking apps job is to monitor the incoming and outgoing calls to a given phone number. Most tracking apps simply track the calls for you. However, the efficient cell-phone call tracking apps such as Celltracker always provide more than just that.

How can Celltracker help you monitor cell-phone calls?

Celltracker leads the way in next-generation call tracking technology. The app provides you with multiple features that make call tracking immensely easy:

  • Track incoming and outgoing calls

Celltracker allows you to receive notifications for every incoming and outgoing call on the phone number you set the app to target. Users can see call time, caller number, and call duration for both incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Record phone conversations

Celltracker allows you to monitor phone conversation on any target number. The app anonymously records calls taking place on the number and catalogues them for your inspections.

The best part about using Celltracker, is that you do not have to spend any storage capacity from your own cell-phone device to log the calls and their records. Celltracker saves it all on a cloud storage platform where all the details of the calls are stored categorically by date and duration.

How to use Celltracker to track Calls?

You can easily download the Celltracker .apk from the app’s website. If you are concerned about your child or family member’s safety, who they speak to, or who or what your employees talk about on their phone during business hours:

  1. Visit
  2. Download the app to your Android device for free.
  3. Change your device settings so that it allows you to install a third-party app.
  4. Proceed to install.
  5. Start tracking calls anonymously.

With Celltracker, make call tracking effortless and convenient.

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