15 Things Nobody Told You About Mobile Tracker Features.

mobile tracker ultimate new features

It’s 2020, the year we have become more dependent on the internet than ever. All our work, studies, shopping, searching is digitized and most of us have embraced it well. But along with digitization online frauds, forwarding of illicit contents, fake news, cyber crimes have also increased. Hence the question of the hour is 

How can we protect our dear ones especially our children from the threat the online world has thrown at us? Is there any way we can be assured of their safety and see they are not falling for any traps while using their smartphone?

A Mobile Tracker, especially a tracker as efficient and feature-rich as Celltracker can help you with that. Take away all your worries about the digital world using Celltracker.

Following are some of the amazing features which this application provides you


This feature allows you to track the current location of the user and alerts you if the user enters the location marked unsafe by you on the app


Keep track on the frauds who might want to dupe your loved ones using SMSes. This feature allows you to see the content of the message, the sender’s name and date & time of the message. 


As the name suggests this feature will allow you to keep crystal clear recording of the incoming as well as an outgoing call.


Now keep a tab on the most common messaging app by getting a detailed analysis of the sent and received messages, locations shared, photos shared along with the date & time of these messages. 


Keep a tab on illicit photos being shared or downloaded and protect your wards from bullies who ask for unsolicited photos. 


See the kind of Apps your dear ones are downloading and also block the app if you find it inappropriate. 


You can also see the pages surfed by the user along with the time stamp and block the URL you don’t want the user to use. 

As a business owner, this feature will allow you to block sites which you don’t want your employees to use.


A popular Social Media App, Facebook can be used by criminals to influence your kids or your dear ones in a negative direction. Keep a track of all the messages, photos downloaded or shared and hence be precocious of any criminal activity going on the user’s phone. 

Celltracker is a Free app which ones installed in the user’s phone will remain invisible forever. You can remotely access it, update it and get a detailed analysis of the apps used by the user. This app acts as armour against the threats imposed by the digital world and will help you to be guardians to all your dear ones without them ever knowing. 

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